What does it mean to say something is codified?

To codify means to arrange laws or rules into a systematic code. … The codification of law helps identify inconsistent laws, duplicate laws, and ambiguous laws.

Does the word codify mean?

To codify is to arrange information in a logical order that others can follow. Legislators may try to codify, or gather and organize, all laws related to a particular issue. When you look at the word codify you can probably guess that it’s related to the word code.

What is the dictionary definition of codify?

verb (used with object), codified, codifying. to reduce (laws, rules, etc.) to a code. to make a digest of; arrange in a systematic collection.

What is the synonym of codify?

(also marshall), order, organize, systematize.

What does it mean to codify knowledge?

Knowledge codification is the conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, so that the knowledge can be used in the organisation by the staff.

How do you use the word codify?

The definition of codify means to arrange or put in order. … Codify Sentence Examples

  1. They codify laws regarding libel and slander.
  2. Tolkien’s plans with respect to the MiddleEarth universe he created in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings weren’t so easy to codify.

What does codify mean in politics?

In law, codification is the process of collecting and restating the law of a jurisdiction in certain areas, usually by subject, forming a legal code, i.e. a codex (book) of law. Codification is one of the defining features of civil law jurisdictions.

What does it mean to systemize?

1. systemize – arrange according to a system or reduce to a system; systematize our scientific knowledge systematise, systematize, systemise. order – bring order to or into; Order these files digest – systematize, as by classifying and summarizing; the government digested the entire law into a code

What is AAPC codify?

Codify explains physician terms in easy-to-understand language. When you code a procedure, Codify supplies you with a detailed description, so you understand the physician’s work.

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What does codified mean in dance?

codified movement: Common movements set in a particular style that often have specific names and expectations associated with it. … In dance, it describes at least two movement patterns, sequences or phrases danced simultaneously using different body parts or performed by different dancers.

What is the meaning of codified law?

The collection and systematic arrangement, usually by subject, of the laws of a state or country, or the statutory provisions, rules, and regulations that govern a specific area or subject of law or practice. Codification rearranges and displaces prior statutes and case decisions. …

How do you use codify in a sentence?

Codify in a Sentence

  1. In the emergency room, a triage nurse works to codify patients by the severity of their symptoms.
  2. In order to make use of the new filing system, we will have to codify the mortgage documents by their lending banks.

What does the word assort mean?

1 : to distribute into groups of a like kind : classify. 2 : to supply with an assortment (as of goods) intransitive verb. 1 : to agree in kind : harmonize. 2 : to keep company : associate.

What is the opposite of autonomous?

Opposite of able to function or operate independently. dependent. nonautonomous. non-self-governing.

What is an antonym for peer?

Antonyms: antagonist, enemy, foe, hinderer, opponent, opposer, rival, stranger. Synonyms: accomplice, ally, associate, chum, coadjutor, colleague, companion, comrade, confederate, consort, fellow, friend, helpmate, mate, partner.

How do you codify your knowledge?

5 ways to capture and codify tacit knowledge for your employees

  1. Create a knowledge-sharing culture. …
  2. Encourage social interaction. …
  3. Show your process. …
  4. Use an internal knowledge-sharing system. …
  5. Capture employee stories.

What is knowledge capture?

Knowledge capture is the process by which knowledge is converted from tacit to explicit form (residing within people, artifacts or organizational entities) and vice versa through the sub-processes of externalization and internalization. … Internalization is the sub-process through which workers acquire tacit knowledge.

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What is codified knowledge example?

Thus, some knowledge is too rich, ambiguous, complex, and personal to be articulated or codified. … For example, the knowledge of how to ride a bicycle is probably tacit in most people who can ride a bicycle. These people can simply get on a bicycle and automatically begin riding it.

How do you use remunerative in a sentence?

(1) Writing proved to be more remunerative than teaching. (2) A doctor advised her to seek remunerative employment. (3) Charity work is not very remunerative. (4) I should have thought veterinary surgery was reasonably remunerative.

What is codification in communication?

For the purposes of studying how people create understanding, we define codified communication systems as organized systems that pair structurally related stimuli and meme states, such that structurally related stimuli consistently and systematically evoke similar meme states across various media.

What is codification in sociolinguistics?

In linguistics, codification is the process of selecting, developing, and laying down (prescribing) a model for standard language usage. … Codification often happens due to new inventions, changes in values or other cultural influences.

What are the advantages of codifying laws?

Codification helps to deter the municipal legislative body from enacting redundant or inconsistent new ordinances, and lets the council or board view the body of law as a whole and note any gaps in coverage which may need legislation.

How does a codified constitution protect rights?

Currently, British constitution allows constitutional amendment by simple majority in Parliament. Codified constitutions make rights and powers clearer for citizens and legislators. … It can be amended easily to reflect changing social values or to deal with crises such as civil disorder or war.

Is Roe vs Wade a federal law?

She was referred to lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, who filed a lawsuit on her behalf in U.S. federal court against her local district attorney, Henry Wade, alleging that Texas’s abortion laws were unconstitutional. …

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Roe v. Wade
Reargument Reargument
Decision Opinion
Case history

What does Systemizing mean in psychology?

Systemizing is the drive to analyse the variables in a system, to derive the underlying rules that govern the behaviour of a system. Systemizing also refers to the drive to construct systems. Systemizing allows you to predict the behaviour of a system, and to control it.

Who is an example of the systemizer?

‘Galen was the great compiler and systemiser of Greco-Roman medicine, physiology, pharmacy and anatomy.

What is Systemizing in autism?

Strong systemizing is a way of explaining the non-social features of autism: narrow interests; repetitive behaviour; and resistance to change/need for sameness. This is because when one systemizes, it is best to keep everything constant, and to only vary one thing at a time.

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