Is Justles a word?

verb (used with or without object), noun jus·tled, jus·tling, a less common variant of jostle. What is the synonym of jostle?
push, thrust, barge, shove, force, squeeze, elbow, shoulder, bulldoze. 3’people jostled for the best position’

What does Apartly mean?

placed or kept separately or to one side for a particular purpose, reason, etc; aside (esp in the phrases set or put apart) 3. separate in time, place, or position; at a distance: he stood apart from the group; two points three feet apart. 4. What does the word Justle mean?
Justleverb. to run or strike against each other; to encounter; to clash; to jostle.

What is the meaning of the word jostling Class 10?

Answer: The meaning of Jostling is Struggling. What is a antonym for the word jostle?

jostle. Antonyms: clear, lead, extricate, convoy, escort, precede, pilot, attend. Synonyms: hustle, push, thrust, jog, jolt, incommode.

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How do you use jostle in a sentence?

Jostle in a Sentence

  1. As soon as the coach makes the announcement, the football players will start to jostle for the position of team captain.
  2. The competing banks jostle to get new customers.
  3. In the cafeteria, the students rush through the lines and jostle to get the best tables near the windows.

What is the antonym and synonym of jostle?

ˈdʒɑːsəl) Come into rough contact with while moving. Antonyms. pull civilian repulsion attraction centrifugal force centripetal force. elbow shove shoulder in push.

What is Esto Perpetua?

: may she (Idaho) endure forever —motto of Idaho.

How do you say Justitia Omnibus?

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What is the meaning Ofapparently?

Is it rude to say apparently?

Why it doesn’t work: Unless you work in law enforcement, words such as “apparently,” “allegedly” and “evidently” can sound like you are contradicting or questioning someone’s judgment or portrayal of events.

What does subscribe to mean?

1 : to pay money to get (a publication or service) regularly I subscribe to several newspapers/magazines. 2 British : to belong to or support (something, such as an organization) by paying money regularly subscribe to a charity. 3 : to agree with or support (an opinion, theory, etc.)

What does jostling mean dictionary?

to bump, push, shove, brush against, or elbow roughly or rudely. to drive or force by, or as if by, pushing or shoving: The crowd jostled him into the subway. to exist in close contact or proximity with: The three families jostle each other in the small house.

What is meaning of the world jostling?

the action of knocking or pushing roughly against someone in order to move past them or get more space when you are in a crowd of people: There was a lot of jostling among photographers for the perfect spot.

How do you spell Jossell?


  1. To come in rough contact while moving; push and shove: jostled against the others on the crowded platform.
  2. To make one’s way by pushing or elbowing: jostled through the guests to the bar.
  3. To vie for an advantage or position: jostled with several others for the job.

Are jostle and shove synonyms?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for jostle, like: push, elbow, nudge, collide, crowd, jolt, shake, shove, jostling, vie and lining up.

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What part of speech is the word jostle?

transitive verb jostle

part of speech: transitive verb
related words: bull, bump, push, throng
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to push, crowd, or bump against a person or object; collide. synonyms: bump, push similar words: crowd, elbow, hustle, shoulder, shove

What is the synonym of assigned?

earmark, appropriate, designate, set aside, set apart, keep, reserve. allot, allocate, apportion. fix, appoint, decide on, determine, specify, stipulate.

What is an example of jostled?

When you push and elbow your way through a crowd, this is an example of a time when you jostle your way through the crowd. When you compete for a position at work, this is an example of a time when you jostle for position. To come in rough contact while moving; push and shove.

How do I use plaudits in a sentence?

Plaudits sentence example

  1. As he entered the city and went on foot to the Capitol the plaudits of the people were unmistakably genuine. …
  2. He was crowned with laurel in his box, amid the plaudits of the audience, and did not seem to be the worse for it.

What is the synonym of apathy?

Some common synonyms of apathetic are impassive, phlegmatic, stoic, and stolid. While all these words mean unresponsive to something that might normally excite interest or emotion, apathetic may imply a puzzling or deplorable indifference or inertness.

What does Periously mean?

: full of danger : dangerous. See the full definition for perilous in the English Language Learners Dictionary. perilous. adjective. per·​il·​ous | ˈper-ə-ləs

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Is struggling is the synonym of jostling?

“As I straightened up I was jostled, very slightly, by Doreen and her companion, hurrying to get past.” … What is another word for jostling?

jockeying vying
struggling scrambling
thrusting shoving
barging bumping
ploughingUK forcing

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