Examples of ‘hold one’s horses’ in a sentencehold one’s horses

  1. But hold your horses for a week or two please, brothers. The Sun (2009)
  2. But hold your horses, because we’re witnessing a new incarnation. …
  3. But hold your horses, this one is actually a yummy seasonal tea. …
  4. Er, hold your horses there, sonny.

What is another word for hold your horses?
What is another word for hold your horses?

hold on wait
await bide
stay hang around
tarry hang about
hold the line be patient

How do you hold a horse?

The meaning of ‘Hold Your Horses’ is to be patient, wait. It can be used when someone is asking you, or putting pressure on you, to do something. Example of use: “Hold your horses sir, can’t you see that we haven’t finished here?!?!” What are examples of idioms?
The most common English idioms

Idiom Meaning
Beat around the bush Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable
Better late than never Better to arrive late than not to come at all
Bite the bullet To get something over with because it is inevitable
Break a leg Good luck

What is the definition of treks?

1 : a trip or movement especially when involving difficulties or complex organization : an arduous journey. 2 chiefly South Africa : a journey by ox wagon especially : an organized migration by a group of settlers. Other Words from trek Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About trek. Is like a sitting duck an idiom?

Something that is unprotected and vulnerable to an easy attack. When my car broke down in a bad neighborhood, I felt like a sitting duck, just waiting to get robbed. We can’t go into that area unarmed, we’d be sitting ducks!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does keep at bay mean?

: in the position of being unable to move closer while attacking or trying to approach someone —used with keep or hold The soldiers kept the attackers at bay. —often used figuratively The doctors have been able to keep her illness at bay for several months.

What is the meaning of idiom put a spoke in wheel?

[mainly British] to deliberately make it difficult for someone to do what they are planning to do.

Why do I have two left feet?

Be clumsy, as in I’ll never get the hang of this dance; I’ve got two left feet. This expression conjures up an image of feet that are not symmetrical, as left and right are, therefore causing imbalance or stumbling. It was first recorded in 1915.

What figurative language Hold your horses?

Hold your horses, sometimes said as Hold the horses, is an English-language idiom meaning wait, slow down.

What does keep an eye on him mean?

How do you tell a horse to stop?

To cue for a halt, close your fingers and squeeze backward. The horse should stop as he feels the backward pull on the reins. As you use the rein aids, you will eventually learn to stop by using your body, seat, and legs. By stopping your body, you are cuing your horse to stop as well.

What is the meaning of straight from the horse’s mouth?

From a reliable source, on the best authority. For example, I have it from the horse’s mouth that he plans to retire next month. Also put as straight from the horse’s mouth, this expression alludes to examining a horse’s teeth to determine its age and hence its worth. [

How do you make a horse?

What are prepositional idioms?

Prepositional idioms are phrases where the meaning is determined by the choice of preposition. … Native English speakers frequently rely on what “sounds” right when choosing among prepositional idioms, an advantage that non-native speakers lack.

What is the meaning of idioma?

noun. idiom [noun] the expressions of a language in general.

What are some cool idioms?

20 of the funniest idioms for people learning English

What do you call a person who trek?

alpinists. (or Alpinists), backpackers, climbers, mountaineers.

What is trekking vs hiking?

Whereas the definition of hiking includes the word “walk”, something typically seen as jovial, easy and pleasant, trekking is defined as a “journey”, which is typically something that is more challenging, requires more effort and that tends to take more than one day.

What is the meaning of trekking expedition?

Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. … Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.

What means I smell a rat?

smell a rat. Suspect something is wrong, especially a betrayal of some kind. For example, When I didn’t hear any more from my prospective employer, I began to smell a rat. This expression alludes to a cat sniffing out a rat. [

What is the meaning of all hands on deck?

: of, relating to, or being a situation in which every available person is needed or called to assist an all-hands-on-deck effort Overwhelmingly the response I heard is that we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, [Governor Tony] Evers said.—

What is drew a blank?

See synonyms for draw a blank on Thesaurus.com. Fail to find or remember something, as in He looks familiar but I’ve drawn a blank on his name. This expression alludes to drawing a lottery ticket with nothing on it (so one cannot win a prize). [

What’s nail in the coffin means?

Definition of a nail in the/someone’s coffin : something that makes it more likely that someone or something will fail, be destroyed, etc. Every mistake is one more nail in the coffin of his professional baseball career. The lawyers put another nail in her coffin today.

What does let sleeping dogs lie?

: to ignore a problem because trying to deal with it could cause an even more difficult situation I thought about bringing up my concerns but decided instead to let sleeping dogs lie.

What does put on ice mean?

to delay doing anything about a plan or idea. The whole deal was put on ice when the stock market fell sharply. Synonyms and related words.

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