What does stand idly by mean?

to see something bad happening without trying to prevent it. The government was accused of standing idly by while unemployment soared. Synonyms and related words. To not act, or to not do something. What is a synonym for idly?
apathetically, casually, inactively, indolently, inertly, lackadaisically, languidly, languorously, lazily, lethargically, passively, shiftlessly, slothfully, sluggishly, unthinkingly. Antonyms. actively, animatedly, busily, dynamically, energetically, industriously.

What is idly in a sentence?

Idly Sentence Examples She gazed up at him, idly wondering when he was going to release her.His cool gaze shifted idly from Felipa to Señor Medena.The vehicle turned hesitantly and she idly wondered if Dad was letting Angela drive again. Do not sit idly by meaning?
To stand aside and refrain from acting or intervening. They may not have broken the law themselves, but the CEOs certainly sat by and allowed these illegal activities to happen unchecked.

What does frenetically mean?

: marked by fast and energetic, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity : frenzied, frantic sense 2 a frenetic attempt to beat a deadline frenetic bursts of energy maintaining a frenetic pace … succumb to exhaustion merely trying to keep up with the president’s frenetic schedule. — What is the opposite of idly?

Opposite of in an idle manner. actively. busily. animatedly. dynamically.

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What does passively mean?

adjective. not reacting visibly to something that might be expected to produce manifestations of an emotion or feeling. not participating readily or actively; inactive: a passive member of a committee. not involving visible reaction or active participation: to play a passive role.

What is idli called in English?

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Idli or idly ( pronunciation (help·info)) (/ɪdliː/) are a type of savoury rice cake, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular as breakfast foods in Southern India and in Sri Lanka. The cakes are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice.

What does Twattle mean?

: to talk idly : chatter, prate, twaddle. twattle.

What is informal terms for a mother?

mum (British, informal) mom (US, Canadian, informal) We waited for Mom and Dad to get home. mummy (British, informal) mommy (US, Canadian, informal)

What word means to touch lightly?

How do you use idly?

Idly sentence example

  1. She gazed up at him, idly wondering when he was going to release her. …
  2. His cool gaze shifted idly from Felipa to Señor Medena. …
  3. The vehicle turned hesitantly and she idly wondered if Dad was letting Angela drive again.

How do you use idli in a sentence?

Sentences Mobile

  1. Along with idli, it is often eaten as a breakfast.
  2. Dosa, Idli, Uttapam etc . …
  3. The main food is rice, idli, dosai, and vadai.
  4. Ragi is also used to make roti, idli, dosa and conjee.
  5. The breakfast items include Idli, Dosa, Puri.
  6. To provide you some context here, steam vessels are required for Idli making.

How do you pronounce idly?

Who discovered idli?

But this life-affirming staple of the Indian palate may not have originated in South India, after all. While both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu claim to have invented the recipe, food historian K T Achaya believes the idli probably arrived in India from present-day Indonesia around 800-1200 CE.

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What is the meaning of the idiom an arm and a leg?

informal. : a very large amount of money It’s a reliable car, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Is idly a Scrabble word?

Yes, idly is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does mercurial man mean?

Mercurial describes someone whose mood or behavior is changeable and unpredictable, or someone who is clever, lively, and quick. With a mercurial teacher, you never know where you stand.

What does higher echelon mean?

/ (ˈɛʃəˌlɒn) / noun. a level of command, responsibility, etc (esp in the phrase the upper echelons) military. a formation in which units follow one another but are offset sufficiently to allow each unit a line of fire ahead.

What does chug mean?

to drink something in large gulps: to chug on a bottle of beer. noun. a large gulp or swallow: He finished his beer in two chugs.

What is the opposite of hurriedly?

Opposite of with excessive speed or urgency. slowly. slow. delayed. unhurriedly.

What is the opposite of anywhere?

Opposite of in an unspecified area. nowhere.

What is the definition of indolently?

1a : averse to activity, effort, or movement : habitually lazy. b : showing an inclination to laziness an indolent sigh. c : conducive to or encouraging laziness indolent heat.

What does Passativity mean?

ˈpæs ɪv nɪs/. the state or condition of being passive.

What is a passive person like?

A passive person seeks to avoid confrontation. The passive personality trait can play out in many different ways, depending on the person’s overall personality type. Passive people may come across as easygoing, nonchalant, or shy.

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Are humans passive?

The human brain is hardwired to prefer the passive voice. A definite predilection for passive constructions has been found by a team of neuroscientists led by Elaine Bao Weiss and W. … Many a tame sentence of description or exposition can be made lively and emphatic by substituting a transitive in the active voice.

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