Does Campo Santo still exist?

Campo Santo Productions LLC is an American video game developer based in Bellevue, Washington. Founded in September 2013 by Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin, Nels Anderson, and Olly Moss, the studio is best known for its debut game released in 2016, Firewatch. … Campo Santo (company)

Type Subsidiary
Parent Valve (2018present)

What happened Campo Santo?

A year after the announcement, Campo Santo was acquired by Valve. … But yes, developers from the former Campo Santo team have joined other projects at Valve, including Half-Life: Alyx. As you can imagine, our experience in the first-person adventure genre is pretty relevant.

What is a Campo Santo?

chiefly Southwest. : burial ground : cemetery.

What is Campo Santo working on?

Campo Santo is a small but scrappy game developer in San Francisco, CA. We set out to make games about interesting people in fascinating places. In 2016 we released our debut title Firewatch, which has sold over 1.5 million copies. … We are currently working on our second game.

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Is there going to be a Firewatch 2?

A gorgeous new game was revealed on Thursday evening it’s called In the Valley of Gods, and it’s the second project from the small team behind 2016’s breakout hit Firewatch. … In the Valley of Gods isn’t a direct sequel to Firewatch, but it’s a bit of a spiritual successor.

Is Campo Santo going to make another game?

But no longer. Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin confirms that In the Valley of Gods development is on hold, but not outright canceled. In a statement to Polygon, Rodkin says that former Campo Santo developers are busy working on not just Half-Life: Alyx, but Dota Underlords, Steam, and other Valve projects as well.

Is In the Valley of Gods still coming out?

When does In the Valley of Gods come out? In the Valley of Gods is in development and does not yet have a release date, but we currently intend to release the game in 2019.

What is the plot of Firewatch?

The story follows a fire lookout named Henry in the Shoshone National Forest, a year after the Yellowstone fires of 1988. A month after his first day at work, strange things begin happening to him and his supervisor Delilah, which connects to a conspired mystery that happened years ago.

What is Composanto?

[kamposanto] masculine nounWord forms: plural campisanti. cemetery.

Is Firewatch free?

For free! If you have an HTC Vive, visit the Firewatch tower that our artist Jane Ng created for Valve’s Destinations.

What is another word for cemetery in Spanish?

cemetery: cementerio; camposanto.

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Who is Delilah in Firewatch?

Delilah June A. is the deuteragonist of Firewatch and the supervisor of Henry, the game’s protagonist. She is located on Thorofare Lookout on the far north of Henry’s tower.

Does Firewatch have alternate endings?

While it’s not as exciting as it sounds, there is an alternate ending to Firewatch. If you wait two minutes after the chopper arrives and don’t climb in, it’ll fly off without Henry, leaving him in the burning forest.

How long does it take to play Firewatch?

around 5 to 6 hours Most players end the game with around 5 to 6 hours of play, moving through comfortably but not exactly at a molasses rate. You can spend more time in the world, however, if you take in the many sights Firewatch has to offer.

Can you drive 96 road?

There’s not really any driving in Road 96. Your characters do drive sometimes, you just don’t control it directly outside of some simple mini-games. … The characters are what make Road 96. The dialogue and animation falter every so often, but it’s hard to not find something interesting in the characters.

How many ending does Road 96 have?

All Endings Road 96 Endings There are just 3 kinds of choices that affect endings: Vote, For Revolution or Ignore. Between one end and another the victims, the narrator’s texts before the credits, and small scenes change. Alex will make the bomb or not, Fanny will shoot or not

Is Road 96 based on a true story?

The game was inspired by different works of fiction, from The Goonies and Porco Rosso. A test given to the player allowing them to flee to work offshore was based on real-world North Korean exams. …

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Road 96
Release WW : 16 August 2021
Genre(s) Adventure game, Action game, Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

What happened to Henry after Firewatch?

As the story wraps up, Henry stumbles onto Brian Godwin’s corpse in an abandoned cave. He wasn’t snatched by the government, he died due to an accidental climbing accident, when he was left to explore without supervision.

Who voices Henry in Firewatch?

Richard Olen Sommer II Richard Olen Sommer II (born February 2, 1978) is the voice actor of Henry in the game Firewatch. Sommer is known for his portrayal of Harry Crane on the TV-show Mad Men.

What is the meaning of Firewatch?

Fire watch is when a person is assigned to keep watch on hot work and fire hazards in an area that does not have automatic fire warning systems or fire suppression systems. A fire watch is required if any of the fire systems is not working temporarily, or if none is in place yet.

Where is the Valley of Gods?

Utah The Valley of the Gods is a scenic sandstone valley near Mexican Hat in San Juan County, southeastern Utah, United States.

What happened to Brian Goodwin?

Brian Goodwin was a 12 year old boy who was the son of the previous lookout Ned Goodwin. He died in a rock climbing accident in cave three years before Henry arrived. His hobbies included fantasy novels, comic books, and role-playing games. … The cause of Brian’s death was because Brian did not sink his anchor right.

Is Firewatch creepy?

Between the possibility of self-delusion and reliable narration, Firewatch chooses reality and that’s why the game as a whole is more of a creepy mystery than a true tale of horror.

How many endings are there in Firewatch?

one ending Firewatch doesn’t follow this formula there’s only one ending, no matter how you play it. In between the singular beginning and the singlular ending, however, Firewatch has the ability to tell so many different stories.