What does the phrase by the seat of my pants mean?

If you fly by the seat of your pants or do something by the seat of your pants, you use your instincts to tell you what to do in a new or difficult situation rather than following a plan or relying on equipment.

Where is the seat of your pants?

This idiom was first used by pilots to describe flying by using the way the plane felt as a guide to its condition. The seat of your pants is the part of your trousers/pants that you sit on.

What is seat of the pants management?

adjective. using or based on experience, instinct, or guesswork: a seat-of-the-pants management style. done without the aid of instruments: The pilot made a seat-of-the-pants landing.

Where does the expression fly by the seat of your pants come from?

This term comes from aviation. When people first began flying aircraft, they did not have the same advanced navigation tools and abilities to communicate with people on the ground. Therefore, people were flying by the seat of their pants or flying without the ability to communicate or fully plan things out.

Where does the phrase caught with your pants down come from?

The most popular one involves the death of Caracalla, a.k.a. Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus, who was Roman Emperor from 198 to 217. While on an important trip he took a break to urinate on the side of the road. His bodyguards went off a little distance or turned their backs, etc.

What does putting two and two together mean?

Definition of put two and two together : to make a correct guess based on what one has seen or heard : to figure something out You weren’t home so I put two and two together and went back to your office to find you.

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What is fly by night means?

1 : one that seeks to evade responsibilities and especially creditors by flight. 2 : one without established reputation or standing especially : a shaky business enterprise. fly-by-night. adjective.

What does it mean to wing it?

: to do or try to do something without much practice or preparation I hadn’t practiced the part, so I got up there and winged it.

What does play the second fiddle mean?

: one that plays a supporting or subservient role.

What do you mean by by the skin of one’s teeth?

In modern times, by the skin of my teeth is used to describe a situation from which one has barely managed to escape or achieve something.

What is the meaning of the idiom shape up or ship out?

said to mean that someone should start behaving in a more reasonable or responsible way, or else they should leave the place where they are or give up what they are doing. The message to every player in the team is clear shape up or ship out. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

Is there a hand in the cookie jar?

to be caught stealing or doing something wrong. The usual British expression is have your hand in the till. The banker had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

What does pants around the ankles mean?

Definition: To encounter someone while they are doing something that is supposed to remain hidden; to see someone with one’s pants around one’s ankles. … Its literal meaning, of course, is to encounter one while one has one’s pants around one’s ankles.

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What does the idiom chip on his shoulder mean?

informal. : to have an angry or unpleasant attitude or way of behaving caused by a belief that one has been treated unfairly in the past He has had a chip on his shoulder ever since he didn’t get the promotion he was expecting.

What is the meaning of the idiom to have an AXE to grind?

phrase. If someone has an axe to grind, they are doing something for selfish reasons. [informal, disapproval]

What is the meaning of the idiom to go scot free?

: to not get the punishment that is deserved It’s not fair. I was punished and they got off scot-free.

What does to go on all fours mean?

on all fours, in conformity with; corresponding exactly with. (of a person) on the hands and feet, or the hands and knees: I had to go on all fours to squeeze through the low opening.

What is the meaning of the idiom a lame duck?

1 : one that is weak or that falls behind in ability or achievement especially, chiefly British : an ailing company. 2 : an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor. 3 : one whose position or term of office will soon end.

Did the accused lie through her teeth meaning?

informal. to tell someone something that you know is completely false: He asked me how old I was and, lying through my teeth, I said 29.

Whats the meaning of chicken feed?

slang. : a paltry sum (as in profits or wages)

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What does the phrase bite me mean?

US offensive. used to say to someone that they have made you feel angry or embarrassed.

Where did the term winging it originate?

This expression comes from the theater, where it alludes to an actor studying his part in the wings (the areas to either side of the stage) because he has been suddenly called on to replace another. First recorded in 1885, it eventually was extended to other kinds of improvisation based on unpreparedness.

What does winging it mean in British?

wing it in British English informal. to accomplish or perform something without full preparation or knowledge; improvise. See full dictionary entry for wing.