What does that’s hysterical mean?

adjective. uncontrollably emotional. irrational from fear, emotion, or an emotional shock. causing unrestrained laughter; very funny: Oh, that joke is hysterical! What emotion is hysterical?
In layman’s terms, hysteria is often used to describe emotionally charged behavior that seems excessive and out of control. When someone responds in a way that seems disproportionately emotional for the situation, they are often described as hysterical.

What does hysterical mean example?

The definition of hysterical is laughing or crying for a long time or something that is extremely funny. An example of hysterical used as an adjective is the phrase a hysterical child, which means a child who has been crying for hours. … Became hysterical when the airplane lurched; hysterical laughter. What is to ignite?
transitive verb. 1a : to set afire also : kindle. b : to cause (a fuel) to burn. 2 : to subject to fire or intense heat especially : to render luminous by heat. 3a : to heat up : excite oppression that ignited the hatred of the people.

How do you say the word hysterical?

What is hysterical personality?

Medical Definition of hysterical personality : a personality characterized by superficiality, egocentricity, vanity, dependence, and manipulativeness, by dramatic, reactive, and intensely expressed emotional behavior, and often by disturbed interpersonal relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why do I become hysterical?

All forms of anxiety, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and others, can have severe emotional reactions. This means they can all lead to hysteria. In some cases, you may not even need extreme anxiety for anxiety to create hysteria.

How do you deal with a hysterical person?

Ask the person to slow down and speak clearly. This makes it easier for you to understand the problem and helps the person calm down. Use a soft, relaxing tone and continual words of comfort to calm your child, parent or other family member into a better state of mind.

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What is hysterically funny?

hysterical or hilarious People say of a bit of humor or a comical situation that it was“hysterical”—shorthand for “hysterically funny”—meaning “hilarious.”But when you speak of a man being “hysterical” it means he is having afit of hysteria, and that may not be funny at all.

How do you use hysterical in a sentence?

I was curled up on the floor in a corner sobbing hysterically. Hysterical laughter is loud and uncontrolled. I had to rush to the loo to avoid an attack of hysterical giggles. She says she hasn’t laughed as hysterically since she was 13.

What is a roiling?

What does vengefulness mean?

: feeling or showing a desire to harm someone who has harmed you : feeling or showing a desire for vengeance. See the full definition for vengeful in the English Language Learners Dictionary. vengeful. adjective. venge·​ful | ˈvenj-fəl

What does imploringly mean?

adverb. in a way that expresses urgent or piteous pleading, as for aid or mercy; beseechingly:No! Don’t kill the spider! gasped my daughter, looking imploringly into my eyes.

How would you describe someone in hysterics?


  1. adjective. Someone who is hysterical is in a state of uncontrolled excitement, anger, or panic. …
  2. adjective. Hysterical laughter is loud and uncontrolled. …
  3. adjective. If you describe something or someone as hysterical, you think that they are very funny and they make you laugh a lot.

What is Ignant?

IGNANT – IGNANT is an award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography, travel and architecture.

What does the word Ignis mean?

The word ‘igneous’ is derived from a Latin word ‘ignis’ meaning fire.

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What does the word smoldered?

1a : to burn sluggishly, without flame, and often with much smoke. b : to be consumed by smoldering —often used with out. 2 : to exist in a state of suppressed activity hostilities smoldered for years. 3 : to show suppressed anger, hate, or jealousy eyes smoldering with hate.

How do you speak whiskers?

How do you pronounce surge?

Break ‘surge’ down into sounds: [SURJ] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘surge’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. You’ll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce ‘surge’.

What does crying hysterically mean?

without being able to control your feelings or behavior because you are extremely frightened, angry, excited, etc.: She started laughing/crying hysterically.

What is cluster A?

Cluster A is called the odd, eccentric cluster. It includes Paranoid Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder, and Schizotypal Personality Disorders. The common features of the personality disorders in this cluster are social awkwardness and social withdrawal.

Why do I crave attention?

Attention-seeking behavior may stem from jealousy, low self-esteem, loneliness, or as a result of a personality disorder. If you notice this behavior in you or someone else, a mental health professional can provide diagnosis and treatment options.

What mental illness does the Joker have?

Personality disorders. In general, Arthur appears to have a complex mix of features of certain personality traits, namely narcissism (since he craves attention by any means) and psychopathy (since he demonstrates no empathy for his victims).

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How do you help someone who is crying hysterically?

11 Ways to Comfort Someone Who’s Upset or Crying

  1. Offer Your Presence. …
  2. Empathize. …
  3. Say Words of Compassion. …
  4. Ask Questions. …
  5. Offer Emotional Comfort. …
  6. Let Them Talk. …
  7. Offer to Cook and Clean. …
  8. Offer to Call the Family.

What is the treatment for hysteria?

Today, the current treatment comprises (if possible intensive) physiotherapy, together with psychotherapy, and in some cases psychoanalysis. Antidepressants and anxiolytics may be required, and more recently cognitive and behavioral therapy.

How do I control my anger outbursts?

Start by considering these 10 anger management tips.

  1. Think before you speak. …
  2. Once you’re calm, express your anger. …
  3. Get some exercise. …
  4. Take a timeout. …
  5. Identify possible solutions. …
  6. Stick with ‘I’ statements. …
  7. Don’t hold a grudge. …
  8. Use humor to release tension.

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