If you describe something as far off, you mean that it is a long distance from you or from a particular place.

Is far off hyphenated?

Both are correct, but the 2nd one is better. Why not ask the hyphenated girls? far-off galaxy is better, the other would not be wrong (especially in AE, where hyphens are often left out).

What is another word for far off?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for far-off, like: at a distance, far-flung, faraway, removed, time, distant, remote, near, far-away, and far.

What is far off land?

A far-off place is a great distance away: a far-off land.

What is way off?

Remote; far; distant (in space) adjective. 5. 1. Remote; far in the future.

What is the sentence of far off?

We do not want to wait until the far-off, dim, and speculative future. I am told that they were set up because in those far-off days there were detention centres in the services. I do not see how we shall change things even by taking electricity to the far-off farms. That was in the far-off days of 1962-63.

How do you spell far off?


  1. away,
  2. deep,
  3. distant,
  4. far,
  5. far-flung,
  6. faraway,
  7. remote,
  8. removed.

What does so far fetched mean?

1 : brought from a remote time or place. 2 : not easily or naturally deduced or introduced : improbable a far-fetched story. Other Words from far-fetched Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About far-fetched.

What is the opposite of far off?

Antonyms for far-off. close,near, nearby, nigh.

What is the synonym of off?

What is another word for off?

wide inaccurately
astray away
off beam off course
off target wide of the mark
wide of the target

What does not too far off mean?

or not far out/off. phrase. Someone or something that is not far wrong, not far out, or not far off is almost correct or almost accurate. I hadn’t been far wrong in my estimate.

Is not correct synonym?

1 erroneous, inexact; untrue. 2 unsuitable. 3 faulty.

What is a far off look?

A facial expression or gaze that suggests that one is preoccupied by or contemplating something and not paying attention to one’s current surroundings. Based on that far-off look on his face, I doubt he’s heard a word I’ve said.

What does Livin mean?

Livin’ is a slang a word for living, it means the same thing as living, it’s just an informal way of spelling it which some people use.

What is the meaning of Escape the ordinary?

phrase. Something that is out of the ordinary is unusual or different. The boy’s knowledge was out of the ordinary. I’ve noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Synonyms: unusual, different, odd, important More Synonyms of out of the ordinary.

What does WAZZ mean?

to urinate wazz in British English or waz (wz) British slang. verb. 1. ( intransitive) to urinate.

What is Starks?

1a : rigid in or as if in death. b : rigidly conforming (as to a pattern or doctrine) : absolute stark discipline. 2 archaic : strong, robust. 3 : utter, sheer stark nonsense. 4a : barren, desolate.

When someone is way off?

Completely incorrect, mistaken, or misinformed.

How do you use far in a sentence?

Far sentence example

  1. So far her prayers had been unanswered. …
  2. They have a camp not far away. …
  3. She had come this far , and nothing was going to stop her now. …
  4. How far do you think we’ve traveled? …
  5. That’s not as far out as you might think. …
  6. We need to travel as far as we can tonight. …
  7. Is the gulf far from here?

Why do we use fillers in speaking?

In speech, filler words are short, meaningless words (or sounds) we use to fill the little pauses that occur while we decide what we’re going to say next. … They let others know that you’re not quite finished speaking yet, even if you’ve paused for a moment.

What is the sentence of gushes?

Water poured in the car in steady gushes and mingled with the blood on my face, melting it into one horrific red mask. That’s how much water gushes through a typical top-loading washing machine every time you run an extra-large load. My breath is coming out in heavy gushes and I know it’s fanning my son’s little face.

What is the root word of far off?

Root Words-Tele (far off)

Is not far off synonym?

What is another word for not far off?

nearby close
close-by contiguous
ready within reach
close at hand near at hand
not far away bordering

Is it farfetched or far fetched?

Far-fetched was first used in the latter 1500s to mean something that is brought from a faraway place. Note that the word far-fetched is properly rendered with a hyphen, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, although it is sometimes seen as two words, as in far fetched, or as one word, as in farfetched.

Is far fetched legit?

Legit and Safe FarFetch is a legitimate choice. Its partners are trustworthy, and it also has a good return policy.

How do you use far fetched?

Example Sentences

  1. When he told us the stories of his youth, everyone could agree that they were far-fetched.
  2. Her account of the fight seems far-fetched.
  3. Linda has a very active imagination and that is why all her stories seem a bit far-fetched.

What is opposite of drink?

Opposite of a liquid that can be swallowed as refreshment or nourishment. food. meal. comestible.

What is a far flung empire?

1 : widely spread or distributed a far-flung empire.

What is the opposite open?

Word. Antonym. Open. Shut, Close, Closed.