Some common synonyms of embolden are encourage, hearten, and inspirit. While all these words mean to fill with courage or strength of purpose, embolden implies the giving of courage sufficient to overcome timidity or reluctance.

What does it mean to embolden something?

transitive verb. : to impart boldness or courage to : to instill with boldness, courage, or resolution enough to overcome timidity or misgiving Great leaders embolden the rest of us to rise to our highest potentialities, to be active, insistent and resolute in affirming our own sense of things.

What does it mean to embody something?

: to represent (something) in a clear and obvious way : to be a symbol or example of (something) : to include (something) as a part or feature. See the full definition for embody in the English Language Learners Dictionary. embody. verb.

Can you embolden someone?

When you cheer up a friend or encourage a coworker, you embolden those people. To embolden is to make bold, from the Old English root word beald, which means brave, confident, or strong.

How do you use embolden in a sentence?

Embolden in a Sentence

  1. Do you believe alcohol commercials embolden teens to drink?
  2. The coach hoped his speech would embolden his team to win the playoff game.
  3. If we give in to the terrorists, our actions will embolden other terrorist groups to commit the same criminal acts.

Who is a frivolous man?

1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly. a frivolous remark. 2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment; unimportant. frivolous details. (C15: from Latin frivolus silly, worthless)

What does over overzealous mean?

: too zealous : having or showing too much zeal : excessively eager, enthusiastic, or fervent overzealous parents overzealous workers another version of the overzealous monitoring that has produced kids who leave for college without ever having crossed the street by themselves.

Is embolden an adjective?

Having been made bold. They were emboldened by their great feat.

Is apprehensive an adjective?

APPREHENSIVE (adjective) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

Is there such a word as enbody?

No, enbody is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use embody?

Embody in a Sentence

  1. The national flag is supposed to embody the spirit of our country.
  2. When I learned the name of the restaurant was TaTas, I did not view it as a good name to embody a family dining establishment.
  3. The knight asked the blacksmith to design a shield that would embody his loyalty to his king.

What is a typify?

transitive verb. 1 : to represent in typical fashion : to constitute a typical mark or instance of realism that typified his earlier work Current Biography. 2 : to embody the essential or salient characteristics of : be the type of.

How do you become embolden?

So if you want to be bold and unstoppable, here are some ways to kick start your momentum.

  1. Pretend you’re already bold. …
  2. Make the first move. …
  3. Do something unpredictable. …
  4. Ask for what you want. …
  5. Take risks. …
  6. Rediscover who you are.

What is the meaning of irreverently?

: having or showing a lack of respect for someone or something that is usually treated with respect : treating someone or something in a way that is not serious or respectful He has a delightfully irreverent sense of humor.

What does malignity mean in the Bible?

malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer.

What is the noun for embolden?

boldness. The state of being bold; courage. presumptuousness. (typography) The relative weight of a font; the thickness of its strokes.

What part of speech is embolden?

transitive verb embolden

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: emboldens, emboldening, emboldened
definition: to make bold; encourage. antonyms: abash, discourage, dishearten similar words: encourage, fortify, nerve
related words: cheer, spirit
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What does the word Inspirit mean?

to fill with spirit transitive verb. : to fill with spirit.

What is the meaning of FRIV?

FRIV. Fuel Return Isolation Valve. Miscellaneous Aircraft & Aviation.

What do you mean by usurped?

: to seize and hold (as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right the courts may not usurp the powers of the legislature. intransitive verb. : to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully.

What did abolish mean?

transitive verb. : to end the observance or effect of (something, such as a law) : to completely do away with (something) : annul abolish a law abolish slavery. Other Words from abolish Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About abolish.

What is Kwirks?

noun. a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism: He is full of strange quirks. a shift, subterfuge, or evasion; quibble. a sudden twist or turn: He lost his money by a quirk of fate.

Can you be overzealous?

Overzealous describes someone who gets too excited about something, like your mom, the overzealous collector of cute kitten figurines that now fill every table and shelf in the house. If you’re overzealous about something, you’ve gone too far, and you’re probably starting to scare people.

What is the opposite of overzealous?

Antonyms. passionless unloving cold unemotional unenthusiastic.

What is the adjective form of embolden?

Courageous, daring. (typography, of typefaces) Having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface. Presumptuous.

What does Imbolded mean?

to make bold or bolder; hearten; encourage. Sometimes imbolden [im-bohl-dn] .

What does revolution mean in social studies?

noun. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Compare social evolution.

Is apprehensive an emotion?

Apprehension. (Coding symbol: AP.) The emotions included in this class can be considered related to fear, anxiety, guilt, and embarrassment. Although differences are recognizable among them, all these conditions lead to conscious concern on the part of the person experiencing them.

What does apprehensive mean example?

The definition of apprehensive is a person who is upset or worried about some future event or about the possibility that something will happen. If you have a premonition that something bad is going to happen and that makes you very concerned and nervous, that is an example of being apprehensive.

What metaphor is apprehensive?

You’re implying that you are nervous or apprehensive about something. When a metaphor has been used repetitively, especially over an extended period of time, it can lose its connection to the original imagery that it was meant to evoke. This is a dead metaphor.