How do you spell co anchor?


  1. verb (used with object) to anchor (a news broadcast or other program) jointly with another.
  2. to anchor a news broadcast or other program jointly with another.
  3. noun. a person who coanchors.

What is an anchor girl?

1. A woman who narrates or coordinates a newscast in which several correspondents give reports. 2. A woman who is an anchor in a competition, such as a relay race.

Who is a co anchor?

: a newscaster who shares the duties of anchoring a news broadcast The scene segues to a discussion between the program’s coanchors and a bioethicist.

What is a Clanker?

Noun. clanker (plural clankers) Something that makes a clanking noise. quotations (slang) A fib.

What does an anchor mean in a relationship?

The anchor has also been used as a symbol of love. Couples use it to show the stability of their relationship. In this case, the anchor symbolizes loyalty. … For this reason, the anchor symbol is used to symbolize the security and stability of people who love each other in their relationship.

What does anchor mean in the Bible?

Part of one’s Christian witness is the way that Christians help guide people to safety, security, and salvation in Christ. … For the Christian, one’s anchor must be the firm witness of Scripture grounded in faithful and prayerful devotion.

What is the meaning of ?

Meaning Anchor Emoji This emoji is a navigational symbol for a marina, harbor, or shipyard. … Anchor Emoji can be used to express that someone is dedicated or anchored in relation to something (Eg. college, a relationship, gaming).

Is sod a rude word?

just vulgar. sod off (BrE, taboo, slang) (usually used in orders) to go away: Sod off, the pair of you! The Cambridge ALD calls most uses of sod offensive. Oh sod off, you stupid git!

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What is a slapper in England?

/ (slp) / noun. British slang a promiscuous woman.

What is Minger in British slang?

noun British Slang. an ugly, unpleasant, or smelly person or thing.

What does it mean to be anchored in love?

A symbol of love as well, the anchor represents the two people who are in love with one another, who keep one another level headed by being committed to each other. The anchor makes for a unique gift of significant meaning to give to someone near and dear.

What does anchor mean spiritually?

With its resemblance to the cross, the anchor is a religious symbol representing salvation, steadfast belief, and hope and faith in Christ. The anchor also symbolizes safety, security, confidence, hope, stability, good luck and consistent strength. Anchor also represents overcoming adversity and being resilient.

What are 6 types of relationships?

6 Types of Relationship and Why They Are Important

  • Your Romantic Relationships. When we think of relationships, most of us think of our romantic ones first. …
  • Your Familial Relationships. Familial relationships. …
  • Your Friendships. …
  • Your Professional Relationships. …
  • Your Casual Relationships. …
  • Your Relationship with The Self.

Why is Jesus our anchor?

Yes, Jesus is our hope and anchor who will keep us in the midst of storms. He is the one who is able to keep us steadfast and unmovable in spite of the tides of life. Hebrews 6:19 declares: Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast

What is the purpose of an anchor?

anchor, device, usually of metal, attached to a ship or boat by a cable or chain and lowered to the seabed to hold the vessel in a particular place by means of a fluke or pointed projection that digs into the sea bottom.

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Why do we need an anchor?

An anchor attached to a boat or ship and then dropped in the water will keep it from drifting in the wind and current. An anchor is needed to safely ride out storms, to stay on course and avoid rocks or nearby reefs. Even in a safe harbor, the ship can drift, hit something, and sink.

Can someone be your anchor?

Your anchor is someone you feel comfortable with, someone you want to share most of your experiences with, someone you can confide in. Being close is what characterizes an anchor relationship. Because most assets are also anchors, this category probably represents more than 90% of long-term relationships.

What does anchor mean in slang?

a well-known store, especially a department store, that attracts customers to the shopping center in which it is located. Slang.

What is anchors in biology?

In cell biology, a scaffold within the cell or its membranes, on which enzymes or other important molecules are suspended.