How do you use Indecorum in a sentence?

How to use indecorum in a sentence. This indecorum excited angry curiosity, and drew down stern remonstrance. To reconcile to the virtuous spectator this indecorum, most calamitous woes are first depicted as the consequence of illicit love. What is a indecorous mean?
indecorous, improper, unseemly, unbecoming, indelicate mean not conforming to what is accepted as right, fitting, or in good taste. indecorous suggests a violation of accepted standards of good manners.

What does the betrothed mean?

: the person to whom someone is engaged to be married … she put on her grey silk gown and her cherry coloured ribbon with as much care as if she had been herself the betrothed.— What’s the definition of immodesty?
: not modest specifically : not conforming to the sexual mores of a particular time or place.

What does homage mean?

1 : respect or honor People bowed in homage to [=as a sign of respect for] the king as he passed by. … 2 : something that is done to honor someone or something Her book is a/an homage to her favorite city. What is a precocious person?

unusually advanced or mature in development, especially mental development: a precocious child. prematurely developed, as the mind, faculties, etc. of or relating to premature development.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the meaning of ostentatious living?

: attracting or fond of attracting attention by showing off wealth or cleverness They lived in a huge, ostentatious house.

What does Discourteousness mean?

: lacking courtesy : rude.

What is another word for eightfold?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for eightfold, like: octuple, eight-fold, octonary, buddhahood, magga and j-nana.

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What does eightfold AI do?

What is Eightfold AI? Eightfold AI delivers the Talent Intelligence Platform, the most effective way for organizations to retain top performers, upskill and reskill the workforce, recruit top talent efficiently, and reach diversity goals.

How do you use eightfold?

What is a soon to be husband called?

During this period, a couple is said to be fiancés (from the French), betrothed, intended, affianced, engaged to be married, or simply engaged. Future brides and grooms may be called fiancée (feminine) or fiancé (masculine), the betrothed, a wife-to-be or husband-to-be, respectively.

Did Mary and Joseph get married?

The High Priest ordered them to each bring a rod; he that owned the rod which would bear flowers was divinely ordained to become Mary’s husband. After the Holy Spirit descended as a dove and caused Joseph’s rod to blossom, he and Mary were wed according to Jewish custom.

How is betrothal pronounced?

What is meant by inexact?

1 : not precisely correct or true : inaccurate an inexact translation. 2 : not rigorous and careful an inexact thinker.

What does Pompus mean?

1 : excessively elevated or ornate pompous rhetoric. 2 : having or exhibiting self-importance : arrogant a pompous politician. 3 : relating to or suggestive of pomp or splendor : magnificent.

What does unchaste woman mean?

not chaste; not virtuous; not pure: an unchaste woman. characterized by sexual suggestiveness, transgression, or excess; lascivious; bawdy: an unchaste exhibition.

What is Homege?

The homepage or home page is the name of the main page of a website where visitors can find hyperlinks to other pages on the site. By default, the homepage on all web servers is index. … A home page may also be referred to as a front page, welcome page, or landing page. Website homepage vs. browser homepage.

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What is an example of homage?

The definition of homage is a public show of respect or honor to someone. An example of homage is publicly promoting and congratulating someone. Formal acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law.

How do I pay homage to someone?

Examples of Paying Homage to Someone

  1. Give a speech or eulogy. …
  2. Write a song or poem. …
  3. Create artwork. …
  4. Put their name on a scholarship, building, or another item. …
  5. Credit their influence when you succeed. …
  6. Light candles or other ceremonies. …
  7. Make amends with others close to them. …
  8. Tend to their affairs or their gravesite.

Is being called precocious a compliment?

Today, ‘precocious’ is mostly used to refer to children who exhibit adult like maturity. They are far more intelligent and skilled than children of their age. The word can be used as a compliment and to show disapproval as well.

Is precocious a good thing?

Explanation: I’d say good, since it means (of a child) having developed certain abilities at an earlier age than usual. And a synonym for it is smart, so the word Precocious has a good connotation.

Is precocious a compliment?

If anything, describing a child as precocious is generally a compliment.

Is being ostentatious bad?

The definition of ostentatious is someone or something designed to get notice or draw attention by being inappropriate, showy, vulgar and in bad taste.

What is a ostentatious good?

A snob or ostentatious good is a good where the main attraction is related to its image of being expensive, exclusive and a symbol of social status. … A snob good is very similar in principle to a Veblen Good This is a good where demand is often greater when the price is higher.

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What is the act of ostentation?

1 : excessive display : vain and unnecessary show especially for the purpose of attracting attention, admiration, or envy : pretentiousness She dresses stylishly without ostentation.

What does cheeky mean in British slang?

Cheeky: To be cheeky is to be flippant or somewhat of a smart aleck. Considering British humor, I’d say most people here are a bit cheeky.

Is it Uncourteous or discourteous?

As adjectives the difference between discourteous and uncourteous. is that discourteous is impolite; lacking consideration for others while uncourteous is not courteous; impolite, rude.

Is Discourteousness a word?

adj. Exhibiting no courtesy; rude. dis·cour′te·ous·ly adv. dis·cour′te·ous·ness n.

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