What does caboodle mean?

: all the things of a group : collection sense 2, lot sense 5 decided to sell the whole caboodle [=everything] Most pension checks go out monthly.

What is a caboodle used for?

Your eccentric aunt might send you her doll collection, enclosing a note that says, I gave you the whole caboodle! Caboodle is an informal way to talk about an entire bunch of some item or category, frequently within the phrase the whole kit and caboodle, which has the same meaning.

What year were Caboodles popular?

Caboodles were popular beauty organization cases from the ’80s and ’90s. As soon as Caboodles hit the scene, women and girls became obsessed. For a generation of women, the Caboodle was the must-have organizer to tote and store makeup.

What goes in a caboodle?

But just for this moment, let’s go back to the good old days, when all a gal needed in her Caboodle were these 14 things.

  • Body Glitter. …
  • Your Impressive Collection of Lip Smackers. …
  • Really, Just Bonne Bell Everything. …
  • A Dirty Scrunchie Or Two. …
  • Brown Lipstick. …
  • Bright Blue Eyeshadow. …
  • An Array Of Butterfly Clips. …
  • Frosted Lipstick.

What is caboodle datawarehouse?

Caboodle comprises the data warehouse and analytics tools for storing and retrieving large swaths of clinical data useful in reporting for care decision-making, cost management, and predictive analytics. Additionally, Caboodle data warehouses can integrate data from non-Epic systems.

When did Caboodles start?

1987 6. THEY HIT THE MARKET WITH THE TAGLINE THE WHOLE KIT ‘N’ CABOODLE GOES INTO A CABOODLE! The first boxes, called on-the-go organizers, hit the market in 1987.

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What is caboodle epic?

Caboodle (Epic) Caboodle is Epic’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW), an abstracted database supporting the clinical information system (CIS). … It enables surveillance, data mining, and population-level decision and policy support.

Do people still use Caboodles?

I don’t care what anyone says: Caboodles are 100 percent acceptable for adults. Whether you’re hanging on to your original or you went out and bought a new one, there are still plenty of ways to use your Caboodle as an adult. … If you think about it, Caboodles aren’t just for make-up.

What is a caboodle makeup case?

Caboodles Nail Polisher Organizer This version of the Caboodle is designed not only to organize your makeup but your polish, too. This case can hold up to 28 bottles and is adjustable to serve as a makeup case, as well as allows for variations in the heights of your nail polish bottles.

Are Caboodles back?

There are few things more ’90s than those plastic makeup cases with extendable compartments and built-in mirrors and now they’re back, in all their tri-toned, pastel glory. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Caboodles designed a special line of its vintage cosmetics cases that are available at Urban Outfitters.

Who invented Caboodles?

When Leonie Mateer wanted to create a cosmetics box called Caboodles, she searched for a book that could give her a simple, step-by-step guide on how to take a product idea to market. I wanted a book written by someone who had actually done it, said Mateer, 62, of Ventura.

Where did the term the whole kit and caboodle come from?

It commonly turns up in the whole caboodle, meaning the whole lot. It’s recorded in the US from the middle of the nineteenth century. It’s probable that the word was originally boodle, with the phrase being the whole kit and boodle, but that the initial sound k was added to boodle for euphony.

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What is a kit and caboodle?

kit and caboodle in American English kit and boodle. informal (often prec. by whole) the whole lot of persons or things; all of something.

What are two synonyms for caboodle?

synonyms for caboodle

  • assemblage.
  • assortment.
  • band.
  • batch.
  • bevy.
  • bundle.
  • chunk.
  • cluster.

What is epic kit?

For more intensive data needs, users with Epic’s Caboodle enterprise data warehouse can now use Kit, a companion tool, to authorize access to approved entities for research, population health management, or clinical decision making. … All the data is there.

What is Epic’s healthy planet?

Healthy Planet, Epic’s integrated population health platform, coordinates care across a community of providers and helps you improve quality and patient outcomes and decrease costs with care management tools and advanced analytics.

Does Epic use SQL?

Because of the data return restriction put upon Epic Reporting Workbench and the need for longer reports, Epic uses a Clarity database. This database is a relational database and can either be an Oracle or Microsoft SQL database. … This is accomplished using a tool called SQL.

Where are Caboodles manufactured?

Plano Caboodles is a business segment of the Plano Molding Company, based in Plano, Ill., about an hour’s drive west of Chicago. Plano Molding Company said it introduced the first molded plastic tackle box in 1952.

What is the difference between clarity and caboodle?

Clarity contains the data recorded in your EMR, extracted and transformed from a hierarchical representation to a relational data model. … Caboodle has a curated data model, designed to surface data elements most commonly needed for reporting.

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What is App orchard?

The App Orchard is where developers can learn about Epic’s APIs and list their apps for Epic community members to explore and access.

What is Cadence in epic?

Epic Cadence Cadence is the Epic scheduling module for Outpatient and Specialty clinics. Any time you have an appointment with your doctor, their scheduling staff will use Cadence to book your appointment, then check you in on arrival.

What is a makeup train case?

The makeup train case was a type of trunk commonly used for makeup while traveling by train. It is usually square or rectangular in shape, with partitions and compartments inside to organize your toiletries and cosmetics.