Is Busticated a word?

verb (used with object), busticated, busticating. Northern U.S. to break into pieces.

Where does the term Buster come from?

buster (n.) 1838, anything large or exceptional; a man of great strength, American English slang (originally Missouri/Arkansas), perhaps meaning something that takes one’s breath away and thus an agent noun from bust (v.). … Meaning horse-breaker is from 1891, American English; hence the back-formed verb bust (v.)

What does Busticate mean?

to break into pieces [ buhs-ti-keyt ] verb. Northern U.S. to break into pieces.

What is Buster slang for?

What is a Buster? The slang term Buster (also spelled busta) is a derogatory noun which is used by rappers in rap/hip-hop music to represent someone who is unpopular and weak.

What does Buster mean in Australia?

sudden violent wind 2 chiefly Australia : a sudden violent wind often coming from the south.

What a bustard means?

: any of a family (Otididae) of large chiefly terrestrial Old World and Australian game birds.

What is a buster in England?

/bs.t/ uk. / used to address a man or a boy you do not like: Cut it out, buster!

What does Buster mean in Spanish?

(informal) [bst ] (in direct address) macho m (Spain) (inf) to m (Spain) (inf)

What does mood buster mean?

An action, instrument or activity that helps combat depression, anxiety and stress.

What does scrubs mean in slang?

Scrub is slang for someone who is just plain bad at somethinga no-talent hack. This could be in sports, video games, or thanks to TLC’s hit song, relationships.

Is Buster a real name?

The name Buster is primarily a male name of American origin that means Tough Guy. Nickname used for a fellow or tough guy.

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What do you mean by Baster system?

Baster. A baster, sometimes called a turkey baster, is a tube attached to a rubber bulb used to suck up and squirt cooking liquid from a pan onto roasting meat or poultry, thus moistening it.

Can bustards fly?

Bustards, despite their large size, are able to fly at high speed and are often mutilated or killed by overhead electricity cables, which are placed in the West Pannonia region of Eastern Austria and Western Hungary just at their flying height.

Which is the heaviest flying bird in India?

great Indian bustard great Indian bustard, (Ardeotis nigriceps), large bird of the bustard family (Otididae), one of the heaviest flying birds in the world. The great Indian bustard inhabits dry grasslands and scrublands on the Indian subcontinent; its largest populations are found in the Indian state of Rajasthan.