How do you know if you are a Hepplewhite?

Some of the distinguishing traits of a true piece of Hepplewhite furniture include a consistency of formal design attributes. Hepplewhite pieces typically have straight legs which may be square or may be tapered at the bottom or foot. A Hepplewhite style foot is simple and straightforward in its design.

When was Hepplewhite popular?

There are no pieces of furniture made by Hepplewhite or his firm known to exist but he gave his name to a distinctive style of light, elegant furniture that was fashionable between about 1775 and 1800 and reproductions of his designs continued through the following centuries.

What is a Hepplewhite sideboard?

Celebrating the best of 18th century design, the Hepplewhite Sideboard is masterfully crafted with a solid mahogany top with an inlay of maple. … Tapered legs also feature inlay of maple bellflowers, tulipwood and maple banding. Top center drawer contains Pacific Silvercloth inserts.

What is the difference between Hepplewhite and Sheraton?

Sheraton’s furniture style, like Hepplewhite’s, is also characterized by contrasting veneers and inlays. … Sheraton pieces usually have straight legs although they can be tapered at times. They are often rounded (another distinction from Hepplewhite) and frequently reeded, in imitation of classical columns.

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What does Hepplewhite furniture look like?

As Hepplewhite furniture is characterized by contrasting veneers and inlays depicting seashells or bellflowers, pieces often contain more than one type of wood. For the base, mahogany was most often the wood of choice, but satinwood and maple were also popular.

Is Duncan Phyfe a style or brand?

Duncan Phyfe, original name Duncan Fife, (born 1768, near Loch Fannich, Ross and Cromarty, Scotlanddied August 16, 1854, New York, New York, U.S.), Scottish-born American furniture designer, a leading exponent of the Neoclassical style, sometimes considered the greatest of all American cabinetmakers.

What was the first name of the furniture maker Hepplewhite?

George Hepplewhite George Hepplewhite, (died 1786, London), English cabinetmaker and furniture designer whose name is associated with a graceful style of Neoclassicism, a movement he helped to formulate in the decorative arts.

Did Chippendale use veneers?

Chippendale Veneers Fast-forward to the Renaissance period spanning the 14th to 19th centuries, and the wood veneer finish had become much more refined thanks to the development of improved tools. Thomas Chippendale, the famous cabinetmaker, made use of decorative wood veneers to craft his magnificent furniture.

What is Regency style furniture?

Regency Furniture Style (1800 – 1837) Regency furniture tended to have flat surfaces without carvings or contoured lines with delicately painted and/or veneered wood, metal inlay, and classicizing motifs like rosettes, lion masks, and metal paw feet.

What is Georgian style furniture?

Common motifs found in neclassical, Georgian furniture designs are Greek key, vetruvian waves, egg and dart or beaded borders, reeded or fluted tapering legs, amphorae, swags and festoons to name but a few! They are light and delicate in their design, but without compromising on ornamentation.

What is American Empire style furniture?

American Empire is a French-inspired Neoclassical style of American furniture and decoration that takes its name and originates from the Empire style introduced during the First French Empire period under Napoleon’s rule. … The Red Room at the White House is a fine example of American Empire style.

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What is Federal period furniture?

Federal furniture refers to American furniture produced in the federal style period, which lasted from approximately 1789 to 1823 and is itself named after the Federalist Era in American politics (ca. 1788-1800). … It was influenced by the Georgian and Adam styles, and was superseded by the American Empire style.

When was Queen Anne furniture made?

Furniture made in the Queen Anne style was originally produced in the 1720s to about 1750 (the eponymous Queen Anne died in 1714). The style traveled to the United States, where it continued in production until 1800, falling within the Colonial furniture period.

How much is a Chippendale chair worth?

They appear to be made of mahogany and date from the late 19th century. At auction, you would likely realize a sale price of $1,200-$1,800 for the set. A shop or dealer specializing in period English furniture might give them a price tag of $3,500-$4,500 or more. Q.

What is a Windsor back chair?

A Windsor chair is a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs (whose back legs and back uprights are continuous). The seats of Windsor chairs were often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape for comfort.

How can you tell if Chippendale is real?

You can also find the following characteristics in Chippendale furniture.

  1. Fine silk fabric upholstery on settees, stools, and chairs.
  2. Yoke-shaped splats on chairs.
  3. Top railings on arm and side chairs are intricately designed with ribbon motifs.
  4. Shell motifs reminiscent of the Queen Anne Style.

What is Art Nouveau furniture?

Art Nouveau furniture, which features curving lines and organic shapes, was a result of ideas that merged nature, design, and craftsmanship. Art Nouveau was a decorative style that became popular in Europe and the United States between 1890 and 1910. … Its goal was a new art for a new age.

What is Pembroke table?

Pembroke table, light, drop-leaf table designed for occasional use, probably deriving its name from Henry Herbert, 9th Earl of Pembroke (16931751), a noted connoisseur and amateur architect. … It is also known as a flap and elbow table.

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What is a Gateleg table worth?

Values of similar tables range from $3,500 to $17,500 based on age, size and condition. Tables that fetch high dollars have original finish and hinges with no warp, damage, repairs or replacements.

Is Duncan Phyfe furniture marked?

Many Duncan Phyfe-era cabinetmakers placed their company’s name on every finished furniture piece. Phyfe, on the other hand, put his signature on only a few creations. This means that the great majority of Phyfe furniture pieces have no signature or other identifying marks.

How much are Duncan Phyfe chairs worth?

Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854) was best known for the straight lines and classical look of his furniture carved in rich hard woods like mahogany and walnut. Values for an original Duncan Phyfe table range from $50,000 to $150,000.

When was Chippendale made?

Chippendale furniture is an American design originating in the 16th century. It is mainly characterized by the style of the legs and feet and is frequently made of a dark colored wood.

How old is ball and claw furniture?

Price: R 8750 Beautiful craftmanship. Ball and Claw style of furniture dates primarily from the Edwardian period (1900 to 1910) when it was very popular. The style has been copied by subsequent furniture makers in many countries and modernized to suit more recent applications.

What era is claw foot furniture?

Claw foot tables became a common fixture in many European and American homes during the 18th and 19th centuries.

What is a chippindale?

(Entry 1 of 2) : of or relating to an 18th century English furniture style characterized by graceful outline and often ornate rococo ornamentation.

What does a Regency chair look like?

Consequently, Regency style furniture can be recognized via the following characteristics: Dark, heavy wood mahogany, rosewood, zebrawood. Extensive brass inlays and gilded metal accents/mounts. Column-shaped, concave-shaped, or X-shaped chair legs.

What era is Hollywood Regency?

It is named for the movie-making industry of southern California as typified by the glamorous homes and estates of the actors and actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Era, roughly from the 1920s through the 1950s, and typified by the work of designers such as Dorothy Draper and Billy Haines.

What is a Regency sofa?

The Regency sofa range provides an enviable luxurious finish to any home, with deep seats, bold scatter cushions and sumptuous fabrics to suit all interiors. … The Regency collection is made up of 11 pieces, including a range of sofas, corner sofas, chairs and footstools.