What does it mean when you cackle?

laugh 1 : to make the sharp broken noise or cry characteristic of a hen especially after laying. 2 : to laugh especially in a harsh or sharp manner Shakespeare’s crones cackled of evil deeds Scott McMurray. 3 : chatter.

Does cackle have a negative connotation?

So, although it does seem that ‘cackle’ has mostly a negative edge to it (e.g. the OED’s 2b, and shrill (laughter), foolish/silly (chatter), prate, stupid loquacity, . . .), it does appear that, it can mean to just chuckle, laugh, or giggle.

What is a cackling voice?

Shrill laughter. … To laugh or chatter with similar sounds. verb. To utter in a cackling manner.

What is the synonym of cackle?

laugh loudly, laugh uproariously, guffaw, crow, chortle, chuckle, giggle, tee-hee.

Is cackle a real word?

verb (used without object), cackled, cackling. to utter a shrill, broken sound or cry, as of a hen. to laugh in a shrill, broken manner.

What’s the difference between cackle and laugh?

is that laugh is an expression of mirth particular to the human species; the sound heard in laughing; laughter while cackle is the cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg.

What does it mean to laugh like a drain?

: to laugh very hard She was laughing like a drain.

What’s a cackle laugh?

To cackle is to laugh in a loud, harsh way. Your dad’s jokes might be so bad that they’re funny, making you cackle every time. … The sound the cacklers make can also be called a cackle, a squawking laugh that a chicken might make.

How do you use cackle in a sentence?

Cackle in a Sentence

  1. The comedian makes me laugh so hard I cackle like a witch!
  2. After laying its eggs, the hen let out a screeching cackle.
  3. The crowing witch released a loud cackle as she turned the boy into a beast. …
  4. Melanie’s laugh sounds more like the cackle of a goose than it does a woman’s chuckle.
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How do a witch laugh?

Who produces cackle?

This is a list of vocabulary related to sounds of animals

Animals Sounds
Chickens cluck, cackle
Cocks crow
Cows low, moo
Crickets chirp, creak

Is cackle a positive connotation?

Senior Member. Packard said: The point I was making was that giggling reflects on the giggler negatively; cackling reflects on the cackler negatively; braying reflects on the brayer negatively. But no form of laughter seems to reflect positively on the person laughing.

What’s another word for evil laugh?

What is another word for evil laugh?

baleful laugh cackle
menacing laugh wicked laugh

What is the antonyms of cackle?

Antonyms. cry war whoop hiss utterance. express mirth laugh.

What is the meaning of proud cackle?


What animals have cackles?

Hens The following is a list of sound words that denote animal sounds and bird cries.

Animal Name of Sound
Hamsters Squeak
Hares Squeak
Hawks Scram
Hens Cackle, Cluck

What figure of speech is cackle?

intransitive verb cackle

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: cackles, cackling, cackled
definition 1: to make the sharp, broken cry of a hen. The chickens are cackling out in the yard. similar words: gabble
definition 2: to laugh or speak with such a sound. The witch cackled as she contemplated her evil spell. similar words: gabble

What is the meaning of plaintively?

adjective. expressing sorrow or melancholy; mournful: a plaintive melody.

Do hyenas cackle?

While this behavior has earned the spotted hyena a reputation, it may be even better known for the spine-tingling sounds it produces, among them cackles and giggles that sound remarkably similar to human laughter.

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Why do hens cackle after laying an egg?

The presence of the egg in the body of the hen causes the bird some discomfort. When this is relieved, she is naturally pleased and announces her pleasure to the world by a species of laughter of joy which we have termed cackling.

Why do I laugh like a maniac?

It is associated with altered mental states or mental illness, such as mania, hypomania or schizophrenia, and can have other causes. Paradoxical laughter is indicative of an unstable mood, often caused by the pseudobulbar affect, which can quickly change to anger and back again, on minor external cues.

What is the meaning of idiom break the ice?

To remove the tension at a first meeting, at the opening of a party, etc.: That joke really broke the ice at the conference; we all relaxed afterward.

What is a metaphor for laughter?

Here are examples of metaphors and similes for laughter: Laughter like a chime of bells. Laughter rich as woodland thunder. Laughter soft as tears.

How do you spell witches cackle?

The witch cackled as she contemplated her evil spell. definition: to laugh or utter in cackles. She cackled her words of contempt.

What does the word flummoxed mean?

: completely unable to understand : utterly confused or perplexed Then, perforce, his eyes returned to the highway as he headed for I-95 and South Carolina, the most flummoxed driver on the road.

Is cackled a personification?

the singing of the teapot and the cackling of the glasses are the personifications in this sentence. The singing quality of human beings are attributed to the teapot which creates a similar sound while boiling. The sound made by ice cubes when they hit the glass is being compared to the cackling sound of human beings.

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What does cack mean?

1 dialectal : to discharge excrement. 2 dialectal : vomit. cack. noun (1)