What does Dodeca mean in numbers?

n combining form. indicating twelve: dodecagon; dodecahedron; dodecaphonic. [from Greek ddeka twelve]

What is Dodeca software?

Dodeca reduces the risk of human error associated with spreadsheets in a number of ways. … It is a complete enterprise system that uses a secure, centralized database to manage spreadsheet templates accessed by end users. Access to the spreadsheet templates is controlled, so changes can only be made by authorized users.

Where does Dodeca come from?

before vowels dodec-, word-forming element used in technical compounds of Greek origin, signifying twelve, from Latinized form of Greek ddeka twelve (short for duodeka), from duo two (from PIE root *dwo- two) + deka ten (from PIE root *dekm- ten).

What is dodeca add in for Essbase?

The Dodeca Add-In provides powerful Essbase-centric ad hoc capabilities. By leveraging the state of the art technology developed for our flagship product, the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System, Applied OLAP continues to evolve the next generation of the classic Essbase add-in.

What does icosa mean?

New Word Suggestion. a twenty line poem, (plural icosas or icosi). The word is Greek and connected with geometry; an example sentence might be, ‘her poetry anthology included four sonnets and six icosas. The word icosa is a noun and there is no other existing word for twenty line poem.

What does the stem Hedron mean?

face a combining form meaning face, used in the names of geometrical solid figures having the form or number of faces specified by the initial element: tetrahedron.

What is dodeca used for?

a combining form meaning twelve, used in the formation of compound words: dodecasyllabic.

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Who owns Essbase?

Oracle Corporation Essbase began as a product of Arbor Software, which merged with Hyperion Software in 1998. Oracle Corporation acquired Hyperion Solutions Corporation in 2007, as of 2009 Oracle marketed Essbase as Oracle Essbase (an on-premises product) and more recently, Essbase is offered as part of the Oracle Analytics Cloud.

What is Essbase Oracle?

Oracle Essbase is a business analytics solution that uses a proven, flexible, best-in-class architecture for analysis, reporting, and collaboration.

What is the prefix for 11?

undec- Table of number prefixes in English

Number Latin prefixes Greek prefixes
Cardinal Cardinal
10 decem-, dec- deca-
11 undec- hendeca-
12 duodec-

What comes after dodeca?

IUPAC numerical multiplier

Number Multiplier
11 undeca-
12 dodeca-
13 trideca-
14 tetradeca-

Is a dodecahedron a shape?

A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional figure having twelve faces that are pentagonal in shape. All the faces are flat 2-D shapes. There are five platonic solids and dodecahedron is one of them.

How do I add Essbase ribbon in Excel?

Click the Excel Options button in the lower left hand corner. Click the Add-Ins menu on the left side of the window. Change the Manage Drop Down to Excel Add-Ins, and click the Go button. When the Add-Ins window opens, click the Browse button, navigate to the location where In2Hyp Essbase Ribbon.

What does Hedral mean in English?

-hedral in American English (hidrl ) having (a specified number of) surfaces. hexahedral.

What does the icosa prefix mean?

Wiktionary. icosa-prefix. twenty. Etymology: From .

What OCTA means?

a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek and Latin, where it meant eight (octagon; octastyle), on this model, used in the formation of compound words, and in chemical terms specialized to mean having eight atoms (octavalent).

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What tetra means?

combining form. variants: or tetr- Definition of tetra- (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : four : having four : having four parts tetravalent. 2 : containing four atoms or groups (of a specified kind) tetrachloride.

What does Gon mean in text?

GON means Go On, Gonna, and Gone.

Is Polaris a Hedron?

Though they shared resonance, Hedron and Polaris appear to have been separate entities. It is unknown where Polaris herself came from, or whether she originated from Hedron or merely used it as a host for her resonance.

What shape is a D20?

ICOSAHEDRON ICOSAHEDRON. The signature die of Dungeons & Dragons, and taller than its siblings, the D20 rolls further because it is the most spherical. The faces are equilateral triangles.

Is Essbase part of Oracle?

Essbase Cloud Service (EssCS) is now available as part of the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), a suite of analytics software solutions which also includes Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), and Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS).

What is cube in Hyperion Essbase?

Essbase Databases are often called Cubes and are defined by dimensions, which themselves are hierarchical groups of members Data is organized into cross sectional groups that can be accessed by users depending on what sections of the hierarchal dimensions they wish to see.

What is Oracle EPM?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps you model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, streamline the financial close process, and drive better decisions.

What is the difference between Hyperion and Essbase?

Hyperion Essbase is more flexible than Hyperion Planning as it is a standalone OLAP engine and can be used for more than just planning purposes. While Essbase excels at financial calculations and analysis, it can benefit any business department that uses numeric data.

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Is Essbase a SQL database?

Essbase SQL Interface works with Administration Services to retrieve data, as follows: 1. Using Administration Services you write a SELECT statement in SQL . 2. Essbase SQL Interface passes it to the SQL or relational database server.

Is Essbase a data warehouse?

Oracle Essbase at its core is a data storage tool, which does a particularly good job organizing data for financial reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis at multiple levels of detail. Oracle Essbase stores and structures the data in a meaningful way to be accessed via several Oracle solutions.