What are the major scapular muscles?

The intrinsic muscles of the scapula include the rotator cuff muscles, teres major, subscapularis, teres minor, and infraspinatus. These muscles attach the scapular surface and assist with abduction and external and internal rotation of the glenohumeral joint.

How many muscles are in the scapula?

It connects with the humerus at the glenohumeral joint as well as the clavicle at the acromioclavicular joint to form the shoulder joint. In total, 17 different muscles attach to the scapula, which makes it difficult to fracture.

How many muscles attach to the shoulder girdle?

The shoulder girdle consists of five muscles that attach to the clavicle and scapula and allow for the motion of the sternoclavicular joint (connection between sternum and clavicle) and acromioclavicular joint (connection between clavicle and scapula).

What muscles are under the scapula?

The serratus anterior muscle is a fan-shaped muscle at the lateral wall of the thorax. Its main part lies deep under the scapula and the pectoral muscles. It is easy to palpate between the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles.

What is protraction of scapula?

During protraction, the scapulae move away from the spine as you round the upper back (thoracic spine). You protract by pushing your shoulders forward and spreading your scapulae across your back, trying to touch them in front of your chest. … Retracting is done by squeezing the shoulder blades together.

What type of bone is scapula?

The scapula is a large, flat triangular bone with three processes called the acromion, spine and coracoid process . It forms the back portion of the shoulder girdle.

Is scapular winging normal?

Scapular winging is a rare, but potentially debilitating condition that can affect the ability to lift, pull, and push heavy objects, as well as to perform daily activities of living, such as brushing one’s hair and teeth and carrying grocery bags [1].

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How do you find the side of your scapula?

Right vs. Left–In order to determine if a scapula is right or left, orient it so the glenoid cavity (articulating surface) faces laterally (outward) and the spine is posterior (toward back) and superior (upper). The coracoid process should be anterior and superior.

How do I strengthen my scapula?

What is the scientific name for your shoulder muscle?

The deltoid muscle covers the shoulder joint on three sides, arising from the front upper third of the clavicle, the acromion, and the spine of the scapula, and travelling to insert on the deltoid tubercle of the humerus.

Which joint is in shoulder?

The glenohumeral joint is the one most people think of as the shoulder joint. It is formed where a ball (head) at the top of the humerus fits into a shallow cuplike socket (glenoid) in the scapula, allowing a wide range of movement.

What are armpit muscles called?

Along with the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, the subclavius muscle forms the axilla or armpit. The subclavius moves the shoulder downward and forward. Serratus anterior is another muscle on the front of the chest.

How do you release a tight scapula?

What muscles are weak in scapular winging?

Most lesions associated with winged scapula are the result of blunt trauma due to repetitive movements, as seen in athletics. The most common cause of scapular winging is paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle due to the injury of the long thoracic nerve.

What causes winged scapula?

Scapular winging is almost always caused by damage to one of three nerves that control muscles in your arms, back, and neck: the long thoracic nerve, which controls the serratus anterior muscle. the dorsal scapular nerve, which controls the rhomboid muscles. the spinal accessory nerve, which controls the trapezius …

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How do you fix a depressed scapula?

Is scapula a bone or muscle?

The scapula, or shoulder blade, is a large triangular-shaped bone that lies in the upper back. The bone is surrounded and supported by a complex system of muscles that work together to help you move your arm.

What are two articulations to the scapula?

The scapula articulates with the clavicle through the acromion process, a large projection located superiorly on the scapula forming the acromioclavicular joint. The scapula also articulates with the humerus of the upper arm to form the shoulder joint, or glenohumeral joint, at the glenoid cavity.

Where is scapula found?

shoulder blade Scapula, also called shoulder blade, either of two large bones of the shoulder girdle in vertebrates. In humans they are triangular and lie on the upper back between the levels of the second and eighth ribs.

What exercises fix winged scapula?


  • Scapular retraction. This involves pulling the shoulder blades back while in a standing position. …
  • External rotation. From a standing position, attach an exercise band to a closed door or another secure object. …
  • Horizontal row. …
  • Standard pushups. …
  • Angel wings.

Can bad posture cause winged scapula?

Causes. Winged scapula is a fairly common dysfunction of the shoulder because it may also occur due to a poor posture. It is called winged scapula because the medial or inner border of the scapula may appear to be wing-like on the back.

Is winged scapula a disability?

A winged scapula caused by trauma is uncommon. Irrespective of the cause of winging of the scapula, the condition is disabling and can affect the function of the ipsilateral shoulder and arm. Also, winging of the scapula also leads to significant cosmetic deformity.

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What does the scapula articulate with?

The scapula articulates with the clavicle through the acromion process, a large projection located superiorly on the scapula forming the acromioclavicular joint. The scapula also articulates with the humerus of the upper arm to form the shoulder joint, or glenohumeral joint, at the glenoid cavity.

What level is spine of scapula?

One such landmark is the inferior angle of the scapula (IAS), which is said to correlate with the T7, T8, or T9 spinous process or spinal level, depending on the source. Gray’s Anatomy indicates that the IAS corresponds to the level of the ninth rib, which attaches to the spine at the T8–9 interspace.

What is a scapular and why have one?

The scapular (from Latin scapulae, shoulders) is a Western Christian garment suspended from the shoulders. … As an object of popular piety, it serves to remind the wearers of their commitment to live a Christian life.

How do you activate scapular muscles?

How do you fix a sore scapula?

Relieving the Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

  1. Rest your upper back from activity. If your pain worsens when you do certain movements or physical activities, such as household chores or exercise, rest for a day or two. …
  2. Apply ice and/or heat. …
  3. Take over-the-counter (OTC) medication. …
  4. Massage it out. …
  5. Visit a health care provider.
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