What does have a condition mean?

In a business-like context, I have a condition means they have some requirement that needs to be met or agreed to before they’ll sign a contact or something.

What is an example of a condition?

The definition of condition is the state something or someone is in or can also refer to a specific illness. An example of condition is a brand new sofa with no defects. An example of a condition is a harsh work environment. An example of a condition is a cold or the flu.

What is condition mean in English?

conditions [ plural ] B1. the physical situation that someone or something is in and affected by: weather conditions. Working conditions here are primitive.

What is the antonyms of condition?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms condition. Antonyms: relation, dependence, situation, circumstance, concession, fulfillment, adaptation. Synonyms: state, case, mood, term, mode, qualification, requisite, stipulation, predicament, proviso, situation, circumstances, plight.

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What is meant by human condition?

The human condition is all of the characteristics and key events that compose the essentials of human existence, including birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.

How do you use the word condition?

Condition sentence example

  1. You’re in no condition to run around town. …
  2. Do you know the condition I am in? …
  3. Nicholas Rostov experienced this blissful condition to the full when, after 1807, he continued to serve in the Pavlograd regiment, in which he already commanded the squadron he had taken over from Denisov.

What are the types of conditions?

The types of conditions in a contract can vary, but common ones are conditions precedent, conditions concurrent and conditions concurrent.

  • What Is a Condition in a Contract?
  • Condition Precedent.
  • Condition Concurrent.
  • Condition Subsequent.
  • Why Add Conditions to Your Contract?
  • What Is a Breach of Contract?

How do you use condition in a sentence?

  1. Changes in the patient’s condition may make surgery inadvisable.
  2. The car is in very good condition.
  3. This condition requires urgent treatment.
  4. If left untreated the condition may become chronic.
  5. The patient’s condition is stable .
  6. There’s no appreciable change in the patient’s condition.

What are the kinds of condition?

There are three different forms of conditions. These are: Conditions precedent. Conditions concurrent, and.

What is condition Short answer?

noun. a particular mode of being of a person or thing; existing state; situation with respect to circumstances. state of health: He was reported to be in critical condition. fit or requisite state: to be out of condition; to be in no condition to run.

When you talk about conditions What do you mean?

If you talk about the condition of a person or thing, you are talking about the state that they are in, especially how good or bad their physical state is.

What is the base word of condition?

The Latin root of conditions is condicio, agreement, from condicere, speak with or agree upon, a compound of con-, together, and dicere, say or speak.

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What is another word for terms and conditions?

What is another word for terms and conditions?

reservation condition
term demand
constraint agreement
precondition requisite
rule limit

What is the synonym of circumstance?

Some common synonyms of circumstance are episode, event, incident, and occurrence. While all these words mean something that happens or takes place, circumstance implies a specific detail attending an action or event as part of its setting or background.

What are synonyms for illness?

Synonyms. sickness. a sickness that affects children. ill health. malaise.

What are examples of the human condition?

64 Examples of the Human Condition

  • Physical. The experience of the body and ability to move through 3-dimensional space.
  • Time. Movement through time from past to present with no ability to jump forwards or go backwards in time.
  • Need & Desire. …
  • Pain. …
  • Sickness. …
  • Mental Illness. …
  • Mental Health. …
  • Health.

Is there such a thing as human nature?

Human nature is a concept that denotes the fundamental dispositions and characteristicsincluding ways of thinking, feeling, and actingthat humans are said to have naturally. … Human nature is traditionally contrasted with human attributes that vary among societies, such as those associated with specific cultures.

What is the human condition in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, humans are just one type of sentient being, that is a being with a mindstream. In Sanskrit Manushya means an Animal with a mind. … A bodhisattva can appear in many different types of lives, for instance as an animal or as a deva. Buddhas, however, are always human.

How do you use impressed in a sentence?

Impressed sentence example

  1. I was impressed and told him so. …
  2. I am impressed you learned it. …
  3. Maybe he was impressed with how quickly Jonathan improved. …
  4. Her happiness impressed all; nobody seemed to pity her.

What does the word conditions most nearly mean?

condition. / (kndn) / noun. a particular state of being or existence; situation with respect to circumstancesthe human condition.

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What are the 3 types of conditional?


Conditional sentence type Usage If clause verb tense
Zero General truths Simple present
Type 1 A possible condition and its probable result Simple present
Type 2 A hypothetical condition and its probable result Simple past
Type 3 An unreal past condition and its probable result in the past Past perfect

What is a concurrent condition?

Mutually dependent conditions in a contract that must be performed simultaneously in order for the specific contract to be considered legally enforceable. business law.

What are express condition?

Express Conditions An express condition is any stipulation, essential to the main function of the contract, which is put in the contract at the will of the two parties.

How do you use conducive?

Conducive Sentence Examples

  1. Darkness is conducive to sleep.
  2. This isn’t especially conducive to solving your problems.
  3. The goal is to establish venues conducive to a wide range of artistic endeavors.
  4. These are conducive conditions for creative decision making.

What is conditional sentence example?

A conditional sentence tells what would or might happen under certain conditions. It most often contains an adverb clause beginning with ‘if’ and an independent clause. … For example: If it’s cold, I’ll wear a jacket or I’ll (I will) wear a jacket if it’s cold. Either clause can go first.

What does mean congestion?

Congestion: An abnormal or excessive accumulation of a body fluid. The term is used broadly in medicine. Examples include nasal congestion (excess mucus and secretions in the air passages of the nose) seen with a common cold and congestion of blood in the lower extremities seen with some types of heart failure.

What are the possible condition?

What Is a Possible Condition? A possible condition is one which may be performed and there is nothing in the laws of nature to prevent its performance.

What is condition according to law?

Conditions. A condition is a stipulation essential to the main purpose of the contract, the breach of which gives the right to repudiate the contract and to claim damages. … In this case, the mileage was a stipulation that was essential to the main purpose of the contract and hence its breach is a breach of condition.

What is obligation with a condition?

A conditional obligation is one dependent on an uncertain event. If the obligation may not be enforced until the uncertain event occurs, the condition is suspensive. If the obligation may be immediately enforced but will come to an end when the uncertain event occurs, the condition is resolutory.