What does battering someone mean?

1 : violent physical abuse that usually involves the act of striking someone repeatedly or heavily in order to cause injury Feminists turned violence against women, previously a well-kept secret, into a public political issue; made rape, incest, battering and sexual harassment understood as crimes; and got public …

What is an example of battering?

Battering sentence example Officers in riot gear used a battering ram to break in to the ground floor flat. But her fragile 75ft trimaran, B&Q, is taking a battering in the rough seas of the Southern Ocean. … The Siege tower has a working drawbridge, the battering ram swings on chords.

What does it mean to battered?

1 : damaged or worn down by hard use a battered old hat a battered truck. 2 : injured by repeated blows the victim’s battered body a boxer’s battered face. 3 : subjected to repeated physical abuse providing help for battered wives/children

What is the meaning of wife battering?

Abstract. Wife battering refers to violent actspsychological, sexual and/or physical assaultby an assailant against his wife and/or partner made with the intent of controlling the partner by inducing fear and pain.

What is battering in business?

Battering is the exchange of goods and services among businesses. … Companies that engage in battering are expected to pay both sales tax and income tax on the goods and services they buy and sell (battered goods and services are taxable in the year that they are credited).

What is a synonym for batter?

Some common synonyms of batter are cripple, maim, mangle, and mutilate. While all these words mean to injure so severely as to cause lasting damage, batter implies a series of blows that bruise deeply, deform, or mutilate.

What buttering means?

buttered, buttering, butters. To put butter on or in. Phrasal Verb: butter up. To praise or flatter excessively: You’re always buttering up the boss.

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Why does battering happen?

Battering is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person with whom an intimate relationship is or has been shared through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence. Battering happens when one person believes that they are entitled to control another.

What is batter used for?

batter, mixture of flour and liquid with other ingredients, such as leavening agents, shortening, sugar, salt, eggs, and various flavourings, used to make baked goods and other food products.

Is batter a correct word?

To batter is to beat repeatedly, as if one boxer were clobbering another with blows. Batter is one of those words with many meanings that seem entirely unrelated to each other. … Yet another meaning is the batter you mix up when you’re making muffins, using eggs, flour, milk, and sugar.

What is the Tamil meaning of batter?

IPA: btrTamil:

Is batter a real word?

to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly. to damage by beating or hard usage: Rough roads had battered the car.

What kind of violence is dowry?

The violence and deaths associated with dowry demands constitute domestic violence. Similar to acts of domestic violence, the acts used in dowry-related offenses include physical, emotional, and economic violence, as well as harassment as means to exact compliance or to punish the victim.

What is the meaning of butter wife?

noun. historical. A woman who makes or sells butter.

What does wife beating mean?

n. Physical or emotional abuse of a household member, especially one’s spouse or domestic partner.

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What is battering in construction?

Battering. A battered wall is any kind of wall that has been built with an intentional slope. The word batter refers to a predetermined type of angle which ensures stability providing a safe slope to the excavated face.

What does battering mean in law?

Battering refers to the act of subjecting to strong attack. Battering happens to women of every age, race, class, and nationality. It is done by the person who marries or dates a woman; by her sons and nephews; and by male relatives who verbally harass and degrade women.

What is the meaning of gloominess?

Definitions of gloominess. a feeling of melancholy apprehension. synonyms: gloom, somberness, sombreness. type of: apprehension, apprehensiveness, dread. fearful expectation or anticipation.

What’s another word for make better?

What is another word for make better?

cure palliate
relieve heal
alleviate treat
remedy improve
ameliorate doctor

What is the synonym of electricity?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for electricity, like: dynatron, current, spark, voltage, service, charge, proton, circuit conductor electric potential, power, heat and alternating current.

What is the opposite of a battery?

What is the opposite of battery?

dearth trickle
drought drouth

What does affirmatively mean?

adjective. affirming or assenting; asserting the truth, validity, or fact of something. expressing agreement or consent; assenting: an affirmative reply. positive; not negative.

What is the meaning of Bata?

Ethnic ceremonial double-headed drums played in triplet in the religion of Santera, especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico, originally from the Yoruba of Nigeria. noun. 2.

How do the British say butter?

What does a battered woman look like?

The signs of battered woman syndrome hide the abuse from friends and family. fear for their life or the lives of their children. believe that the abuser is all-knowing and can see their every movement. be afraid and never know what side of their partner they’ll see that day a loving partner or an abuser.

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What are the three stages of battered woman syndrome?

Specifically, the battered woman syndrome is characterized by the cycle of violence, which has three phases: (1) the tension-building phase; (2) the acute battering incident; and (3) the tranquil, loving (or, at least, nonviolent) phase.

What’s an example of emotional abuse?

Examples of Emotional Abuse Making an individual fear that they will not receive the food or care they need. Lying. Failing to check allegations of abuse against them. Making derogative or slanderous statements about an individual to others.

How do you use batter?

What are the 3 types of batters?

Culinary professionals break batters into three categories: drop batter, pour batter, and coating batter based on how they use them.

How do you describe a batter?

Batter is a flour mixture with liquid and other ingredients like sugar, salt and leavening. … The word batter comes from the French word battre which means to beat, as many batters require vigorous beating or whisking in their preparation.