What does the phrase in the can mean?

In the lavatory, as in He can’t come to the phone; he’s in the can. The related on the can means “sitting on the toilet.” The noun can is used for both the room and the toilet. [ Slang; c. 1900] What does it mean if a film is in the can?
filming has finished If a film is in the can, filming has finished and it is ready to be prepared for showing to the public.

What does the slang word canned mean?

b : lacking originality or individuality as if mass-produced a canned speech. 3 slang : drunk sense 1a. What is slang for toilet?
loo (British, informal) bog (slang) I’m reading it on the bog. gents or ladies.

What means CSN?

Acronym. Definition. CSN. Crosby, Stills, and Nash (band) Why is Cruella rated 12A?

WHY IS CRUELLA PG-13? … And according to the Cruella IMDb page, the film earned its PG-13 rating for “some violence and thematic elements.” Viewers can expect to see some violence and gore, but if you go in expecting slasher film levels of blood, you’ll be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is Black Widow a 12A?

Black Widow is given a 12A age rating in the UK for moderate violence, injury detail.

Why is Spectre a 12A?

The BBFC formally rated Spectre 12A on 21 October 2015. Short BBFCinsight cited ‘moderate violence, threat’. The more detailed insight noted: ‘… a brief moment of eye-gouging, with limited detail, and a scene in which a man shoots himself in the head, although the bullet impact is not shown on screen.

Where did the term cans come from?

1900, said to be a shortening of piss-can; meaning buttocks is from c. 1910, perhaps extended from this. to put up in cans, 1860, from can (n. 1), especially to put up in a sealed container for preservation. Sense of to fire an employee is from 1905.

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What does a nice set of cans mean?

1. vulgar slang Breasts. She’s got some nice cans, sure, but she’s kind of annoying otherwise. 2.

Why are headphones called cans?

Does canned mean Cancelled?

get canned To be summarily dismissed or ousted from employment; to be fired. The new accountant got canned after a miscalculation cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is a synonym for canned?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for canned, like: packaged, bottled, tinned, sacked, preserved, transcribed, terminated, dismissed, fired, displaced and expelled.

What is canned speech?

Informal. prepared in advance: a canned speech.

What is a polite way to say poop?

To be polite I would say ‘go to the bathroom’. Though the proper/formal terms for them are ‘urinate’ and ‘defecate’, but those aren’t used in everyday conversation. So, I need to pee/poop -> I need to go to the bathroom Though as a noun I would say urine (pee), faeces (poop), or waste (pee and poop).

How do you say I wanna pee?

Some people say Need a wee or Need a pee, Just going for a pee/wee, or Jimmy riddle = Piddle. Don’t use Going for a piss/slash/wizz.

Is Dunny a rude word?

The word “Dunny” is Australian slang for toilet or outhouse. Technically “Dunny” isn’t a rude word but not many people on average say the word dunny.

What does CSN stand for in epic?

Contact Serial Number Each HAR is associated with one or more patient visits in Epic. It is typically only used in a hospital setting and is assigned at the point of patient registration. Contact Serial Number (CSN): The contact serial number is a unique identifier for each patient visit, such as an appointment or admission.

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What does CSM mean in texting?

Client Side Modification is the most common definition for CSM on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. CSM. Definition: Client Side Modification.

What does CSN mean in Vegas?

The College of Southern Nevada The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is a public community college in Clark County, Nevada.

What do pg mean in movies?

Parental Guidance Suggested PG: Parental Guidance Suggested, Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children. The film should be investigated further by parents. There may be some content such as language, violence or brief nudity, but they aren’t so intense that more than guidance is suggested.

What is Cruella rated PG-13 for?

For the third time in Disney live action history, Cruella is rated PG-13 for “thematic elements, some violence.” But is this dark film darker in more ways than one?

Is there cursing in Cruella?

There is very mild use of swear words, with some smoking and a moment of inebriation from Cruella after a rough day. The most extreme form of violence in the film takes place in the beginning when Cruella’s adoptive mother dies by being chased off a cliff by the evil Baroness’s trained Dalmatians.

Is Black Widow child appropriate?

Black Widow is rated PG-13 for language and violence. It’s about the level of Black Panther violence, but the females take center stage and kick everyone’s butt.

Does Natasha Romanoff have a sister?

The globetrotting spy thriller Black Widow (in theatres and on Disney+ via Premier Access) finally gives Scarlett Johansson’s long-time Avenger her first solo film and also unleashes Natasha Romanoff’s younger secret agent “sibling” Yelena Belova into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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What Rated PG-13?

The M category was eventually changed to PG (parental guidance suggested), the R age limit was raised to 17 and on July 1, 1984, the PG-13 category was added to indicate film content with a “higher level of intensity.” According to the MPAA, the content of a PG-13 film “may be inappropriate for a children under 13 …

What age rating is Skyfall?

It is likely to attract younger viewers, but you should note that the movie deserves its M-rating. Violent and disturbing scenes and sexual references make it unsuitable for children under13 years, and parental guidance is recommended for children aged 13-15 years.

What is Spectre age rating?

PG-13 Spectre is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of action and violence, some disturbing images, sensuality and language.

What was cut from Spectre?

James Bond movie Spectre cut two violent scenes to get a 12A rating and not 15. The company was advised it was likely to be classified 15. … The BBFC said that acceptable reductions had been made in two scenes it had seen in an unfinished version of the film.

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