2 conforming to high moral standards; honest. 3 consistent with justice. a just action. 4 rightly applied or given; deserved. What is another word for justly?
In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for justly, like: righteously, fairly, honestly, temperately, well, nicely, rigorously, duteously, impartially, uprightly and reasonably.

What does Jojotle mean?

verb (used with object), jos·tled, jos·tling. to bump, push, shove, brush against, or elbow roughly or rudely. to drive or force by, or as if by, pushing or shoving: The crowd jostled him into the subway. to exist in close contact or proximity with: The three families jostle each other in the small house. What does justly mean in the Bible?
The first step, God says, is to act justly. Acting justly, or doing justice, is “the quality of being impartial or fair.” … Specifically, he thought about the justice – or more accurately, the injustice – of food distribution around the world.

What kind of adverb is justly?

In a just or fair manner; of great justice. What does it mean to do something justly?

in a just manner; honestly; fairly: Deal justly with the prisoners. in conformity to fact or rule; accurately: justly proportioned. deservedly; as deserved.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the antonym of justly?

What is the opposite of justly?

improperly inappropriately
incongruously incorrectly
unseemly unsuitably
wrongly badly
unjustifiably unfairly

What is the synonym of fairly?

jolly, fair, middling, passably, evenhandedly, clean, more or less, slightly, moderately, reasonably, pretty, sanely, somewhat, sensibly.

How do you use justly?

1. You can be justly proud of your achievement. 2. Her efforts were justly rewarded with a British Empire Medal.

Does just mean only?

“Just” can mean “merely,” “barely” or “exactly.” It is also used to describe a time in the recent past, or a simple truth. Here are some examples where you can use “just” while “only” would be incorrect.

How do you use justice in a sentence?

What is the meaning of Mariposa?

butterfly American Spanish mariposa, from Spanish, butterfly, probably from María Mary (the Virgin Mary) + Spanish posar to alight, from Late Latin pausare to stop, rest.

What is Mariposa slang for?

Mariposa is the word for butterfly and for a gay man.

What does it mean when someone calls you Mariposa?

butterfly Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly.

Who is a just person?

Just might remind you of the word justice. When we describe a person, a rule, or a war as just, we mean that whatever has been done has been done for good reasons, and is fair to all sides.

What it means to walk humbly with God?

To “walk humbly with God” is the basis for loving mercy and doing justice. … The hymn “Trust and Obey” might come to mind: “When we walk with the Lord in the light of his Word, what a glory he sheds on our way! While we do his good will, he abides with us still, and with all who will trust and obey.”

What does it mean to live humbly?

humility, n. the state or quality of being humble: lowliness of mind: modesty. humble, adj. low: lowly: modest: unpretentious: having a low opinion of oneself.

What is the difference between just and justly?

As adverbs the difference between justly and just is that justly is in a just or fair manner; rightfully while just is only, simply, merely.

Is justly an adverb?

JUSTLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does legitimately mean?

: in a legitimate manner : according to what is lawful, permitted, appropriate, or reasonable money earned legitimately [=legally] a question that can be legitimately asked …

What does it mean to do justly love mercy and walk humbly with God?

To do justly means acting honorably with God and with other people. We act honorably with God by walking humbly with Him. We act honorably with others by loving mercy.

What does the Bible mean when it says do justice?

to make right Biblical references to the word “justice” mean “to make right.” Justice is, first and foremost, a relational term — people living in right relationship with God, one another, and the natural creation. … As God is just and loving, so we are called to do justice and live in love.

What part of speech is the word justly?

GRAMMATICAL CATEGORY OF JUSTLY Justly is an adverb. The adverb is an invariable part of the sentence that can change, explain or simplify a verb or another adverb.

What justifiably means?

capable of being justified; that can be shown to be or can be defended as being just, right, or warranted; defensible: justifiable homicide.

What is meant by equitably?

1 : having or exhibiting equity : dealing fairly and equally with all concerned an equitable settlement of the dispute. 2 : existing or valid in equity as distinguished from law an equitable defense.

What are synonyms for unfair?

synonyms for unfair

What’s another way to say on the other hand?

What is another word for on the other hand?

contrastingly instead
on the flip side however
on the other side of the coin contrarily
oppositely nevertheless
nonetheless that said

What is the synonym of daily?

Synonyms for daily. day-to-day, diurnal, quotidian.

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