(knskjun ) noun. a sequence or succession of events or things. a logical sequence of deductions; inference.

Is constituted of meaning?

: to make up or form something. : to be the same as something : to be equivalent to something. : to establish or create (an organization, a government, etc.)

Is Consection a word?

a series of things that follow in sequence; a train of reasoning. Examples: consection of action, 1863; of experiments, 1651; of glory, 1601; of mental phenomena, 1836; of tenses [grammar], 1871. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms.

Is Summerful a word?

Enough to fill a summer.

What did essek do?

The Mighty Nein soon confronted Essek, and he confessed that he stole the Luxon beacons from the Dynasty and for research purposes gave the beacons to certain members of the Cerberus Assembly (Ludinus Da’leth and Trent Ikithon, with Vess DeRogna commanding the research), setting off the war.

How do you use consecutive in a sentence?

in a consecutive manner.

  1. They won 1? …
  2. It had rained for four consecutive days.
  3. He was reelected for four consecutive terms.
  4. This is the fifth consecutive weekend that I’ve spent working, and I’m a bit fed up with it.
  5. The numbers 7, 8, 9 are consecutive.
  6. She was absent for nine consecutive days.

How do you use constituted in a sentence?

1) A committee was constituted to investigate into. 2) A committee was constituted to investigate into that. 3) Selling goods constituted a breach of regulation 10B. 4) They felt that our discussions with other companies constituted a breach of/in our agreement.

How do you use the word constitute?

constitute to be the parts or people that form something:People under the age of 40 constitute the majority of the work force. be composed of somebody/something (somewhat formal) to be formed from the things or people mentioned:Around 15% of our diet is composed of protein.

How do you read constituted?

What is mediocrity person?

: the quality of something that is not very good : the quality or state of being mediocre. : a person who does not have the special ability to do something well.

Is Contrude a word?

– To push, thrust, or crowd together. See also related terms for thrust.

What is the meaning of Preventure?

: the act or practice of stopping something bad from happening : the act of preventing something.

What happened between essek and Caleb?

He offered to assist Caleb if he wished to use the T-Dock, but Caleb destroyed the dock instead, to Essek’s approval. After some time and further recovery, the two began a romantic relationship; eventually, they split up, due to the difference in human and elven aging, but remained close friends.

Is essek Demisexual?

Essek Thelyss. Essek is attracted to men and is also demiromantic and/or demisexual. He was confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with Caleb.

What kind of wizard is Caleb?

As a transmutation wizard, Caleb specializes in creating extraordinary things out of the otherwise mundane.

What do u mean by consecutively?

: in a consecutive manner : with each following the other without interruption : with consecutive numbers or in consecutive occurrences The prints are signed by the artist and numbered consecutively.

What are the consecutive days?

More Definitions of Consecutive days Consecutive days means days following one after the other without an interruption based on discharge. … Means days occurring one after the other with no intervening days and does not mean sequential days or cyclical days.

What is the example of consecutive?

Consecutive comes from the Latin consecutus, meaning following closely with no gap. Just like those snowstorms one storm happened each day, back to back, for five days in a row. Consecutive numbers also follow each other, or advance in the right order. For example, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are consecutive numbers.

Has been constituted meaning?

to form a company, group, meeting, etc. in a way that is correct and legal: … Power is conferred on the board by a majority vote at a properly constituted annual general meeting.

What constitutes a good definition?

morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree: a good teacher; good health. of high quality; excellent.

What constitutes a word?

In linguistics, a word of a spoken language can be defined as the smallest sequence of phonemes that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meaning. … This is the case for the English language, and for most languages that are written with alphabets derived from the ancient Latin or Greek alphabets.

What is an example of Constitute?

The definition of constitute means to set up or to have the pieces of something. An example of constitute is for a one room schoolhouse to be made up of students of all different ages.

How do you use facilitate in a sentence?

Facilitate sentence example

  1. This will facilitate learning. …
  2. The facts will help facilitate group discussion. …
  3. It will help facilitate the sharing of information.

What does to establish mean?

1 : to bring into being : found They established a colony. 2 : to put beyond doubt : prove She established her innocence. establish. transitive verb. establish.

How do you speak solemnly?

What does legally constituted mean?

1 established by or founded upon law; lawful. 2 of or relating to law. 3 recognized, enforceable, or having a remedy at law rather than in equity.

How do you speak constituents?