What does having a coattail mean?

phrase [usu PHR after v] If you do something on the coattails of someone else, you are able to do it because of the other person’s success, and not because of your own efforts. They accused him of riding on the coat-tails of the president.

How do you use coattail in a sentence?

Coattails sentence example He’s totally riding the proverbial coattails of an established name and probably fooling many. As far as celebrities go, Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself by riding on the coattails of other celebutants – namely Paris Hilton.

What is a coattail provision?

A coattail provision is a legal provision that allows the holders of non-voting or restricted voting shares to convert their holdings into superior voting shares in the event the firm receives a takeover offer.

What is a suit with tails called?

It is commonly referred to as just a tailcoat, but amongst tailors (both British and American) and dress historians it is traditionally called a dress coat to differentiate it from other types of tailcoats. … A dress coat is waist length in the front and sides, and has two long tails reaching to the knees in back.

What is the coattail effect How does it help hurt a political party?

The coattail effect or down-ballot effect is the tendency for a popular political party leader to attract votes for other candidates of the same party in an election.

What does pull your coat tail mean?

pull (one’s) coattails To emphasize something; to draw one’s attention to something.

What is the word laudatory mean?

: of, relating to, or expressing praise laudatory reviews.

What does it mean to ride on someone’s coattails is this literal or figurative language What does it mean?

To ride on someone’s coattails means to become successful by attaching yourself to another’s success. A person who rides someone’s coattails is usually considered unable to attain success on his own. Coattails are the lower flaps on the back of a man’s jacket.

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What is sub voting shares?

Subordinate Voting Share means a restricted share that carries a right to vote, if there are shares of another class of shares outstanding that carry a greater right to vote on a per share basis; Sample 1.

What are restricted voting shares?

Restricted Voting Shares means securities which carry a right to vote if the number or percentage of securities which may be voted by a Person or group of Persons is limited (unless the restriction limit applies only to Persons that are not Canadian citizens or residents);

What are multiple voting shares?

Securities which entitle the holder to exercise a greater number of votes per security than the holder of any other class or series of securities of the issuer. …

What is a bridegrooms jacket called?

Tuxedo: A single- or double-breasted jacket with matching trousers (usually with a side satin stripe). Tuxedos are the preferred choice for formal or semiformal evening weddings, and are now a popular choice for afternoon weddings as well. Tuxedos come in a variety of fabrics and colors.

What is a tuxedo called in England?

dinner jackets It’s actually just in the name. In the UK, we say dinner jackets; across the pond, they say tuxedos.

Why is it called a morning coat?

The name originated from the practice of gentlemen in the nineteenth century riding a horse in the morning with a cutaway front, single breasted morning coat. … In the Edwardian era it took over in popularity from the frock coat as the standard daytime form of men’s full dress.

What was the Australian secret ballot?

The secret ballot, also known as the Australian ballot or Massachusetts ballot, is a voting method in which a voter’s identity in an election or a referendum is anonymous. This forestalls attempts to influence the voter by intimidation, blackmailing, and potential vote buying.

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What is a delegate in government?

A delegate is a person selected to represent a group of people in some political assembly of the United States. … In the United States Congress delegates are elected to represent the interests of a United States territory and its citizens or nationals.

What can soft money be used for?

The unregulated soft money contributions can be used for overhead expenses of party organizations and shared expenses that benefit both federal and non-federal elections. It is spent on party building and issue advocacy, unrelated to individual candidates.

Where did ride coattails come from?

Origin of riding someone’s coattails Idiom: Riding someone’s coattails comes from the fashion of a tail on a (primarily) man’s coat. Coattails were once in vogue, and are still worn today in formal attire.

What does pulling a jacket mean?

You are pulling off the jacket. means literally -> You are successfully wearing the jacket. but here it is understood as The jacket looks good on you. (With the nuance that it might not look good on someone else.) X.

What is the meaning of word reap?

1a(1) : to cut with a sickle, scythe, or reaping machine. (2) : to clear of a crop by reaping. b : to gather by reaping : harvest. 2 : obtain, win. intransitive verb.

What is a mirthful?

adjective. joyous; cheerful; jolly; merry: a mirthful laugh. providing mirth; amusing: a mirthful experience.

Can poignant be positive?

2 Answers. As far as I know, poignant does have a positive connotation, meaning something that is moving or touching but also slightly painful. … There is no negative connotation to poignant.

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What is self laudatory?

adjective. containing or expressing praise: overwhelmed by the speaker’s laudatory remarks.

What is the difference between voting and nonvoting shares?

Non-voting shares do not give the holder any voting rights in the company. This means that the holder is entitled to a portion of the company’s capital, but is not able to take part in its general meetings. Non-voting shares are mostly issued to employees or to family members of the main shareholders.

Can you sell Class B shares?

Investors purchasing Class B shares may instead pay a fee when selling their shares, but the fee may be waived when holding the shares five years or longer. In addition, Class B shares may convert to Class A shares if held long term.

Are non-voting shares worthless?

This statement implies non-voting stock is worthless. That is untrue. … Class A shares can vote – they own 100% of the vote share. But both classes are pari passu in economic terms – if Class A gets a $1 dividend Class B must receive the same.