How do you get to the Keeling Islands?

There are many ways to travel to the exotic Cocos Keeling Islands, including flying with Virgin Australia, using your private jet, or the more traditional way, sailing to Cocos. Virgin Australia operates two services per week to the Cocos Keeling Islands, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. Do you need a passport to go to Cocos Island?
Having to get a visa to Cocos Islands takes all the fun out of traveling. Passports and visas are not required when travelling from the Australian mainland. However, photographic identification must be produced for clearance through Customs and Immigration.

Who owns Keeling Island?

the Australian Government The Territory is now administered by the Australian Government. Today there are about 470 Cocos-Malay people living in the kampong on Home Island. Can WA residents go to Christmas Island?
Visitors from “very low risk states” of Australia (defined as those with no community cases in 28 days) can travel from these jurisdictions, via WA, to Christmas Island and the Cocos Keeling Islands without quarantine or isolation restrictions. Christmas Island is currently closed to travellers from ACT, NSW & VIC.

Is Cocos Island part of WA?

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands remain constitutionally distinct from Western Australia, however; the power of the state to legislate for the territory is a power delegated by the federal government. Can you buy alcohol on Cocos Keeling Island?

Liquor, spirits are duty free on the island so purchase here instead of WA. Perth to Cocos, bring a freezer box as fresh food is pretty rare, make sure you bring the receipt to show customs, there is a supermarket (limited goods) on both west island and home island.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is there Internet on Cocos Island?

Internet Access Hotspots are located at most accommodation providers, the Community Resource Centre, The Cocos Club, The Donga, Saltmakers Cafe, Salties Cafe, on Home Island (next to Shire office), Trannies Beach, the Yacht Club and at the main shelter on Direction Island.

Which country owns Cocos Island?


Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Sovereign state Australia
Annexed by the United Kingdom 1857
Transferred from Singapore to Australia 23 November 1955
Capital West Island 12°11′13″S 96°49′42″E

Who lives on the Cocos Islands?

Some four-fifths of the population—Cocos Islanders, or Cocos Malays, as they are often called, together with the descendants of the Clunies-Ross family—live on Home Island. Most of the Cocos Malays speak a dialect of Malay and are Muslim.

Are dogs allowed on Cocos Island?

It is illegal to keep an unregistered dog. However, the following dogs are exempt from registration: dog under three months of age. … Please use these contact details for help or more information:

Operating address: Lot 256 Jalan Melati Home Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands WA 6799
Website: Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Where is the island of Cocos killing located?

What island did Clunies Ross own?

Cocos The Clunies-Ross family were the original settlers of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Does Australia own Cocos islands?

The people of the Cocos Keeling Islands voted to become part of Australia in 1984. The remote atoll is now an internationally significant habitat for wildlife … and a faraway paradise for tourists seeking something a little bit different.

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Can you eat Christmas Island crabs?

They aren’t edible. Even if you can’t eat them, it’s definitely worth dropping by Christmas Island in December or January to watch a blanket of Red crabs migrate to the ocean and back – just be sure to wear boots.

Why are there so many crabs on Christmas Island?

Migration and breeding For most of the year, red crabs can be found within Christmas Islands’ forests. … The timing of their migration is also linked to the phases of the moon. During this migration, red crabs abandon their burrows and travel to the coast to mate and spawn.

Is Christmas Island worth visiting?

With excellent visibility and warm water, Christmas Island is an ideal place to gain diving certifications. Christmas Island is also an important fishing destination, offering everything from dropping a line off the jetty at Flying Fish Cove to deep-sea game fishing.

What is Hari Maulad Nabi Cocos and Keeling Islands?

Hari Maulad Nabi is a public holiday in Cocos and Keeling Islands, where it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Is food expensive on Cocos Island?

Food will get more expensive, locals say Like most remote areas, the cost of fresh produce for residents of the Cocos Islands is high. Nearly all perishable goods are shipped to Cocos, as coconuts are essentially the only food items produced locally.

Can I take food to Cocos Island?

Casual, comfortable clothing is all that you need in the Cocos Islands. Make sure you bring a hat, bathers, sunscreen and sunglasses. Our rooms provide beach towels and umbrellas to reduce the amount of baggage on your trip. … Please pack any food in your checked in baggage as it may be confiscated as hand luggage.

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Is Cocos Island tax free?

ARE SALES TO EXTERNAL TERRITORIES GST‑FREE? Norfolk, Christmas and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are Australian external territories and they are not part of Australia for GST purposes. Under GST law, if you sell goods to residents of these territories the goods are GST-free where you meet the export requirements.

Does Telstra Work on Cocos Island?

Contact CRC on to pre-arrange. Example image below is an iPhone XS with a Telstra eSIM on the Cocos 4G network. Telstra mobile calls & SMS are possible over the Cocos 4G network. Telstra have announced that WiFi SMS is now available.

Is there mobile reception on Cocos Island?

Will my mobile phone work on Cocos? – By enabling WiFi calling on your mobile phone, you may make and receive calls (provided you are connected to WiFi). … The CRC recommends disabling software updates or iCloud to reduce data use while you are on Cocos. At times, Virgin Australia may arrive outside of opening hours.

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