What is hidebound thinking?

Someone who’s painfully old-fashioned, with chauvinistic, inflexible ideas and beliefs about the world can be described as hidebound. A hidebound culture can make a school, family, or workplace difficult and unpleasant for anyone who doesn’t fit those narrow-minded standards. How do you use hidebound in a sentence?Hidebound in a Sentence The hidebound politician refused to […]

What does Lawks a lordy mean?

Lawks-a-lordy, definition, Lawks-a-lordy, meaning | English Cobuild. doozy, doozie n. something excellent, impressive. What does Lawks a mercy mean? Interjection. lawks a-mercy. (Britain) A minced oath for Lord have mercy. Is LAWK a word? lawk, interj. implying surprise. [For Lord!] Is Lordy a swear word? A word about Lord/Lordy: Thus, “good Lord, no” is still […]

What is the Icarus in the sea?

While escaping, Icarus ignored his father’s instructions to maintain a course between the heavens and the sea and flew too close to the sun. The wax melted, his wings collapsed and he fell fatally into the sea. How did Icarian Sea get its name? Ikaria – From Icarus Icarus and his father tried to escape […]

Which country is itajaí?

Brazil Itajaí is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. … Itajaí Itajaí Location in Brazil Coordinates: 26°54′S 48°40′WCoordinates: 26°54′S 48°40′W Country Brazil Region Southern Is Itajai Brazil safe? Crime rates in Itajai, Brazil Level of crime 81.25 Very High Crime increasing in the past 3 years 75.00 High Worries home broken and […]

What does justly so mean?

2 conforming to high moral standards; honest. 3 consistent with justice. a just action. 4 rightly applied or given; deserved. What is another word for justly? In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for justly, like: righteously, fairly, honestly, temperately, well, nicely, rigorously, duteously, impartially, uprightly and reasonably. […]

Where do hog-nosed skunks live?

American hog-nosed skunks are found from the southern United States into northern Nicaragua. They live in canyons, stream sides, and rocky terrain. How big are hog-nosed skunks? 56 to 92 cm Male hog-nosed skunks range from 56 to 92 cm in length and 22–41 cm in height. They weigh on average between 3.0 and 4.5 […]

What is Isoenergetic reaction?

Having the same, or constant, energy. adjective. What does Isoenergetic mean in chemistry? isoenergetic (comparative more isoenergetic, superlative most isoenergetic) Having the same, or constant, energy. What does isocaloric mean? : having similar caloric values isocaloric diets. What is isocaloric balance? isocaloric balance. a state in which the amount of calories consumed in food is […]

What exactly does a kinesiologist do?

Kinesiologists study the biomechanical processes of the body, exploring how managing those processes can contribute to human health. They then prescribe exercise-related practices as medicine for their clients. Is kinesiology a good degree? So, if you have an interest in sports, fitness, athletic training or a health related field, kinesiology could be a great fit. […]

What does it mean if someone is illusive?

If something misleads or deceives you, it is illusive. If you think you see a unicorn in your back yard, but it suddenly disappears, you can describe the vision as illusive. Is it illusive or elusive? In summary: Something that is elusive avoids being caught, either physically by someone pursuing it, or mentally by someone […]

What is ICF?

7,000 (2019) Website. www.icf.com. ICF International, Inc. is a Fairfax, Virginia-based global consulting and technology services company, which provides a range of services for governments and businesses, including strategic planning, management, marketing and analytics. Is ICF a good company? ICF is a great place to work. It is my first job in my field out […]

What is the purpose of a kukri?

Utility. While most famed from use in the military, the kukri is the most commonly used multipurpose tool in the fields and homes in Nepal. Its use has varied from building, clearing, chopping firewood, digging, slaughtering animals for food, cutting meat and vegetables, skinning animals, and opening cans. Is it legal to carry a kukri? […]

How can you tell the difference between scindapsus?

What are the different types of scindapsus? How to Grow Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus) Botanical Name Scindapsus pictus Common Name Satin pothos, silk pothos, silver pothos, silver philodendron Plant Type Perennial vine Mature Size Four to ten feet length Sun Exposure Bright indirect light indoors • How do I know if I have silver splash? […]

What does indirectly say mean?

indirectly adverb (not obvious ) without clearly mentioning or saying something: She was included indirectly as her husband’s name came up. When someone is indirectly mean? The definition of indirect is a person or thing that is not straight, or not direct and honest. What does indirect mean on twitter? The Brief: An indirect is […]

Why do they call it an Indian summer?

The precise origin of “Indian Summer”is uncertain, but here is a commonly accepted definition: A warm, tranquil spell of weather in the autumn, especially after a frost or period of abnormally cold weather. … The weather was still warm in India — thus the term “Indian Summer.” Is it politically correct to say Indian summer? […]

What is a typical hurdle rate?

