transitive verb. : know, understand. Other Words from cognize Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cognize.

How do you use Cognize in a sentence?

Cognize sentence example In it we cognize our own inner life as affected by the non-ego. He distinguished between knowledge of actual objects and the divine inspiration by which we cognize the being and existence of God.

What is the meaning of take cognizance?

Definition of take cognizance of : to notice or give attention to (something) He should take cognizance of those who disagree with his theory.

What does acknowledging someone mean?

1 : to recognize the rights, authority, or status of They acknowledged him as their leader. 2 : to disclose knowledge of or agreement with She readily acknowledged her mistake. 3a : to express gratitude or obligation for acknowledge a gift.

How do you pronounce Cognize?

What does the word assimilate mean *?

1 : to take in and utilize as nourishment : absorb into the system. 2 : to absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group the community assimilated many immigrants. intransitive verb. 1 : to become absorbed or incorporated into the system some foods assimilate more readily than others.

What is the synonym of the word understand?

comprehend, apprehend, grasp, see, take in, perceive, discern, make out, puzzle out, recognize, keep up with, master, get to know, follow, fathom, get to the bottom of, penetrate, divine, interpret, unravel, decipher, see the light about, envisage.

What is a sentence for perceive?

to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses: I perceived an object looming through the mist. to recognize, discern, envision, or understand: I perceive a note of sarcasm in your voice. This is a nice idea but I perceive difficulties in putting it into practice.

What is a cognizance in CRPC?

What is taking cognizance has not been defined in the criminal procedure code. Literally it means to become aware of, but when used with reference to a Court or a Magistrate, it means to take judicial notice of an offence.

Who is a frivolous man?

1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly. a frivolous remark. 2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment; unimportant. frivolous details. (C15: from Latin frivolus silly, worthless)

How can I take cognizance?

The clause is divided in three exclusive parts which empower the magistrate to take cognizance upon receiving a complaint of facts or upon a police report of such facts or upon information received from any person other than a police officer, or upon his own knowledge, that such offense has been committed.

How do I become acknowledged?

Here are ten ways of them:

  1. Say Thank You Think about a time when you did something nice for someone and he or she never even acknowledged it with thanks. …
  2. Focus on the Positive. …
  3. Give Gifts. …
  4. Speak Your Appreciation. …
  5. Be a Hugger. …
  6. Make Eye Contact. …
  7. Brag in Public. …
  8. Be Present.

Is it acknowledge or acknowledged?

As verbs the difference between acknowledged and acknowledge is that acknowledged is (acknowledg) while acknowledge is to admit the knowledge of; to recognize as a fact or truth; to declare one’s belief in; as, to acknowledge the being of a god.

Does acknowledged mean accepted?

‘Acknowledge’ is used to recognize the presence of a member in a group. ‘Accept’ can be used to convey that we are ‘OK’ with an outcome. ‘Acknowledge’ is used to convey that we have come to terms with a decision, regardless if it is good or bad.

What are plant assimilates?

In the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are trans-formed into sugars or assimilates, with the help of energy from sunlight. These sugars can be used as building blocks for plant tissue production and to make new cells, for instance.

How did Irish Americans assimilate?

They took advantage of their Catholic religion to take over the American Catholic Church to create a parochial school system for their children. … They became Americans their own way and helped to demarcate a distinctive cultural identity that would soon become the example followed by many other immigrant ethnic groups.

How do you use assimilate?

Assimilate sentence example

  1. She paused, allowing him to assimilate the information. …
  2. I find it easier to assimilate new information when it is presented visually. …
  3. The immigrant family found it difficult to assimilate to new customs because they were vastly different than their own culture.

What’s been happening synonym?

What is another word for what’s happening?

what’s doing what’s going on
what’s up what else is new
what’s new what’s been happening
what’s popping what’s cracking

What is the best synonym for understand?


What are two synonyms for understanding?

What is perception and example?

Perception is awareness, comprehension or an understanding of something. An example of perception is knowing when to try a different technique with a student to increase their learning. … Doctors working to change the public perception of certain diseases.

What is perception in simple words?

Perception is the sensory experience of the world. It involves both recognizing environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli. Through the perceptual process, we gain information about the properties and elements of the environment that are critical to our survival.

What is perceive writing?

What’s crucial here is the definition of what is perceived: some real thing behind appearances. Clearly it is the instant of seeing that real thing that supplies both some essential material for writing and the drive to write.

Can a Magistrate take cognizance twice?

(b) Earlier the Learned Magistrate took cognizance of the offence relating to the said case on April 21, 2009. Therefore, taking cognizance for the second time by the impugned order passed on May 19, 2009 is absolutely illegal and without jurisdiction. (c) Cognizance of the self-same offence cannot be taken twice.

Which court can take cognizance of an offence?

A Court of Session under the Criminal Procedure Code can only take cognizance under Section 193 of the Criminal Procedure Code which provides that no Court of Session shall take cognizance of any offence as a court of original jurisdiction unless the accused has been committed by Magistrate and of course unless …

Who can take cognizance under CRPC?

(2) The Chief Judicial Magistrate may empower any Magistrate of the second class to take cognizance under sub- section (1) of such offences as are within his competence to inquire into or try.