What does Buzz mean?

noun. a low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees, machinery, or people talking. Informal. a rumor or report: There’s a buzz going around that he’ll soon be fired.

What is buzz me meaning?

noun, informal A phone call. Usually used with the verb give. Give me a buzz when you’re done with work. … noun, slang A feeling of intense pleasure, excitement, or interest.

What does it mean buzz off?

informal. used as a rude or angry way to tell someone to go away He told me to buzz off.

What does Buzz mean in text?

BUZZ means Excitement.

How do you use the word buzz?

Buzz sentence example

  1. The buzz didn’t bother you? …
  2. You’re such a buzz kill. …
  3. He stumbled the last few steps onto the road and into a glare of lights and buzz of activity. …
  4. There followed a buzz in the crowd. …
  5. The dust always hung motionless above the buzz of talk that came from the resting troops.

What is the Malayalam meaning of buzz?

English to Malayalam Meaning :: buzz. Buzz :

What does buzz someone mean?

verb, informal To call someone on the phone. I’ll buzz you in about an hour when I know what the plan is. … verb, informal Of an airplane, to fly low over something.

What does it mean to create a buzz?

READ ALONG TO PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH: So in English, the phrase to create a buzz means to get people excited about something or to get people talking about something.

Can you give me a buzz meaning?

1 telephone somebody: I’ll give you a buzz before I leave. 2 (also get a buzz from something/from doing something) if something gives you a buzz or you get a buzz from it, it provides interest and enjoyment for you: If the work gives you a buzz, then you do the job better.

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Is Buzz off a slang or colloquial?

1. slang To go away and leave one alone. slang To leave a place hastily. …

Is it buzz off or bug off?

Go away, as in Bug off before I call the police. Both terms are often used as an imperative, as in the example, and the variant is heard more in Britain than in America. [Slang; c. 1900] For a synonym, see buzz off.

What does Buss off mean?

0. Verb. To leave quickly or hurriedly. Close.

What does I’ll give you a buzz mean?

informal. to phone someone: I’ll give you a buzz next week.

Have you heard the buzz meaning?

Anything that creates excitement or stimulus. 2. The feeling experienced by someone in a stimulated state. 3. Gossip.

What is buzz in a sentence?

My mind is buzzing with ideas. The nurse buzzed the doctor who was on duty. She buzzed her secretary to say she was going out for lunch. Ring the bell when you arrive and someone will buzz you into the building.

What is the synonym of buzz?

hum, humming, buzzing, murmur, drone, whir, whirring, fizz, fizzing, fuzz, hiss, singing, whisper. British informal zizz.

What does all the buzz mean?

2 a low sound, as of many voices in conversation. 3 a rumour; report; gossip. 4 Informal a telephone call.

What is the English word of Kendra?

/kendra/ mn. centre countable noun. The centre of something is the middle of it.

What is the meaning for Cambridge?

Definitions of Cambridge. a city in eastern England on the River Cam; site of Cambridge University. example of: city, metropolis, urban center. a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts. a university in England.

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What is buzz session?

WHAT IS A BUZZ SESSION? A very short discussion on a narrow topic that involves simultaneous small group work (usually in pairs) and stimulates contribution from each member of the participant group.

What is the meaning of the word whir?

: a continuous fluttering or vibratory sound made by something in rapid motion the whir of machinery.

How do you make a buzz?

These steps can help you build the buzz.

  1. Go above and beyond. According to a recent Nielsen study, 84 percent of consumers take action based on personal recommendations. …
  2. Encourage reviews. …
  3. Think out of the box. …
  4. Be an in-person presence. …
  5. Engage online. …
  6. Keep the buzz alive.

What is social buzz?

Social Buzz Club is a robust site and innovative social marketing tool which provides members sharing tools and buttons all in one place. When members share content they typically have the opportunity to earn valuable points. This gamification encourages collaboration and reciprocal sharing.

What does Buzz mean in business?

Marketing buzz or simply buzza term used in viral marketingis the interaction of consumers and users of a product or service which amplifies or alters the original marketing message. This emotion, energy, excitement, or anticipation about a product or service can be positive or negative.

What does hit me up mean in slang?

Hmu Hmu is an abbreviation for the phrase hit me up. It’s a request for social invitation, often posted online to announce that you’re looking for something to do and to encourage others to reach out to you.

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Can I bug you meaning?

bug someone to irritate someone; to bother someone.