Definition of hold down the fort US. : to be in charge of a place while the person who is usually in charge is away You can stay here and hold down the fort while I go to the store. Is it hold the fort or hold down the fort?
To hold the fort or to hold down the fort means to take care of business while the boss is away, to keep a process running while others are absent, to maintain the status quo while one is left in charge.

What does manning the fort mean?

(idiomatic) To take care of a place or situation in another’s absence. What does hold that thought mean?
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English hold that thoughtspoken used to tell someone to remember what has just been said and then continue discussing it or thinking about it later → hold.

What can I say instead of hold down the fort?

What is another word for hold the fort?

stay remain
hang on hang out
keep on stay out
put down roots remain behind
stay behind live

Is hold the fort a metaphor?

To ‘hold the fort’ is a military metaphor borrowing the imagery of siege warfare (a small force holds the fort against a besieging enemy awaiting relief from a field army).

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How are you holding down the fort?

When someone speaks of holding down the fort, it basically means keeping an eye on things temporarily while the person in charge is away. The expression seems rather nonsensical, though; a fort is a large, solid building constructed as a stronghold.

What’s the meaning of hold the line?

Maintain the existing position or state of affairs. For example, We’ll have to hold the line on spending until our profits rise. This term alludes to former military tactics, in which a line of troops was supposed to prevent an enemy breakthrough.

What deputize means?

: to give (someone) the power to do something in place of another person : to make (someone) a deputy. : to act in place of another person : to act for someone as a deputy.

What do you mean by Fort?

1 : a strong or fortified place especially : a fortified place occupied only by troops and surrounded with such works as a ditch, rampart, and parapet : fortification. 2 : a permanent army post —often used in place names. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About fort.

What is the meaning of hit the ceiling?

What does minding the fort mean?

To mind or take charge of a location during the time in which it is unattended by another. Don’t worry, honey, I’ll man the fort at home until you get back from the grocery store.

What does man the ship mean?

to supply with people, as for service:to man the ship.

What is meant by hold your tongue?

Keep quiet, remain silent, as in If you don’t hold your tongue you’ll have to go outside, or Jenny kept her peace about the wedding. The idiom with tongue uses hold in the sense of “restrain,” while the others use hold and keep in the sense of “preserve.” Chaucer used the first idiom in The Tale of Melibus (c.

What does holding the floor mean?

: to be the person who is speaking at a public meeting The senator held the floor for several hours.

What is a hold down clamp?

Hold-down pipe clamps are used in applications where you would like toeither 1.) anchor the pipe in position or 2.) Slide plates, such as PTFE, 25% glass filled or graphite, can be incorporated into the design to reduce the friction between the pipe and clamp. …

What held down?

Definition of hold down (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to keep within limits hold the noise down. 2 : to assume or have responsibility for holding down two jobs.

What does to paddle one’s own canoe mean?

independent and self-reliant Be independent and self-reliant, as in It’s time Bill learned to paddle his own canoe. This idiom alludes to steering one’s own boat. [

What does leading someone up the garden path mean?

informal. : to deceive (someone) : to cause (someone) to go, think, or proceed wrongly He believes the average consumer is being led down the garden path by the promises in advertisements.

What is the meaning of hold it?

If you say ‘ Hold it’, you are telling someone to stop what they are doing and to wait. Hold it!

What is brought the house down?

DEFINITIONS1. to make a group of people or an audience react in a very enthusiastic way, especially by laughing. Gerard Kelly’s performance brought the house down. Synonyms and related words. To make someone laugh.

What does the idiom hold the phone mean?

US informal. used for telling someone to wait, for example because you are going to say something surprising; sometimes used humorously when something is not surprising at all: It may sound like a great offer, but hold the phone.

What does the last word in fashion mean?

3 : the most advanced, up-to-date, or fashionable exemplar of its kind the last word in sports cars. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About last word.

What is hold the line in football?

football. to prevent the opponents from taking the ball forward.

Where did the saying hold the line come from?

Origin of hold-the-line Probably an allusion to a line of soldiers remaining steadfastly in position during combat.

What does please hold the line mean?

Please hold (the line): Please wait on the telephone, Please don’t hang up the phone. idiom. I’ll hold (the line): I’ll wait on the telephone.

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