Is Bitter Pill to Swallow a metaphor?

A bitter/hard pill is a metaphor that relates to something unpleasant but has to be endured (for the better). It can also be assumed that it stems from the nasty taste of some medicines that were often forced upon patients in order to get results.

Can you not swallow a bitter pill?

How would you use a bitter pill to swallow in a sentence?

Examples of ‘a bitter pill to swallow’ in a sentencea bitter pill to swallow

  1. To get that close and give it away is a bitter pill to swallow. …
  2. They’ve lost an estimated 2.5 million, a bitter pill to swallow. …
  3. Now that’s a bitter pill to swallow. …
  4. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but there is a consolation.

What does the hardest pill to swallow mean?

Koh Mochizuki. Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash. The idiomatic expression of something being a hard pill to swallow is often applied towards the things in life that are hard to accept.

What is a wee bit?

: by a very small amount or to a very small degree I’m a wee bit confused.

What does queer the pitch mean?

spoil British, informal. : to spoil or ruin something planned, arranged, or attempted The idea appears to be to target perceived ‘luxury’ goods, while not queering the pitch for exporters.

Is a tough pill to swallow?

Hard Pill to Swallow Meaning Definition: Difficult to accept. This expression describes something that is hard or difficult to accept. When someone receives bad news that he or she has no choice but to accept or no ability to change, it is said to be a hard pill to swallow.

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What does Bitter Pill mean?

: an extreme vexation or humiliation especially : one constituting a punishment, retribution, or unavoidable expedient having to seek his foe’s aid was a bitter pill to take.

Which is the hardest pill to swallow comfortable lies of the uncomfortable truth?

The phrase a bitter pill to swallow is an uncomfortable truth that cannot be avoided.

What is the meaning of idiom all ears?

Eager to hear something, listening attentively, as in Tell me who else was invited? I’m all ears. [Colloquial; late 1700s] Also see all eyes.

What is meant by youth of the land you are a bitter pill to swallow?

something that is very unpleasant but must be accepted: Losing to a younger player was a bitter pill to swallow.

What does being out of touch mean?

1 : not communicating with each other I don’t know if he still lives there. We’ve been out of touch for some time. 2 : in a state of not knowing what is happening, how certain people feel, etc. I’ve been away from the business for several years and feel quite out of touch.

What does it mean to have someone under your thumb?

have (someone) under (one’s) thumb To maintain authoritarian control over someone; to continually force someone to submit to one’s will. They seem happy when they’re out and about, but I hear that Johnny has his husband completely under his thumb when they’re at home.

What does I have a bone to pick mean?

Having a bone to pick with someone means having a grievance that needs to be talked out: I have a bone to pick with you, Wallace; I heard how you criticized me at the meeting last night.

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What is tad?

1 : a small or insignificant amount or degree : bit might give him some water and a tad to eat C. T. Walker. 2 : a small child especially : boy. a tad. : somewhat, rather looked a tad bigger than me Larry Hodgson. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About tad.

What does use your loaf mean?

UK old-fashioned. used to tell someone in a slightly angry way to think more carefully about what they are doing.

What is the meaning of Make the Grade?

This is an expression mostly used in American English in informal contexts. When something that you have done makes the grade, it means that you have done it satisfactorily; the required standard has been met. … In the context of the idiom, it refers to the steep incline a train has to climb.

Where does the expression queer the pitch come from?

queer someone’s pitch This phrase originated as 19th-century slang; early examples of its use suggest that the pitch referred to is the spot where a street performer stationed themselves or the site of a market trader’s stall.

What is hard to swallow meaning?

difficult to believe or accept (also hard to take) difficult to believe or accept: He said the news that the farm was being sold was hard to swallow at first.

What is the word for hard to swallow?

Dysphagia (Difficulty Swallowing)

What is an arm and a leg?

informal. : a very large amount of money It’s a reliable car, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

What are examples of idioms?

The most common English idioms

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Idiom Meaning
Beat around the bush Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable
Better late than never Better to arrive late than not to come at all
Bite the bullet To get something over with because it is inevitable
Break a leg Good luck

What does this mean back to the drawing board?

Definition of go back to the drawing board : to start over The company went back to the drawing board to make a better product.