What does Hypostatization mean in literature?

1. hypostatization – regarding something abstract as a material thing. hypostatisation, reification. objectification – the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing. What does hypostasize mean?
hypostatize in British English or hypostatise (haɪˈpɒstəˌtaɪz ) verb (transitive) to regard or treat as real. to embody or personify. Derived forms.

What reify means?

transitive verb. : to consider or represent (something abstract) as a material or concrete thing : to give definite content and form to (a concept or idea) … What does cathartic experience mean?
involving the release of strong emotions through a particular activity or experience: a cathartic experience.

What is the meaning of predication?

a : an act of proclaiming or preaching. b : sermon. 2 : an act or instance of predicating: such as. a : the expression of action, state, or quality by a grammatical predicate. b : the logical affirmation of something about another especially : assignment of something to a class. What coterminous means?

1 : having the same or coincident (see coincident sense 2) boundaries a voting district coterminous with the city. 2 : coextensive in scope or duration … an experience of life coterminous with the years of his father.—

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is misplaced concreteness?

Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity.

Why is reification bad?

A relative newcomer to the world of logical fallacies, reification is difficult to place and its status as a fallacy not that well understood. In general, reification involves taking something that is abstract, like an idea or concept, and making it concrete, or assigning it a concrete, ‘real’ existence.

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What is fallacy of Amphiboly?

The fallacy of amphiboly happens when someone uses grammar or punctuation in a way that a statement could be interpreted as having more than one meaning, so it is unclear what is really meant. Other names for the fallacy are the fallacy of ambiguity, misusing ambiguity, and the fallacy of unclearness.

What is a typify?

transitive verb. 1 : to represent in typical fashion : to constitute a typical mark or instance of realism … that typified his earlier work — Current Biography. 2 : to embody the essential or salient characteristics of : be the type of.

What does Bathetically mean?

What does wangle mean in English?

: to resort to trickery or devious methods. transitive verb. 1 : to adjust or manipulate for personal or fraudulent ends. 2 : to make or get by devious means : finagle wangle an invitation.

What is a cathartic person?

Someone who experiences a spontaneous release of negative emotion in direct response to a stimulus like music or psychotherapy is experiencing a catharsis.

What is opposite of cathartic?

Explanation: An opposite to catharsis, is Suppression!

Which is a purgative?

A purgative is a medicine that causes you to get rid of unwanted waste from your body. [formal] The doctors attempted to reduce his high fever by inducing diarrhea with a purgative. Synonyms: purge, laxative, cathartic, enema More Synonyms of purgative.

What does self predicating mean?

Noun. 1. predication – (logic) a declaration of something self-evident; something that can be assumed as the basis for argument. postulation.

What is an example of predication?

A predicate is the part of a sentence, or a clause, that tells what the subject is doing or what the subject is. Let’s take the same sentence from before: “The cat is sleeping in the sun.” The clause sleeping in the sun is the predicate; it’s dictating what the cat is doing. Cute!

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What does the word torpedoed mean?

torpedoed; torpedoing tȯr-​ˈpē-​də-​wiŋ Definition of torpedo (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to hit or sink (a ship) with a naval torpedo : strike or destroy by torpedo. 2 : to destroy or nullify altogether : wreck torpedo a plan.

What is a grandiloquent person?

speaking or expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic.

What does quid pro quo?

Quid pro quo (‘what for what’ in Latin) is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; a favor for a favor.

What does Conterminously mean?

1 : having a common boundary conterminous countries. 2 : coterminous. 3 : enclosed within one common boundary the 48 conterminous states.

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