What does heptamerous mean?

adjective. consisting of or divided into seven parts.

What does it mean when something is unbridled?

unrestrained 1 : unrestrained unbridled enthusiasm. 2 : not confined by a bridle.

Is Paik a word?

Yes, paik is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Unbridled good or bad?

Unbridled is often used to describe people’s emotions or actions and it can be either a good or a bad thing. If you have unbridled spending, you’re in danger of going in debt. If you tackle homework with unbridled enthusiasm, you’re likely going to get good grades.

What do you mean by spasmodic?

1a : relating to or affected or characterized by spasm. b : resembling a spasm especially in sudden violence a spasmodic jerk. 2 : acting or proceeding fitfully : intermittent spasmodic activity. 3 : subject to outbursts of emotional excitement : excitable.

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What do you mean by mounted?

intransitive verb. 1 : rise, ascend. 2 : to increase in amount or extent expenses began to mount. 3 : to get up on something above the level of the ground especially : to seat oneself (as on a horse) for riding.

What is Baek in Korean?

Baek (Korean pronunciation: [pk]), also often spelled Paek, Baik, Paik is a Korean family name. In the year 2000, there were 351,275 people with this surname in South Korea. The word means the color white.

What does the Paiks mean?

Meaning of paiks: to strike hard & repeatedly or pummel.

What do you mean by Paiks *?

: to strike hard and repeatedly : pummel.

What is unbridled love?

If you describe behavior or feelings as unbridled, you mean that they are not controlled or limited in any way. … a tale of lust and unbridled passion. Synonyms: unrestrained, uncontrolled, unchecked, violent More Synonyms of unbridled.

Is Unbridled a good movie?

Critic Reviews for Unbridled Faith-based drama is heartfelt but amateurish, overlong. January 22, 2019 Rating: 2/5 Full Review Unbridled tells a conventional story, but it adds enough new twists to prove engaging. The acting is strong and the direction assured.

What does it mean to be irrepressible?

: impossible to repress, restrain, or control irrepressible curiosity.

What does convulsive mean dictionary?

adjective. of the nature of or characterized by convulsions or spasms. producing or accompanied by convulsion: convulsive rage.

What is the definition of apathetically?

: affected by, characterized by, or displaying apathy : having or showing little or no interest, concern, or emotion apathetic voters apathetic indifference an apathetic attitude/response It’s really easy to feel apathetic about politics and forget how much they affect our daily lives.

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What is a fanatic?

A fanatic is a person with an extreme and often unquestioning enthusiasm, devotion, or zeal for something, such as a religion, political stance, or cause. … Less commonly, fanatic can be used as an adjective meaning the same thing as fanaticalhaving and motivated by extreme enthusiasm or devotion.

What is mean by to mount?

to go up; climb; ascend: to mount stairs. to get up on (a platform, a horse, etc.). to set or place at an elevation: to mount a house on stilts. to furnish with a horse or other animal for riding. to set or place (a person) on horseback.

What is Mount short for?

Mt. is a written abbreviation for Mount or Mountain.

What is the purpose of mounting?

About Mounting The purpose of mounting is to protect fragile or coated materials during preparation and to obtain perfect edge retention. Mounting is used when the protection of layers is imperative, and also it enables a safer and more convenient handling of small, sharp, or irregularly shaped specimens, for example.

What does DOL mean in Korean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Korean birthday celebrations or Dol are one of the important facets of Korean culture. When a person reaches an important age in his or her life, Koreans have unique celebrations to mark these milestones. Dol means it has been 365 days since the baby’s birth.

What does Hyun mean in Korean?

Hyeon is a name of Korean origin and the meaning of Hyeon is ‘worthy’ or ‘virtuous’. It is a gender-neutral name. This name is a variant of the Korean name Hyun, and so another meaning of Hyeon is ‘dark’, ‘mysterious’.

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What does white mean in Korean?

truth, life and virginity White, meaning truth, life and virginity, is the color that is loved by Koreans the most. Koreans liked to wear white clothes, and called themselves the white-clad folk.

Which caste is Paik?

Paik caste is last name of many people in Indian subcontinent. Paik caste definition is (A foot-soldier.) See Rajput-Paik.. Paik caste is one of the many castes subcastes of India.

What does Corvee mean in English?

unpaid labor 1 : unpaid labor (as toward constructing roads) due from a feudal vassal to his lord. 2 : labor exacted in lieu of taxes by public authorities especially for highway construction or repair.

Who were Paiks answer?

The paiks were very important group of people who offered their services during times of peace and war. They carried out some numerous tasks such as: 1. They built important public utility services like dams, roads, etc.

Who were paiks Class 7?


  • The Ahom state depended upon forced labour and those forced to work for the state were called ‘Paiks’.
  • Each village had to send a number of paiks by rotation.
  • People from densely populated areas were shifted to less populated places, thus breaking up the Ahom clan.

What are paiks and Bhuiyans?

Paiks were the labourers who were forced to work in Ahom state. Bhuiyans were the landlords. … The Ahom state depended upon forced labour. The forced workers were called paiks.

What are the two classes of paiks?

There were two major classes of paiks: kanri paik (archer) who rendered his service as a soldier or as a laborer and chamua paik who rendered non-manual service and had a higher social standing.