Yes, fidge is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you spell fidge?


  1. fidgenoun. A shake; fiddle or similar agitation.
  2. fidgeverb. To fidget; jostle or shake.

Is fidge a word?

(obsolete, dialectal, Scotland) A shake; fiddle or similar agitation.

What does fidge mean?

1. ( intransitive) to move about restlessly. 2. ( intransitive; often foll by with)

What is a fidget person?

The word fidget is related to the Old Norse fikja, meaning move briskly, be restless or eager. If you are feeling impatient or anxious you might fidget in your seat or fidget with a pen in your hands. A person who fidgets a lot can be referred to as a fidget and so can that quick anxious movement itself.

What does Fridget mean in a relationship?

1 : lacking sexual desire : abnormally averse to sexual intercourse used especially of women. 2 of a female : unable to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.

How do you use fidget in a sentence?

Fidget sentence example She started to fidget . They don’t learn their lessons, they don’t listen, they fidget and play, and prevent others from learning. She did n’t fidget or want to sit down.

What does fudge the truth mean?

To fudge means to manipulate or conceal the truth. When you create fake financial information to hide your losses, this is an example of a situation where you fudge the numbers. verb.

Does fidgeting mean ADHD?

Hyperactivity, a common symptom associated with ADHD, involves excessive movement and trouble sitting still. Thus, fidgeting is considered a symptom of hyperactivity. For a long time, fidgeting has been viewed as a negative symptom that needs to be stopped.

Is fidgeting a symptom of anxiety?

The edginess associated with GAD can manifest behaviorally as irritability or physically as trembling and shaking. The fidgeting or restlessness may be more obvious to observers than to the person experiencing it in some cases.

Why do adults fidget?

Whether its nerves or boredom, fidgeting provides a way to relieve you of excess energy and give you something to focus on. But why? Fidgeting is a response to anxiety or boredom. Anxious fidgeting occurs because the body has elevated levels of stress hormones, which are prepping your muscles for sudden exertion.

What is the context clues of anxious?

1 : characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency : worried anxious parents. 2 : characterized by, resulting from, or causing anxiety : worrying They spent an anxious night. 3 : ardently or earnestly wishing She was anxious to learn more.

What does frigid mean in Irish slang?

1 adjective sexually unresponsivefuar adj1 c m u 2 adjective literary unfriendly, coldfuar adj1 c m ufuarchiseach adj1 c m udla adj3a frigid smile meangadh sioctha 3 adjective literary icy in temperaturefuar adj1 c m ureomhar adj1sioctha adj3 c m u.

What is the sentence of frigid?

Frigid sentence example. His look was one of frigid anger as he stormed out. Tying her hair back, she pulled off her socks, took a deep breath and dove into the frigid lake. She stepped out into the frigid morning, her boots sinking into the snow with a squeaking sound.

What does fidgeting look like?

Fidgeting is making small movements with your body, usually your hands and feet. It’s associated with not paying attention, and often reflects discomfort and restlessness. For example, if you’ve been listening to a lecture for a long time, you may find yourself tapping your pencil.

Why is fidgeting bad?

If your mind wanders, you are likely to perform more poorly on whatever task you are doing. Similarly, you typically perform worse while you are in the process of fidgeting this has been shown to affect memory and comprehension. This means fidgeting may indicate a problem with attention.

How do you use muster in a sentence?


  1. They pushed the car with all the strength they could muster.
  2. He finally mustered (up) the courage to ask her on a date.
  3. The country’s leaders have been trying to muster (up) support for the war.
  4. They mustered (up) the 20 votes needed to pass the law.