What are the three cultures of guyland?

Guyland rests on three distinct cultural dynamics: a culture of enti- tlement, a culture of silence, and a culture of protection.

What is guyland and what evidence does Kimmel use to analyze it as a unique social space?

Thus, Kimmel uses the Guyland motif to denote both an indefinite transitional stage of life, and a social space in which guys are able to exist free of obligation and responsibility to those around them (girlfriends, parents, children, jobs, etc.).

How does Kimmel describe and define guyland who makes up guyland?

In order to avoid the responsibilities of adulthood, young men retreat into a homosocial world Kimmel terms Guyland, a social space and a stage of life where guys gather to be guys with each other, unhassled by the demands of parents, girlfriends, jobs, kids, and the other nuisances of adult life. …