What does Handhog mean?

1a : any of a subfamily (Erinaceinae) of Eurasian and African nocturnal insectivores that have both hair and spines which they present outwardly by rolling themselves up when threatened. b : any of several spiny mammals (such as a porcupine) 2a : a military defensive obstacle (as of barbed wire) What does it mean if someone is stately?
1a : marked by lofty or imposing dignity. b : haughty, unapproachable. 2 : impressive in size or proportions.

What is the meaning of Youngerly?

Somewhat young; younger. What is giraffe spelling in English?
noun. gi·​raffe | jə-ˈraf plural giraffes.

Is a porcupine a hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are small mammals with cone-shaped faces, short legs and bodies that are covered with porcupine-like quills. Despite their similar appearances, porcupines and hedgehogs are not closely related. Unlike porcupines, hedgehog quills are not easily detached from their bodies, according to Animal Planet. What is a stately building?

n (Brit) a large mansion, esp. one open to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a stately woman?

Something or someone that is stately is impressive and graceful or dignified.

Can people stately?

Someone with great posture and an impressive physique is stately, almost as if they were made by a sculptor.

What is malarkey slang for?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, malarkey is meaningless talk; nonsense, it came into use in the 1920s and its specific origin is unknown. There is an Irish name — Mullarkey.

What is a Mullarkey?

Mullarkey is a surname, the Anglicised form of the Gaelic Ó Maoilearca, meaning ‘descendant of the devotee of Saint Earc’.

What does malarkey mean in Italian?

Is Youngerly a word?

No, youngerly is not in the scrabble dictionary.

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Is younger a real word?

comparative of young. (usually initial capital letter) (used to designate the junior of two related persons bearing the same name): Charles the Younger ruled after his father abdicated.

What part of speech is sister?

part of speech: noun. definition 1: a female having the same parents as another person.

What is sound of giraffe?

They don’t oink, moo or roar. But new research suggests perhaps giraffes do have a distinct sound: They hum. It was previously believed that giraffes may make sounds that are impossible for humans to hear, similar to elephants, but the new research suggests otherwise.

What do you call a giraffe baby?

calf A baby giraffe is called a calf.

Is it pronounced zeebra or zebra?

The pronunciation of zebra in English varies between British English and American English. In the UK zebra is pronounced as zeh-bruh, with a short e, so without the ee sound. In the US, zebra is pronounced as zee-bruh, so with a long e.

Can porcupines roll into a ball?

Both animals roll into a ball when they feel threatened, with their spines standing up on end. Porcupines move these spines to produce a warning sound, and they are able to release their spines in order to stab their enemies.

Can hedgehog be a pet?

Hedgehogs live alone in the wild and are typically solitary animals. They may take a while to warm up to you when you first bring them home. Patience and time will help them trust you. Hedgehogs can be a fun and low-maintenance pet for your household, but they do need some special care.

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Can hedgehogs swim?

While they are good swimmers, hedgehogs need an accessible ledge to get in and out of the water, making creeks and rivers great places for a hedgehog pool party, but man-made swimming pools or ponds may have ledges that are too hard for hedgehogs to climb – keep an eye for any hedgehogs in trouble if you have a pool …

Can you build a stately home?

Many large, older houses are listed buildings – making it difficult to adapt them plus running costs are often very high. ‘With modern stately homes you have the ability to build a property which is state of the art, cheap to run and environmentally friendly.

What rooms are in stately homes?

Indoor entertainment required large reception rooms, ball rooms, dining rooms and many bedrooms for guest to stay for weekends or longer. All stately homes would have a selection of reception rooms however there would usually be one main Grand Hall.

Why is it called a stately home?

Most often named for the families that occupied them, these stately homes stood as imposing physical status symbols for the upper-class families of Great Britain, and were also the meeting places for the ruling class when matters of state were at hand.

What is a Pallas?

Definitions of Pallas. (Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare; guardian of Athens; identified with Roman Minerva. synonyms: Athena, Athene, Pallas Athena, Pallas Athene. example of: Greek deity. a deity worshipped by the ancient Greeks.

What means Galliard?

(Entry 1 of 2) archaic. : gay, lively.

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What do you think vittles are?

: supplies of food : victuals —now chiefly used playfully to evoke the supposed language of cowboys The vendors sold souvenirs and knickknacks and all manner of local vittles.— Frank Deford…

What does stately old men mean?

Something or someone that is stately is impressive and graceful or dignified.

What is a stately man?

a stately person has an impressive appearance and moves in a slow steady manner. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe an attractive person. attractive. charming.

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