Is business man one word or two?

businessman noun, plural businessmen. a man regularly employed in business, especially a white-collar worker, executive, or owner.

What is a busyness?

: a busy quality or state: such as. a : the state of having or being involved in many activities the busyness of her schedule What with the busyness of the holidays and that conviction, I didn’t pay much attention to my bird feeder for the next few days.

What do you call a business person?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for businessperson, like: entrepreneur, organization-man, executive, magnate, owner, businessman, tycoon, capitalist, employer, tradesman and middleman.

Is business woman one word or two?

noun, plural businesswomen. a woman regularly employed in business, especially a white-collar worker, executive, or owner.

What means industrialist?

: one owning or engaged in the management of an industry : manufacturer.

Is busyness a real word?

‘Busyness’ is an acceptable word nowadays, but you seem to require ‘workload’, as Jim advises. ‘Workload’ means something quite different to busyness, as @Edwin Ashworth points out. One could have a phenomenal workload but be doing nothing about it, so you wouldn’t be busy.

Is hecticness a word?

The state or quality of being hectic.

Is Busyiness a word?

the quality or condition of being busy. lively but meaningless activity.

Can we say business persons?

The term businessperson may refer to a founder, owner, or majority shareholder of a private establishment. The term may sometimes refer to someone who is an angel investor of a private entity.

What do you call a small business owner?

Proprietor The title of proprietor is similar to that of an owner, as they are both typically used to describe the owner of a small business.

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What is a good business man called?

A businessman who is successful. prosperous entrepreneur. successful businessperson. successful entrepreneur. magnate.

What’s a business woman called?

: a woman who transacts business especially : one who is a business executive.

How do you call a business woman?


  1. businessman,
  2. businessperson,
  3. enterpriser,
  4. entrepreneur.

Who is a corporate woman?

a female employee whose allegiance to her employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers.

What do industrialists do?

An industrialist is a powerful businessperson who owns or controls large industrial companies or factories.

Is Industrialistic a word?


Who is a famous industrialist?

Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist best known for leading the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century.

Is there another word for busyness?

Busyness Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus. … What is another word for busyness?

bustle commotion
fuss to-do
tumult excitement
flurry hubbub
agitation pother

When was busyness added to the dictionary?

The meaning of this word eventually evolved to occupation and then trade. Thoreau may have been the one to coin the modern word busyness to mean being busy; he is given credit for the first use of it in 1849.

How do you spell business or busyness?

This -y to -iness transformation is a natural part of our everyday spelling. The problem is that business is already a word. Therefore, the correct word to use when thinking about the busy nature of your day-to-day is busyness.

Can people be tumultuous?

You might hear the adjective tumultuous in news stories about riots because it’s one of the best words to describe a group of people in turmoil or disorder, but it can mean anything in a state of unrest.

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How do you use hectic in a sentence?

Hectic sentence example

  1. Modern life is becoming more hectic by the minute. …
  2. I’ve found the past few weeks rather hectic . …
  3. Things have been so hectic here at the office, I thought… …
  4. Things are getting a bit hectic for me at the moment. …
  5. The teacher had a hectic workload.

What is the synonym of frenzy?

burst, craze, excitement, fever, free-for-all, furor, fury, hysteria, madness, mania, outburst, passion, rage, turmoil, aberration, agitation, blow, bout, conniption, convulsion.

Whats the definition of assiduous?

: showing great care, attention, and effort : marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application. Examples: Ryan Murphy , in his last FX series before founding his Netflix empire, was also assiduous about hiring transgender actors and creative staff. James Poniewozik, The New York Times, 1 June …

How do you spell Bizzy?

Bizzy Definition & Meaning

How do you say I am busy politely?

18 Ways to Say Busy

  1. I am busy. The most basic way to express this. …
  2. I’m as busy as a bee. …
  3. I’m slammed. …
  4. I’m so busy (that) I can’t even… …
  5. I’m buried (in work). …
  6. I’m overwhelmed (with work). …
  7. I’m up to my ears in work. …
  8. I’ve got a lot on my plate.

What u mean by business?

The term business refers to an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Businesses can be for-profit entities or they can be non-profit organizations that operate to fulfill a charitable mission or further a social cause.

What is a entrepreneur in business?

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. … Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bringing good new ideas to market.

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What means business person?

: a person and especially an executive who transacts business : a businessman or businesswoman.