What does cloth eared mean?

used to describe someone who has not heard or understood what is being said to them. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Not paying attention.

What does tin eared mean?

: a lack of ability to hear something (such as music or speech) in an accurate and sensitive way.

Where does the phrase cloth ears come from?

The term ‘cloth ears’ originated in the weaving mills of northern England in the early part of the 20th century. When the spinning and weaving of wool and cotton became industrialised during the Industrial Revolution the trade was centred on the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Where did the word Bint come from?

Etymology. Borrowed from Arabic (bint, girl, daughter), from Proto-Semitic *bint-, used to denote a patronym. The term entered the British lexicon during the occupation of Egypt at the end of the 19th century, where it was adopted by British soldiers to mean girlfriend or bit on the side.

Is prig a bad word?

If you call someone a prig, you disapprove of them because they behave in a very moral way and disapprove of other people’s behavior as though they are superior.

What does shebang mean in English?

the whole shebang : everything involved in what is under consideration usually used in the phrase the whole shebang.

What does putting a foot wrong mean?

: to make a mistake He never put a foot wrong during the campaign.

How rude is bint?

It really isn’t taboo; children say it, adults say it around children, it’s not frowned upon as a ‘bad word’. The only reason I never say it is that it feels very derogatory towards women. It’s generally used in a critical way, and often in a phrase like stupid bint.

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What does silly bint mean?

1. an offensive word for a girl or woman, used mostly in British English. Tell that stupid bint not to put her nose into other people’s business.

What is a dozy bint?

‘Dozy’ is fairly innocuous suggesting not fully aware. Often it’s used against oneself as in: I know I’m being dozy but I don’t really understand. ‘ Bint’ to my knowledge is usually used to describe a woman and is quite disparaging and dismissive. Alan. Yet in Arabic, bint () simply means girl or daughter.

Is being obsequious a good thing?

overly obedient or attentive. Being obsequious is also not a good sign.

What do you call a self-righteous person?

synonyms: self-righteous, holier-than-thou, pious, pietistic, churchy, moralizing, preachy, smug, superior, priggish, hypocritical, insincere; informal goody-goody; no one wants to hear your sanctimonious hot air

What does Prigged mean?

(pr ) British slang, archaic. verbWord forms: prigs, prigging or prigged. another word for steal. noun. another word for thief.

What is the etymology of skedaddle?

It is more probable that skedaddle is rooted in the Irish word sgedadol, meaning scattered, or the Scots word skiddle, meaning to spill or scatter. Given the Scots-Irish heritage of many of the states central to the Civil War, these both seem like reasonable bets to me.

What does the phrase Kit and Kaboodle mean?

kit and caboodle in American English kit and boodle. informal (often prec. by whole) the whole lot of persons or things; all of something. We took along the whole kit and caboodle in the station wagon.

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What is the first line in Python script?

#!/usr/bin/env python The first line in this file is the shebang line. When you execute a file from the shell, the shell tries to run the file using the command specified on the shebang line. The ! is called the bang. The # is not called the she, so sometimes the shebang line is also called the hashbang.

Do something to your heart’s content meaning?

Definition of to one’s heart’s content : until one feels satisfied : as long or as much as one wants They let him eat and drink to his heart’s content.

What does stepped wrong mean?

1 : a mistake in judgment or action : blunder. 2 : a wrong step.