(kon-KAH-mih-tunt) Occurring or existing at the same time as something else. In medicine, it may refer to a condition a person has or a medication a person is taking that is not being studied in the clinical trial he or she is taking part in.

What is concomitant example?

The definition of concomitant is something that goes naturally together or is associated with something else. An example of concomitant is a large salary with a good job.

What does Concommitment mean?

: happening at the same time as something else. concomitant. noun. English Language Learners Definition of concomitant (Entry 2 of 2) : something that happens at the same time as something else : a condition that is associated with some other condition.

How do you use the word concomitant?

Concomitant in a Sentence

  1. Because the contractor and decorator agreed to concomitant work schedules in the final stages of construction, the house was ready to show well ahead of time.
  2. The concomitant sensations I received from the mixture of warm blackberry pie and melting vanilla ice cream took me to dessert heaven.

What is concomitant use of a drug?

Concomitant drugs are two or more drugs used or given at or almost at the same time (one after the other, on the same day, etc.). The term has two contextual uses: as used in medicine or as used in drug abuse.

What is concurrent medication?

A treatment that is given at the same time as another.

How do you use conflagration in a sentence?

1 : fire especially : a large disastrous fire The conflagration destroyed the warehouses. 2 : conflict, war The conflagration between the two countries lasted for ten years.

What does corn Comitant mean?

adjective. existing or occurring with something else, as a related feature or circumstance; accompanying: The Dutch economy was already burdened by the high national debt and concomitant high taxation.

How do you remember the word concomitant?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for concomitant concomitant = con ( connection) + commit; when the girl or boy is commit means that he or she is with someone.

What is Comitant?

Defining comitant strabismus If the angle of ocular misalignment is equal in all fields of gaze, remains the same regardless of which eye is used for fixation, and if the eye movements are all full, the strabismus is described as comitant.

What is the meaning of Aggrandisement?

noun. an act or instance of aggrandizing, or increasing in size, or intensity: aggrandizement of mercantile trade in the early colonies. the act of making something appear greater than is actually warranted by the facts: Some saw it as ego aggrandizement.

What does Exigous mean?

exiguous in American English (izjus, iks-) adjective. scanty; meager; small; slender.

What is a better word for Which?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for which, like: that, and which, and-that, what, whichever, who, whatever, thus, therefore, for-which and so-that. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

How do you use concurrent in a sentence?

Examples of ‘concurrent’ in a sentenceconcurrent

  1. His new concurrent sentence means three more years behind bars. …
  2. He was given two concurrent jail sentences of three years. …
  3. Both sentences will run concurrent with their existing jail terms. …
  4. The idea and the ideal was the concurrent majority .

How do you use Blandishment in a sentence?

Blandishment in a Sentence

  1. Even though the salesman produced every blandishment he could think of from his bag of tricks, his prospect wouldn’t be budged by his flattery.
  2. As Derek waited for Missy to come to the phone, he tried to think of a suitable blandishment to provide before he asked her to go out with him.

What are concomitant clinical trial drugs?

fit this definition of a clinical trial. Concomitant Medication Prescription and over-the-counter drugs and supplements a study participant has taken along with the study intervention. This information may be collected as a history item as well as during the study.

What is concomitant drug in pharmacovigilance?

Concomitant medications (a.k.a., con-meds) are other prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs or dietary supplements that a study participant takes in addition to the drug under investigation. Con-meds may be used by study subjects for the same indication as the study or for other indications.

What is triage in pharmacovigilance?

Triage refers to the process of placing a potential adverse event report into one of three categories: 1) non-serious case; 2) serious case; or 3) no case (minimum criteria for an AE case are not fulfilled).

What does the word concurrent most likely mean?

1 : operating or occurring at the same time. 2a : running parallel. b : convergent specifically : meeting or intersecting in a point.

What does the word firestorm mean?

1 : a very intense and destructive fire usually accompanied by high winds The Rooses’ house and gardens were obliterated in the 1991 Oakland firestorm.

What does urban conflagration mean?

destructive fire Urban conflagration is defined as a large disastrous and destructive fire that spreads beyond natural or artificial barriers. … The fire protection systems within a structure are not designed to control fires starting on the exterior.

How do you use farce in a sentence?

Farce sentence example

  1. Why did he continue the farce when he must realize she had him pegged? …
  2. This travesty was built upon a farce . …
  3. Mr Bradley said, It was a complete and utter farce . …
  4. I’m ready to forgive you, but we’re never going to put this in the past if you keep up this farce .

What is the synonym of guileless?

guileless. heart-to-heart. ingenuous. lay it on the line. like it is.

Is being obsequious a good thing?

overly obedient or attentive. Being obsequious is also not a good sign.

What is the synonym of concomitant?

1’the rise of urbanism brought a concomitant risk of crime’ attendant, accompanying, associated, collateral, related, connected, linked. accessory, auxiliary. resultant, resulting, consequent.

Are concomitant and concurrent the same?

As adjectives the difference between concurrent and concomitant. is that concurrent is happening at the same time; simultaneous while concomitant is accompanying; conjoined; attending; concurrent.

What is the meaning of concomitant effect?

So something that is concomitant is like the companion of the main event. If you start training really hard at the gym, the main effect is that you become stronger, but there are concomitant effects, like better circulation, or a rosy glow, or getting happy from all those endorphins you’re releasing.

What is a concomitant symptom?

Concomitant means occurring during the same time period. It usually refers to secondary symptoms that occur with a main symptom.