What does the phrase on all accounts mean?

From all reports available, from what everyone is saying. For example, By all accounts the party was a great success, or They spent a fortune on their cruise, according to all accounts. These phrases rely on account in the sense of a particular report or description of some event. [ Late 1700s]

How does by all accounts work?

Morningstar ByAllAccounts gathers, transforms, and delivers financial account data. Morningstar ByAllAccounts gathers, transforms, and delivers financial account data.

What is the meaning of phrase by and by?

: before long, soon.

What does on any account mean?

For any reason or incentive; for anything. Typically used in the negative.

What do you mean by all means?

You can say ‘by all means’ to tell someone that you are very willing to allow them to do something. [formulae] ‘Can I come and have a look at your house?’ ‘Yes by all means’.

Are by no means?

By-no-means meaning The definition of by no means is absolutely or definitely not. An example of by no means is how you might answer the question of whether you were late or not, if you were definitely on time. adverb.

Is ByAllAccounts safe?

The ByAllAccounts Service servers and database of user information are physically protected at a highly secure site. This site is protected from outside access by a series of firewalls and a comprehensive suite of security products.

What is Morningstar By all accounts?

Morningstar ByAllAccounts Aggregate a complete view of a client’s financial picture. Consistent and timely data from over 15,000 sources. Gather held-away assets and liabilities for a holistic view. Eliminate the time and risk from manual collection.

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Can you link accounts to Morningstar?

You can merge two or more of a client’s accounts into one account. (This is also referred to as creating account aggregates.) In the left navigation pane, click Client Management.

What is mean by by?

1 : in proximity to : near standing by the window. 2a : into the vicinity of and beyond : past went right by him.

How do you use by and by?

The definition of by-and-by is at an unspecified, future time and place. An example of by-and-by used in a sentence is, We’ll go on that vacation by-and-by, which means we’ll go on that vacation at some point in the future.

Where did the term by and by come from?

A It’s a nautical expression, from sailing ship days. With by and large the modern landlubber means in general; on the whole; everything considered; for the most part. … In such cases, the ship was said to be sailing by the wind, by here having the sense of towards.

What do you mean by not on my account?

chiefly British. : for no reason : under no circumstances used to say that something will not or should not happen.

Are of no account?

Of no or very little importance, significance, or worth.

What does it mean to be of no account?

1 : of no importance : trifling. 2 : not amounting to anything : shiftless her no-account son.

What’s another word for by all means?

What is another word for by all means?

certainly unquestionably
doubtless surely
truly definitely
really sure
indisputably assuredly

Is by all means formal?

FORMAL. This page is about the conversational phrase by all means.

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How do you use by any means?

In any possible way, no matter how, as in By any means I’ve got to get there. [Late 1400s] Also see by hook or crook; by means of; by no means.

Is by no means synonym?

What is another word for by no means?

nope negative
nay never
nix absolutely not
no way not at all
not by any means nothing doing

How do you use by no means in a sentence?

Example sentences

  1. By no means am I going to my ex-boyfriend’s weddingwhy did he invite me?
  2. It will by no means be a difficult hike. …
  3. Ugh! …
  4. I’m mortified. …
  5. By no means are you going to the movies tonight if you haven’t finished your homework.
  6. You really shouldn’t hike alone in the rain forest by any means.

What means by and large?

: on the whole : in general.

Who owns ByAllAccounts?

Morningstar, Inc. ByAllAccounts, Inc. / Parent organizations Investment research provider Morningstar Inc. has paid $28 million to acquire ByAllAccounts Inc., a venture-backed provider of data aggregation technology for financial applications.

How do you combine stock portfolios?

From the home page, click the Portfolio tab. Next, click Combine under the Create menu located on the Portfolio Manager tool bar. Check the box next to the portfolio names you would like to combine. Then click Combine.

How do I combine two portfolios?

Merging Portfolios

  1. Step 1: Select Portfolios. Merging via Portfolio Switcher or Profile and Security page (Method A and B listed above) …
  2. Step 2: Choose Destination. Select which portfolio the destination portfolio for the merged information and click Continue. …
  3. Step 3: Review Information.