Most companies use a 12% hurdle rate, which is based on the fact that the S&P 500 typically yields returns somewhere between 8% and 11% (annualized). Companies operating in industries with more volatile markets might use a slightly higher rate in order to offset risk and attract investors. How do you calculate hurdle rate? Calculating […]

How do you make a homemade hydroponic box?

How do you build an indoor hydroponic garden? Insert Plants Into the Hydroponic Tower Pull plants out of their grow pots. … Immediately insert plants in a net holder. … Keep going until as many standoffs are full as you want. Add liquid fertilizer to the water in the bucket, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Turn […]

What is meaning of indigenous person?

Indigenous peoples are inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to people and the environment. They have retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live. What is an example of indigenous? The definition of indigenous is something or someone who […]

What is the meaning of Bageda?

See synonyms for bodega on Thesaurus.com. Post-College Level. noun, plural bo·de·gas [boh-dey-guhz; Spanish baw-the-gahs]. a small, independent or family-owned grocery store, usually located in a densely populated urban environment, traditionally serving a Hispanic clientele. (in Spain) What is the meaning of Peenge? chiefly Scottish. : to complain : grumble. What is a bodega boyfriend? Specifically, […]

What does highgrade mean?

1 : of superior grade or quality high-grade bonds. 2a : being near the upper or most favorable extreme of a specified range. b : medically serious or life-threatening a high-grade tumor. What is another word for high grade? What is another word for high-grade? best choice stellar superior top superb fine top-notch exceptional great […]

Is Areca palm a good indoor plant?

Light. Outdoors, these plants like bright, filtered sunlight, but they also can tolerate full sun. Ideally, they should have protection from the strong afternoon sun, as too severe of light can scorch the foliage. Indoors, areca palms do best with bright light exposure from a south- or west-facing window. Can areca palm stay in living […]

What is being humid?

When there is a lot of moisture in the air, it is humid out. … People like to say that it’s not the heat that bothers them, it’s the humidity. They say this because when it is humid, or when there is a lot of water in the air, the heat feels hotter. It also […]

What happens Isovolumic contraction?

The isovolumetric contraction causes left ventricular pressure to rise above atrial pressure, which closes the mitral valve and produces the first heart sound. The aortic valve opens at the end of isovolumetric contraction when left ventricular pressure exceeds aortic pressure. aortic and pulmonary valves closed. Why is it called Isovolumetric? Etymology. The word contains the […]

What foods are Indigo?

Indigo for Immunity: 11 Anthocyanin Rich Foods You Need to Eat Right Now Blueberries. Not just for smoothies and cereal, these jewel-toned berries give salads extra life. … Blackberries. … Concord Grapes. … Purple Cabbage. … Figs. … Eggplant. … Purple Carrots. … Beluga Lentils. What fruit or vegetable is indigo in color? Blue tomatoes, […]

What is the horrified meaning?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to feel horror. 2 : to fill with distaste : shock. What is the synonym of the word horrified? In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for horrified, like: shocked, scared, frightened, aghast, afraid, petrified, repelled, dismayed, alarmed, terrified and troubled. Is […]

What is the difference between loc cit and op. cit?

cit. As usual with foreign words and phrases, op. cit. is typically given in italics. The variant Loc. cit., an abbreviation of the Latin phrase loco citato meaning in the place cited, has been used for the same purpose but also indicating the same page not simply the same work; it is now rarely used […]

What is the effect of watering plant on their growth height?

Water helps a plant by transporting important nutrients through the plant. Nutrients are drawn from the soil and used by the plant. Without enough water in the cells, the plant will droop, so water helps a plant to stand upright. Water carries dissolved sugar and other nutrients through the plant. What is the effect of […]

What do the Knights of St Columba do?

The Knights of St Columba is a Catholic fraternal service order. … Membership is limited to Catholic men aged 16 and over, and promotes the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. The organisation is non-political and essentially democratic, does not admit women, and exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church. What do Knights […]

Where is the Janiculum?

Rome The Janiculum (/dʒəˈnɪkjʊləm/; Italian: Gianicolo [dʒaˈniːkolo]), occasionally the Janiculan Hill, is a hill in western Rome, Italy. What did a flag raised on the Janiculum mean? Whenever the Senate held public assemblies on the Campus Martius, they sent a soldier to the top of the Janiculum. Responsible for checking for the threat of approaching […]

What is James Joyce famous for?

What is James Joyce famous for? James Joyce is known for his experimental use of language and exploration of new literary methods, including interior monologue, use of a complex network of symbolic parallels, and invented words, puns, and allusions in his novels, especially Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939). What did James Joyce suffer from? […]

How many is in a yard?

There are 36 inches (in) in 1 yard (yd). Both inches and yards are measurements of length in the US customary and imperial systems of measurement. How inches are in a yard? 36 1 yard in inches is 36 in length. How many feet is there in a yard? Yards to Feet table Yards Feet […]