The Sun Has Arrived (and the Heat)

Summer is in full swing, and with a near-peak amount of daylight hours, there’s likely still plenty of light to enjoy when your workweek is finished. Before you go outside and enjoy the sun and heat, read these I Spy pieces to learn more about how your body reacts to hot weather and how to be safe this summer:

What Happens When You Have Heat Stroke and How to Avoid It—

The inability to control one’s body temperature can strike anyone at any age (heat stroke). Continue reading to discover more about heat stroke and how to avoid it.
Do you want to go out in the sun? Consider Your Kidneys! — Overheating can limit blood supply to your kidneys, resulting in renal failure in the worst-case situation. Read on for some helpful hints on how to keep your kidneys in good shape.
Is it True that Exercising in Warm Weather Makes You Fitter for Colder Weather?

Your body must adjust to the heat, making it more difficult to workout in hot conditions. However, it has little to do with how well you’ll do on cooler days.
Is It Possible to Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Although it is technically possible to consume too much water, most people do not consume anywhere close to that quantity. To discover more about how much and when to drink, read the post.

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