How do you use Incogitant in a sentence?

Students too frequently entrust their education with lazy, ignorant, and incogitant tutors. The pharisaical, malefic, and incogitant guidelines for bias-free writing is a product of pointy-headed wowsers. Some people are incogitant and careless. The city was filled with incogitant litterbugs. How do you pronounce Incogitant?

What sanctimonious means?

1 : hypocritically pious or devout a sanctimonious moralist the king’s sanctimonious rebuke— G. B. Shaw. 2 obsolete : possessing sanctity : holy. What is the Litterbug?
: a person who throws or leaves trash in a public place. See the full definition for litterbug in the English Language Learners Dictionary. litterbug. noun. lit·​ter·​bug | ˈli-tər-ˌbəg

What does Incognitant mean?

Filters. (obsolete) Ignorant. adjective. Is Incogitant a word?

thoughtless; inconsiderate. not having the faculty of thought.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is inconsideration?

1a : heedless, thoughtless. b : careless of the rights or feelings of others. 2 : not adequately considered : ill-advised.

What are the new words for 2020?

10 new English words you should know in 2020

  • Stan. Meaning: An extremely excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan (stalker-fan).
  • Nomophobia. Meaning: Fear or worry at the idea of being without your phone or unable to use it.
  • Peoplekind. …
  • Bottle episode. …
  • Carbon sink. …
  • Buzzy. …
  • Sober-curious. …
  • Permaculture.

What are some strong vocabulary words?

Explore the Words

  • serendipity. good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. …
  • keen. intense or sharp. …
  • dubious. fraught with uncertainty or doubt. …
  • susurration. an indistinct sound, as of whispering or rustling. …
  • onomatopoeia. using words that imitate the sound they denote. …
  • corpus callosum. …
  • toothsome. …
  • bibliophile.

What does peradventure mean?

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doubt peradventure • PER-ud-ven-cher • noun. 1 : doubt 2 : the possibility of a particular outcome in an uncertain situation : chance.

What does Pompus mean?

Is Sanctimoniousness a real word?

Meaning of sanctimoniousness in English. a quality of acting as if you are morally better than others: I found his sanctimoniousness quite irritating.

Where did the term litter bug come from?

In Britain, a litterbug might find himself referred to instead as a litter lout. The New York City subway system is often credited with coining the word litterbug in the 1940s, from the model of jitterbug, a dance that was popular in the 1930s.

How do I report a litterbug?

If you’d like to report littering from a vehicle to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), you can do this online. Alternatively, please call 13 15 55.

What is another word for litterbug?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for litterbug, like: litterer, litter-lout, polluter, delinquent, slob and malefactor.

How do you say incognito mode?

You can also use a keyboard shortcut to open an Incognito window:

  1. Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
  2. Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

What is Lasity?

Laxity is a tendency of being too easy-going, or not strict enough. If your teacher doesn’t punish her math class for climbing out the classroom windows, she may be accused of laxity. A government’s laxity with regulations can result in big companies taking advantage of the situation.

What is thoughtlessness mean?

1 : lacking concern for others : inconsiderate rude and thoughtless behavior a thoughtless remark. 2a : insufficiently alert : careless.

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What does unsympathetic mean?

: not given to, marked by, or arising from sympathy : not sympathetic an unsympathetic bystander an unsympathetic review.

What is the oldest word?

Mother, bark and spit are some of the oldest known words, say researchers. … Mother, bark and spit are just three of 23 words that researchers believe date back 15,000 years, making them the oldest known words. The words, highlighted in a new PNAS paper, all come from seven language families of Europe and Asia.

What are 5 interesting words?

Let’s see which of these craziest words you already know and which ones are new to you:

  • Bumfuzzle. This is a simple term that refers to being confused, perplexed, or flustered or to cause confusion. …
  • Cattywampus. …
  • Gardyloo. …
  • Taradiddle. …
  • Snickersnee. …
  • Widdershins. …
  • Collywobbles. …
  • Gubbins.

What are the five new words?

New Words Added to English Dictionaries

  • automagically adv. Automatically in a way that seems magical.
  • bargainous adj. Costing less than expected.
  • big media n. Primary mass communication sources, e.g., TV and the press.
  • bromance n. …
  • buzzkill n. …
  • carbon credit n. …
  • carbon offsetting n. …
  • catastrophize v.

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