Senior Member. Nothing is wrong with make someone proud. To do someone proud means the same thing, but is a more informal, colloquial expression. It is not gramatically correct.

What does doing someone proud mean?

to treat someone who is visiting you very well, especially by giving them a lot of food: We had a lovely tea – Sheila did us proud. informal. to make someone proud of you by doing something very well: Once again, the armed forces have done us proud.

What does do me proud mean?

do (one or oneself) proud 1. To do something well and cause one or oneself to feel pride as a result. You really directed a fantastic play, Janetyou’ve done yourself proud! I know that math is a tough subject for you, so you really did me proud by getting an A- this semester.

Do yourself proud synonyms?

synonyms for do one proud

What do you call someone who makes you proud?

disdainful, haughty, imperious, lordly, overbearing, prideful, sniffy, supercilious, swaggering. having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy. conceited, egotistic, egotistical, self-conceited, swollen, swollen-headed, vain.

What’s another word for being proud of someone?

Some common synonyms of proud are arrogant, disdainful, haughty, insolent, lordly, overbearing, and supercilious.

What is a better word than proud?

adjective. satisfied, content, glad, gratified, pleased, well-pleased. conceited, arrogant, boastful, disdainful, haughty, imperious, lordly, overbearing, self-satisfied, snobbish, supercilious.

What can I say instead of proud of you?

What to Say Instead of ‘I’m Proud of You’

How does pride affect a person?

Pride prevents us from acknowledging our human vulnerabilities. This shame-driven pride makes us too uncomfortable to say, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I made a mistake. When pride rules, we believe we’re always right. This makes it difficult to sustain intimate relationships; nobody likes being with a know-it-all.

Did I make you proud Meaning?

What does I will make you proud mean? I will make you proud means to do an action that will prove yourself worthy and bring happiness/joy to the person you are speaking to!

Do it any justice?

do (someone or something) justice To represent someone or something wholly or accurately. Often used in the negative to emphasize that someone or something is better than has been portrayed.

What does the idiom do SB proud mean?

phrase [VERB inflects] If someone does you proud, they treat you very well, for example by welcoming you and giving you good food and entertainment. [informal]

How do you describe being proud of someone?

proud, arrogant, haughty, lordly, insolent, overbearing, supercilious, disdainful mean showing scorn for inferiors. proud may suggest an assumed superiority or loftiness.

How do you tell someone you are proud of them quotes?

How to tell your friends and your partner you are proud of them

What is the difference between proud and happy?

is that happy is experiencing the effect of favourable fortune; having the feeling arising from the consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, as peace, tranquillity, comfort; contented; joyous while proud is gratified; feeling honoured (by something); feeling satisfied or happy about a …

What is the right form of proud?

proudly, adverbproudness, noun.

What’s the difference between proud and pride?

What is the difference between Pride and Proud? Pride refers to the satisfaction that an individual gains from something. Proud, on the other hand, refers to the feeling of pride. The difference between the two words is that while pride can be used as a noun or a verb, proud can only be used as an adjective.

What does a proud man mean?

proud man definition, proud man meaning English dictionary 1 foll by: of, an infinitive, or a clause pleased or satisfied, as with oneself, one’s possessions, achievements, etc, or with another person, his or her achievements, qualities, etc. 2 feeling honoured or gratified by or as if by some distinction.

What to say when someone says I am proud of you?

If you want to reply saying you’re proud of the person saying he’s proud of you, the only correct answer out of those four is I’m proud of you too. The other three sound as if you’re saying you’re proud of yourself too. But, why does the response me too sound natural in response to I am glad to meet you.

Is proud a bad word?

The adjective is proud. The word pride can be used in a good sense as well as in a bad sense. … In a bad sense, pride can mean that someone has an exaggerated sense of feeling good. This might mean that someone has no respect for what other people do, only respect for what he or she does.

How do you say you are very proud?

Here are 5 other ways to say I’m proud of you to your superstar:

  1. 01Being your mom/dad is the best job I have! …
  2. 02How did you manage to [insert task/accomplishment]? …
  3. 03I know it mustn’t have been easy, but you managed to do a great job. …
  4. 04Look at how much you’ve progressed!

Is proud a positive connotation?

proud / confident / conceited confident – (positive) to have self-belief in your own abilities. conceited – (negative) to be too proud in your abilities.

What is the negative meaning of proud?

The noun pride describes a feeling of happiness that comes from achieving something. … Pride can also have a negative meaning and refer to exceedingly high self-regard. If you know someone with the negative kind of pride, you might notice that his pride makes it hard for people to like him.

What is a positive word for curious?

5 Answers. inquisitiveness and inquiringness. inquisitive: given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious: an inquisitive mind.

Is being proud of someone condescending?

Implies superiority; patronising. Rather than the child feeling respected for their efforts, they may feel patronised, put-down. A person receiving this praise could also feel belittled it could feel as though their achievement was unexpected – a surprise to the other person.

How do you express proud?

30 Ways to Say ‘I’m So Proud of You & Your Accomplishments’

  1. Jump ahead to these sections:
  2. Throw a party.
  3. Brag (in earshot)
  4. Look at how far you’ve come
  5. Display their work.
  6. Show the difference.
  7. Wow.
  8. This isn’t easy, but you did the right thing.

Is it weird to say you’re proud of someone?

Don’t worry! There really is no right or wrong way to tell someone you are proud of them as long as your heart is in the right place. When it comes down to it, telling someone you are proud of them is a matter of expressing your happiness and love for that person, their joy, and their accomplishments.

What are signs of pride?

Pride of Appearance

What happens when you have too much pride?

Excessive pride diminishes self-awareness. Like an arrogant leader who’s always exaggerating his achievements to denigrate his rivals. Excessive pride is an exaggerated appreciation of oneself by devaluating others we turn other people into our competitors.

What are the two types of pride?

Maxwell Quotes. There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.