What does hereto with mean?

hr-too. Hereto is defined as to this, letting someone know that something is attached. An example of hereto is writing an email and explaining that you added a document as an attachment; it is attached hereto.

How do you use hereto in a sentence?

Meaning: [hr’tu /hr] adv. to this writing or document.

  1. Please see the policy hereto appended.
  2. A copy of the document is hereto appended.
  3. You will find attached hereto the text of the Treaty on European Union.
  4. My notes are attached hereto for the use of the reader.

What does hereto mean in legal terms?

to this agreement Typically, the here-part refers to the agreement (the document in which it is written). Accordingly, hereto means ‘to this agreement’. It is often used as an extension (e.g. the parties hereto) or to identify the placement of a schedule (attached hereto as).

What does prior hereto mean?

formal. to this place, thing, matter, document, etc. an obsolete word for hitherto.

How do you write hereto?

What is this? When you use the word hereto, you are referring to something like a document or written text. It is a pronominal adverb composed of the words here and to. … There are many ways the term can be used, such as:

  1. Appended hereto.
  2. Annexed hereto.
  3. Enclosed hereto.
  4. Parties hereto.
  5. Attached hereto.
  6. Hereto attached.

Where can I use herewith?

Herewith means with this document, text, or book. You can use herewith in a letter to say that you are enclosing something with it. …the 236 revolutionary prisoners whose names are listed herewith. I return herewith your papers.

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What does Herunto mean?

(htu ) adverb. formal. to this place, thing, matter, document, etc.

What is the difference between hereto and herewith?

As adverbs the difference between hereto and herewith is that hereto is (archaic) to here, to this while herewith is with this; especially, with this letter or communication.

What does Covenance mean?

What is a Covenant? A covenant is a provision, or promise, contained in a deed to land. Land may be subject to a covenant which affects or limits its use.

What type of word is hereto?

Hereto is an adverb – Word Type.

What does annexed hereto mean?

1 to join or add, esp. to something larger; attach. 2 to add (territory) by conquest or occupation.

How do you use thereof in a sentence?

Thereof is defined as of, concerning or from. An example of thereof used as an adverb is in the sentence, A declaration was made today thereof the king, which means that a declaration from the king was made today. Of or concerning this, that, or it. From that cause or origin; therefrom.

What does hereto forth mean?

: until this time : before now. See the full definition for heretofore in the English Language Learners Dictionary. heretofore. adverb. heretofore hir-t-fr

What is the opposite of heretofore?

Opposite of prior to now, until now, or up to the present time. henceforth. henceforward. hereafter. thenceforth.

How do you use heretofore?

Heretofore in a Sentence

  1. The investment has produced amazing profits that were heretofore unimaginable.
  2. Heretofore I never had a reason to lose weight, but with my upcoming wedding, now I do.
  3. Although Kurt is now a successful app developer, heretofore he was a homeless man sleeping in his car.
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What is inure to the benefit?

Inure, meaning to take effect, to come into use, features in the phrase inures to the benefit, which is a fixture in contracts. The phrase inures to the benefit is used in all kinds of. contracts as a wordy alternative to the verb benefits.

Is Herewithin a word?

(archaic) Within this.

What does the word hereunder mean?

: under or in accordance with this writing or document.

Is it correct to say herewith?

Herewith means attached. Do not use both. In fact, do not use herewith.

What does Chanceth mean?

Chanceth meaning (archaic) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of chance.

What does hereunto affixed mean?

archaic, formal. To this document. ‘signed in the presence of us both who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses’

What does set my hand mean?

set (one’s) hand to To sign something, such as a document. As soon as you set your hand to these papers, you’ll be the proud owner of a brand new car! I would never set my hand to such an unfavorable contractI think my signature was forged.

Can I use herein in an email?

eg I hereby resign as President. This means that I will cease to be President as soon as I sign my name. Herein Stresses the contents of the document. eg Herein is the information you need.

Is attached herein?

Attached herein means really attached.

How do you use attached herewith in a sentence?

I used this phrase as: Attached herewith the Registry of Workers, Assessed and Certified (RWAC) that conducted here in our Assessment Center.

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What does Convenlent mean?

adjective. suitable or agreeable to the needs or purpose; well-suited with respect to facility or ease in use; favorable, easy, or comfortable for use. at hand; easily accessible: Their house is convenient to all transportation.

What does Sanad mean?

1 : an Indian government charter, warrant, diploma, patent or deed. 2 : a letter having the force of an edict or ordinance in India.

What is God’s covenant?

the conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in Scripture. the agreement between God and the ancient Israelites, in which God promised to protect them if they kept His law and were faithful to Him.