What does it lavish mean?

1 : expending or bestowing profusely : prodigal lavish donors lavish in giving praise to her employees. 2a : expended or produced in abundance the lavish attentions of his mother— George Meredith. b : marked by profusion or excess a lavish feast a lavish home. lavish. Does lavish mean fancy?
adjective. 1Sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious. ‘The directors’ lavish lifestyles and sumptuous houses on the outskirts of Sydney raised the heckles of the Australian public.

Is lavish a bad word?

Lavish comes from the Old French lavache meaning deluge, torrent, referring to rain. When you see it, think of a shower of good things coming down on you as you never use lavish with something bad. What is a lavish lifestyle?
If you describe something as lavish, you mean that it is very elaborate and impressive and a lot of money has been spent on it.

What is a similar word to lavish?

Some common synonyms of lavish are exuberant, lush, luxuriant, prodigal, and profuse. What is the opposite of lavishly?

Opposite of in a bounteous or generous manner. parsimoniously. stingily. ungenerously. poorly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you use the word lavish?

Lavish in a Sentence

  1. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings.
  2. Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things.
  3. The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of European caviar.

How do you use lax in a sentence?

Lax sentence example

  1. Deidre sighed, her body going lax once more. …
  2. Never let go of that privacy or be lax with your security. …
  3. The next step was to force the confessors to accept their lax interpretation of the law; and this was accomplished by their famous theory of probabilism – first taught in Spain about 1580.
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What does ravishingly mean?

: unusually attractive, pleasing, or striking.

What is a lavish spirit?

Lavishadjective. superabundant; excessive; as, lavish spirits. Lavishverb. to expend or bestow with profusion; to use with prodigality; to squander; as, to lavish money or praise.

What does it mean to spend lavishly?

What does lavishly decorated mean?

in a way that is expensive or impressive: The dining room was lavishly decorated.

How can I become a rich?

To build wealth you need to have some fundamentals in place:

  1. Money mindset is everything. …
  2. Millionaires still budget. …
  3. Money management is key. …
  4. Invest your money for growth. …
  5. Build your business around your personal financial goals. …
  6. Create multiple income streams. …
  7. Don’t check out.

Who is the luxury man in the world?

1. Bernard Arnault French luxury goods tycoon Bernard Arnault has had a monster year. After LVMH noted a USD$417 billion market value thanks to a surge in share price, Arnault’s 47 per cent stake became the most important in the world. With a net worth of USD$196 billion, Arnault is firmly the richest man in the world.

Who live the most luxurious life in the world?

Royals around the world living the most luxurious lives

  • 01/8Royals living the lavish life. …
  • 02/8Prince Andrew of York, England. …
  • 03/8Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. …
  • 04/8King Mswati III of Eswatini. …
  • 05/8Prince Albert II of Monaco. …
  • 06/8Queen Rania of Jordan. …
  • 07/8Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Is lavishness a word?

1. Excessive or imprudent expenditure: extravagance, extravagancy, prodigality, profligacy, profuseness, profusion, squander, waste, wastefulness.

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What is the synonym of blame?

criticism, accountability, burden, culpability, fault, guilt, liability, onus, attribute, charge, chide, condemn, criticize, denounce, indict, accusation, animadversion, arraignment, attack, attribution.

What is extravagant synonym?

Some common synonyms of extravagant are excessive, exorbitant, extreme, immoderate, and inordinate.

How do you use lavishly in a sentence?

1. The Bradfords always entertained lavishly at Christmas. 2. The room was lavishly decorated with tinsel and holly.

Is Extravagant a synonym for lavish?

OTHER WORDS FOR lavish 1, 2 unstinted, extravagant, wasteful, improvident; generous, openhanded.

What part of speech is lavishly?

adjective Lavish comes from lavache, an early French word for a torrent (or very heavy fall of rain). The French word came from a Latin word meaning to wash. … lavish.

part of speech: adjective
derivations: lavishly (adv.), lavishness (n.)

What is the sentence of lavish?

Lavish sentence example. Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains. By his luxurious habits and his lavish expenditure on public buildings he piled up a great accumulation of debt, which was partly discharged by the estates of the land in return for important concessions.

How do you use primitive in a sentence?

Primitive in a Sentence

  1. In the primitive village, there is no source of electricity.
  2. I refused to stay in the primitive cabin because it did not have indoor plumbing.
  3. When the programmer received the primitive computer, he immediately began to make upgrades.

What does lavish hospitality mean?

considerateness in spending on guests and strangers. extravagance in entertaining guests.

How do you spell Resignate?

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verb. Resign. In later use chiefly in representations of regional or nonstandard speech.

Does lax mean lazy?

Some common synonyms of lax are neglectful, negligent, remiss, and slack. While all these words mean culpably careless or indicative of such carelessness, lax implies a blameworthy lack of strictness, severity, or precision.

What does it mean to become lacks?

To be without or in need of: lacked the strength to lift the box. 1. To be missing or deficient: We suspected that he was lying, but proof was lacking. 2. To be in need of something: She does not lack for friends.

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