How do you pronounce Calefacient?

What does Calefaction mean?

1 : warming. 2 : the state of being warmed.

What is meaning of Perfervid?

: marked by overwrought or exaggerated emotion : excessively fervent.

What is the meaning of Umbriferous?

casting adjective. casting or making shade.

What is a earnestness?

Earnestness is a quality of sincere interest, belief, or opinion. … Earnestness comes from the adjective earnest, showing sincere conviction, which has an Old English root, eornoste, zealous.

What does sultriness mean?

Definitions of sultriness. the quality of expressing or arousing sexual desire. the sultriness of her look was unmistakable type of: desirability, desirableness, oomph, sex appeal. attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Is Calefaction a word?

the act of heating. a heated state.

What is insipid taste?

2 : lacking taste or savor : tasteless insipid food.

What does it mean when a person is pedantic?

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe someone who annoys others by correcting small errors, caring too much about minor details, or emphasizing their own expertise especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

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What does Contumaciously mean?

: stubbornly disobedient : rebellious She was warned that her contumacious conduct would not be tolerated.

What does earnest love mean?

The Oxford definition of the word earnest means to show sincere and intense conviction. To paraphrase the above verse, the apostle is telling us to love each other with sincerity, conviction, and passionate affection. … And not only that, but with a pure heart.

Is Ernest a biblical name?

Ernest is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Germanic. Ernest name meanings is Earnest or sincere.

Is earnestness a good thing?

It also, is proof, that the individual practicing earnestness is trustworthy and sincere. These qualities are important because they also define an individual’s personality apart from the material characteristics. … Nevertheless, these qualities are really important for an individual to lead a balanced life.

What is Sulyert?

Sulyet was a type of Quarren cuisine. It consisted of small slices of sea creatures attached to tikit grain and served fresh at a bar right next to the chef. Not only was it served raw, it was preferably served while it was still moving. Pieces that were still moving were seen as a sign of freshness.

What is saltery?

1 : saltworks. 2 : an establishment in which fish are salted for market.

What is husky voice in English?

If someone’s voice is husky, it is low and rather rough, often in an attractive way.

How do you use Calefaction in a sentence?

The process of heating or warming. ‘Such ecological alterations as have been observed as a result of the local calefaction of the river to date appear to be relatively inconsequential. ‘ ‘It is entirely erroneous to say all calefaction is from solar rays directly.

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Is Torridity a word?

Intense warmth: fervor, heat, hotness, torridness.

What is the synonym of warmth?

friendliness, affability, amiability, geniality, cordiality, kindliness, kindness, sympathy, understanding, affection, warm-heartedness, good-naturedness, love, tenderness, fondness. welcomingness, hospitality, liberality.

What is jejune English?

: the section of the small intestine that comprises the first two fifths beyond the duodenum and that is larger, thicker-walled, and more vascular and has more circular folds than the ileum.

Is Incut a word?

(printing) Inserted in a reserved space of the text instead of in the main margin. Incut notes. Set in by or as if by cutting.

What is an anomalous?

adjective. deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal: Advanced forms of life may be anomalous in the universe. not fitting into a common or familiar type, classification, or pattern; unusual: He held an anomalous position in the art world.

What does it mean to be obtuse?

2a : lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid He is too obtuse to take a hint. b : difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression It is also, unfortunately, ill-written, and at times obtuse and often trivial.

Is being pedantic a bad thing?

Pedantic Meaning: Almost Always an Insult It typically describes a particular kind of annoying person. … Pedantic comes from the noun pedant, which originally wasn’t a bad thing to be: a pedant was a household tutor or a schoolteacher.

What is the meaning of patronizing attitude?

: showing or characterized by a superior attitude towards others : marked by condescension patronizing comments No more endearing is his patronizing jocularity