What does hive off mean in finance?

phrasal verb. If someone hives off part of a business, they transfer it to new ownership, usually by selling it. What is hive in business?
to separate one part of a company, usually by selling it: The plan is to hive off individual companies as soon as they are profitable. Mergers & acquisitions.

What do you mean by spurt?

1 : a short period of time : moment. 2a : a sudden brief burst of effort, activity, or development a spurt of work a growth spurt. b : a sharp or sudden increase in business activity. spurt. verb (2) What is hive off in corporate restructuring?
A “hive-down” involves transferring the most valuable parts of a business (that is usually insolvent) to a wholly owned subsidiary and then selling off the subsidiary. … The shares in the subsidiary or the assets are then sold off to a third party.

What does a groundswell mean?

1 usually ground swell : a broad deep undulation of the ocean caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance. 2 : a rapid spontaneous growth (as of political opinion) a groundswell of support. What hive means?

A hive can be a home for bees. … The word hive is most recognizable as a place where bees live, but it can be a verb that means to move together as one, like a swarm of bees. It can also describe storing a lot of things in a confined space, the way bees are packed into a hive.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the sentence of hive?

Hive sentence example. The beekeeper opens the lower part of the hive and peers in. A beekeeper, seeing the bee collect pollen from flowers and carry it to the hive , says that it exists to gather honey. We refer to the hive .

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What is another word for hive?

What is another word for hive?

colony apiary
swarm beehive
skep honeycomb

What does hiving off mean?

intransitive verb. chiefly British : to break away from or as if from a group : become separate.

What does the phrase like bees around a hive mean?

phrase. If something attracts people like bees to a honeypot or like bees round a honeypot, it attracts people in large numbers.

What does hub of activity mean?

What is a coltish?

1a : not subjected to discipline. b : frisky, playful coltish antics. 2 : of, relating to, or resembling a colt coltish legs. Other Words from coltish Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About coltish.

What does it mean to make someone cringe?

Cringey refers to someone or something that causes you to feel awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassed—that makes you cringe.

Is the word spurt real?

a sudden, forceful gush or jet.

What is hive off and spin-off?

A corporate spin-off, also known as a spin-out, or starburst or hive-off, is a type of corporate action where a company splits off a section as a separate business or creates a second incarnation, even if the first is still active.

What is the difference between spin-off and split off?

The spin-off is a divestment strategy in which the parent company is divided into a new subsidiary which is independent in legal matters from the parent company. Split-off, on the other hand, is a restructuring strategy in which the shareholders of the new subsidiary are the former shareholders in the parent company.

What are the benefits of demerger?

Advantages of Demerger

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The restructuring would help to overcome short term constraints. Helps to focus on core business. Promotes independent collaboration and scope for expansion. Difficult to mobilize funds. Loss of synergy. Fear in the minds of investor about the resulting company.

What causes groundswell?

A groundswell, or ground swell, is a long-period group of waves created by a distant storm system over long distances, at least 2,000 miles away from the coast. The majority of groundswells are produced by mid-latitude depressions between 30 and 60 degrees and travel from west to east, swinging towards the Equator.

What is a groundswell used for?

a broad, deep swell or rolling of the sea, due to a distant storm or gale. any surge of support, approval, or enthusiasm, especially among the general public: a groundswell of political support for the governor.

What is groundswell social media?

The groundswell is defined as: “A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.”

What is hive minding?

1 : the collective mental activity expressed in the complex, coordinated behavior of a colony of social insects (such as bees or ants) regarded as comparable to a single mind controlling the behavior of an individual organism The tiny bees in a hive are more or less unaware of their colony, but their collective hive …

What is hive in simple words?

Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure tool to process structured data in Hadoop. It resides on top of Hadoop to summarize Big Data, and makes querying and analyzing easy.

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What type of word is hive?

hive used as a noun: A structure, which a swarm of honeybees inhabits or has inhabited. The bees of one hive; a swarm of bees.

What is in a bee hive?

Hive is used to describe an artificial/man-made structure to house a honey bee nest. … The nest’s internal structure is a densely packed group of hexagonal prismatic cells made of beeswax, called a honeycomb. The bees use the cells to store food (honey and pollen) and to house the brood (eggs, larvae, and pupae).

How do you use Glade in a sentence?

1. A small glade ablaze with sunbeams. 2. The trees opened in a glade that collected the shadows like a cup.

What is the collective noun for bees?

Collective Nouns List

Animal Collective Noun In It’s Written Context
Bees nest a nest of bees
Bees rabble a rabble of bees
Bees stand a stand of bees
Bees swarm a swarm of bees

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