What does being impaired mean?

: being in an imperfect or weakened state or condition: such as. a : diminished in function or ability : lacking full functional or structural integrity Brennan supports the use of corticosteroids in the treatment of inflammation, swelling, pain and impaired joint movement.— What is an example of impaired?
You use -impaired in adjectives where you are describing someone with a particular disability. For example, someone who is hearing-impaired has a disability affecting their hearing, and someone who is visually-impaired has a disability affecting their sight.

What does impaired mean in health?

(im-pard′) [Fr. empeirer, to make worse] Not functioning or behaving appropriately because of damage, illness, or weakness. In the health care professions, it refers to a physician, nurse, or other professional too ill or incapacitated to carry out his or her professional duties. What is impaired Judgement?
Impaired judgement is a medical condition that results in a person not being able to make good decisions because of an underlying medical problem, environmental factors, diet, or drugs and alcohol.

How do you use impaired?

Impaired sentence example

  1. An attack of illness in November 1900 seriously impaired his health. …
  2. The authority of the pontificate was seriously impaired by these circumstances.

What does Impuge mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to assail by words or arguments : oppose or attack as false or lacking integrity impugned the defendant’s character.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is impaired movement?

Impaired movement refers to crowd control effects that inhibit the unit’s movement, which includes all immobilizing effects as well as Drowsy, Ground, and. Slow.

What does Perative mean?

absolutely necessary or required; unavoidable: It is imperative that we leave. of the nature of or expressing a command; commanding. Grammar. noting or pertaining to the mood of the verb used in commands, requests, etc., as in Listen!

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What is a better word for impairment?

What is another word for impairment?

damage injury
ruination disablement
condition disorder
complaint defect
breakage deficiency

What is the opposite of an impairment?

Antonyms: advantage, amelioration, benefit, blessing, boon, help, improvement, remedy, service, utility. Synonyms: blemish, damage, detriment, disadvantage, evil, harm, hurt, injury, injustice, loss, mischief, outrage, prejudice, wrong.

What is a handicap person?

What impaired children mean?

“Child with a disability” means a child evaluated in accordance with the provisions of this chapter as having an intellectual disability , a hearing impairment (including deafness), a speech or language impairment, a visual impairment (including blindness), a serious emotional disability (referred to in this part as …

What is disability who?

You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.

What does alcohol do to the brain?

Alcohol has a profound effect on the complex structures of the brain. It blocks chemical signals between brain cells (called neurons), leading to the common immediate symptoms of intoxication, including impulsive behavior, slurred speech, poor memory, and slowed reflexes.

What causes intoxication?

Alcohol intoxication, also referred to as drunkenness, ethanol intoxication, or alcohol poisoning in severe cases, is a temporary condition caused by drinking too much alcohol. The amount of alcohol needed for intoxication varies from person to person.

What does it mean to be impaired in function?

Functional impairment refers to limitations due to the illness, as people with a disease may not carry out certain functions in their daily lives.

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How do you use impaired in a sentence?

1 A recurring knee injury may have impaired his chances of winning the tournament. 2 Her sight is badly impaired. 3 Visually impaired people orient themselves by touch. 4 They had gravely impaired the credibility of the government.

What does impaired mean in accounting?

Impairment Impairment describes a reduction in the value of a company asset, either fixed or intangible, so as to reflect a decline in the quality, quantity, or market value of the asset. … When the carrying amount does exceed the fair market value of the asset, it’s referred to as an “impaired asset.”

What does Repundant mean?

1 : incompatible, inconsistent. 2 archaic : hostile. 3 : exciting distaste or aversion repugnant language a morally repugnant practice.

What does Imputeth mean?

impute • im-PYOOT • verb. 1 : to lay the responsibility or blame for often falsely or unjustly 2 : to credit to a person or a cause.

What does Impuning mean?

to attack as untrue; censure; malign; to cast doubt upon: Her reputation was impugned. Not to be confused with: impute – to attribute or ascribe something discreditable: He imputed the error to the salesperson.

Does fear count as immobilize?

Thanks! It does because fear is hard CC. The enemy champion can’t do anything, as they lose control of their character.

What is CC in lol?

Crowd Control (abbreviated to CC) is the term used to describe an ability or spell that temporarily reduces a unit’s ability to fight. The term ‘crowd control’ comes from the ability to control the enemy team during fights, by either restricting their contribution or means to escape.

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Is slow an immobilize LOL?

It’s the immobile to remember when looking at immobilizing effects. Even if a target is slow they are technically still mobile.

Is Imperativeness a word?

adj. 1. Necessary or urgent: It is imperative that we continue to move with speed to make housing more affordable (Timothy Geithner).

What is this word exclamatory?

Something that’s exclamatory is full of very strong emotion, like enthusiasm or surprise. … When something’s exclamatory, it’s like an exclamation, or a sudden cry of emotion. Both words come from the Latin exclamare, to call out, which consists of the prefix ex-, out, and clamare, cry or shout.

Can a person be imperative?

These words are the antonyms of imperative. Its synonyms include the words crucial, vital, critical, and pressing. On the other hand, imperative can also be used to say that something is commanding. So a person who speaks with an imperative tone of voice is probably a person who is used to issuing commands.

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