1 : the quality or state of being contrary. 2 : something contrary. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About contrariety.

How do you use Contrariety in a sentence?

The contrariety and profundity in the narration of the sick child are worth paying close attention to. 4. She did it very scientifically, as knowing the contrariety of coal and the anxiety of flaming sticks to end in smoke unless rigidly kept up to the mark.

What does contrarily mean?

adverb. (kntrrl) in a perverse or obstinate manner. (kntrrl) on the other hand; from the opposite point of view. (kntrrl) in an opposite, adverse, or unexpected way.

What is contritely mean?

: feeling or showing sorrow and remorse for a sin or shortcoming a contrite criminal a contrite apology contrite sighs.

What is Contrariety philosophy?

The most common definition of contrariety is as follows: two proposi- tions are contraries if they cannot both be true. For comparison, the. definition of contradiction states that two propositions are contradictories. if they can neither both be true nor both be false, and that of sub-

What is a discordance?

1 : lack of agreement or harmony : the state or an instance of being discordant. 2 music : dissonance.

What is the difference between Contrariety and contradiction?

As nouns the difference between contrariety and contradiction. is that contrariety is opposition or contrariness; cross-purposes, marked contrast while contradiction is (uncountable) the act of contradicting.

What does Subcontrariety mean?

: the relation existing between subcontrary propositions in logic : the relation of two propositions with identical terms which is such that both may be true but both cannot be false see opposition sense 2a(2)

What does social propriety mean?

uncountable noun. Propriety is the quality of being socially or morally acceptable. [formal] Their sense of social propriety is eroded. Synonyms: decorum, manners, courtesy, protocol More Synonyms of propriety.

What does contrastingly mean?

1. To show differences when compared: siblings who contrast sharply in interests and abilities; a color that contrasted clearly with the dark background. 2.

Is the contrary?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : a fact or condition incompatible with another : opposite usually used with the. 2 : one of a pair of opposites. 3a : a proposition (see proposition entry 1 sense 2a) so related to another that though both may be false they cannot both be true compare subcontrary.

Is contrarily a real word?

contrarily adverb (NOT REASONABLE)

What does ebullience mean in the dictionary?

ebullient. / (bljnt, bl-) / adjective. overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement; exuberant. boiling.

How do you spell contritely?

contrite. adj. 1. Feeling regret and sorrow for one’s sins or offenses; penitent.

How do you use contritely in a sentence?

Meaning of contritely in English I’m sorry, Mark said contritely. He contritely admitted his guilt. I’m afraid I was a little bit bossy in those days, she admitted contritely. She smiled sweetly at Sean, then said contritely, I’m so very sorry for anything I’ve said that has annoyed you.

Are Subcontraries valid?

SUBCONTRARIES [I & O], they can never be FALSE at the same time, but they can either be true at the same time or have opposite values: (a) when one is FALSE, we validly deduce the other is TRUE; (b) when one is TRUE, we cannot validly deduce truth value.

What is Contrariety logic?

Contrariety: The statements cannot both be true, but can both be false. Contradiction: The statements cannot both be true, and cannot both be false. Subcontrariety: The statements can both be true, but cannot both be false.

Can contraries both be false?

Contraries may both be false but cannot both be true. Contradictories are such that one of them is true if and only if the other is false.

What is the synonym of discordance?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for discordance, like: conflict, dissentience, dissidence, dissonance, faction, friction, inharmony, schism, strife, variance and war. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

What does discordant mean in medicine?

Discordant: 1. Showing discordance, lack of agreement. A couple may be discordant for a sexually transmitted infection, with one partner having it and the other not. 2. In transplantation genetics, between different species.

What is EFW discordance?

Twin growth discordance is a term used in obstetric imaging to describe a significant size or weight difference between the two fetuses of a twin pregnancy. To be classified as a growth discordance, some consider that the estimated fetal weight (EFW) of the smaller twin should fall under the 10th centile.

Is contradiction a negation?

Contradictory Negation in Term and Propositional Logic. Not every natural language negation is a contradictory operator, or even a logical operator. … Within propositional logic, contradictory negation is a self-annihilating operator: () is equivalent to .

What are some examples of contraries?

In the traditional square of opposition, an A proposition and its corresponding E are contraries. Thus, for example: All cars are green and No cars are green are contraries.

Does an O proposition have a contrary?

Firstly, A and O propositions are contradictory, as are E and I propositions. … Similarly, if no mammals are aquatic (E) is false, then the proposition some mammals are aquatic must be true. Secondly, A and E propositions are contrary. Propositions are contrary when they cannot both be true.

What does lack of propriety mean?

Adjective. Not suitable or appropriate in the circumstances.

How can you show propriety?

Propriety is following what is socially acceptable in speech and behavior. Your little brother might offend your sense of propriety by burping loudly at the dinner table.

What is a synonym for proprietary?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for proprietary. exclusive, single, sole, unshared.