(call for something) to say publicly that something must happen. Several of the newspapers were calling for his resignation.

What does have called for mean?

to demand that something happens: Members have called for his resignation.

What is the phrasal verb of call for?

call for something to publicly ask for something to happen They called for the immediate release of the hostages. The opposition party has called for him to resign.

How do you use call for in a sentence?

After he was attacked, he managed to stagger to the phone and call for help.

  1. Well, I can call for help.
  2. There’s a telephone call for you, Mr Baron.
  3. Let me transfer this call for you.
  4. The old call for spiritual tend.
  5. After he was attacked, he managed to stagger to the phone and call for help.

What is try out for?

DEFINITIONS1. (try out for something) to try to become a member of a team or to get a part in a play or film by showing someone how well you can play or perform. Rita’s trying out for the school play again. Synonyms and related words.

Did you call for me meaning?

The phrase were you calling me implies that someone was in the middle of calling you, while did you call me indicates that this already happened.

What is another way to say calls for?

What is another word for calls for?

asks claims
orders requests
requires suggests
wants asks for
cries out for cries out

Who are you calling for meaning?

1 a strong inner urge to follow an occupation, etc.; vocation. 2 an occupation, profession, or trade.

Is for a preposition for?

For can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): I bought some flowers for Chloe. Wait there for a while. as a conjunction (connecting two clauses): I told her to leave, for I was very tired.

What is the verb for call?

call Definitions and Synonyms

present tense
he/she/it calls
present participle calling
past tense called
past participle called

Are u up for it?

Are you up for it? means, Do you want to do it? or Are you willing to do it? Are you up to it? can also mean something similar but it also implies, Are you able to do it? while the other does not.

How do you use called on?

call on Definitions and Synonyms The human rights group has called on the US to end the death penalty. We could call on my parents if we have time. We may need to call on professional help. She called on all her reserves of courage to face the ordeal ahead of her.

When the situation calls for it meaning?

Calls for it means It is necessary, so if a situation calls for something, it means it is needed to do something in a certain situation. e.g. Because there are so many elderly people in that community, the situation calls for stricter covid restrictions

What is the meaning of take for?

: to suppose (someone) to be (a particular kind of person) : to perceive (someone) as (something) What do you take me for?

Is phrasal verb try out?

TRY OUT (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

Is it tryouts or try outs?

Word forms: tryouts If you give something a tryout, you try it or test it to see how useful it is. The recycling program gets its first tryout in Idaho.

How do you ask for reason for calling?

You can either tell them the reason yourself when you give them your name and where you work or after they have asked you why you are calling. Normally to explain the reason you would start by saying ‘it’s regarding’, ‘it’s concerning’, ‘it’s about’ or ‘I’m calling about’ and then give the reason.

Why did you call me Malayalam meaning?

It is in an interrogative sense as if somebody is calling someone and the other person is asking for the reason. Malayalam is spoken in Indian by the people of Kerala and the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry (Mah district) These people are often called as Malayali people.

What to say when you missed someone’s call?

I’m so sorry we missed your call. Start the call by apologizing to them earnestly and begin to address their issue. Listen to their problems, and ask them what made them call you. Apologizing is known to soothe ruffled nerves, and is a well-documented tip to calm people down.

What does entitle mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to give a title to : designate. 2 : to furnish with proper grounds for seeking or claiming something this ticket entitles the bearer to free admission.

What is the synonym of needs?

necessity, obligation, requirement, call, demand. rare exigency. 2’the basic human needs of food and shelter’ requirement, essential, necessity, want, requisite, prerequisite, wish, demand. desideratum.

What is calling for you?

1. To call a place by phone specifically to talk to one who lives or works there (depending on the context). Honey, a boy named John called for you while you were at tennis practice this afternoon.

What is a Colin?

: the bobwhite or any of several related New World game birds.

How do you describe your calling?

Your calling can be thought of as the urge to share your gifts with the world. When you express your gifts for the sake of others, you often experience the joy of being fully alive.

What is for used for?

The important point is that for is used to specify a period of time. For can be used when talking about the past, present or future. Here are three example sentences that use similar vocabulary, but use different verb tenses. (Past) Last year, I traveled for three weeks.

Where we can use for?

We use for with a period of time in the past, present or future. We use since with a point in time in the past. For refers to periods of time, e.g. 3 years, 4 hours, ages, a long time, months, years.

What does for mean?

preposition. with the object or purpose of: to run for exercise. intended to belong to, or be used in connection with: equipment for the army;a closet for dishes. suiting the purposes or needs of: medicine for the aged.