What does to cadge mean?

transitive verb. : to obtain (something) for free often by persuading or imposing on another : sponge

How do you use cadge in a sentence?

Cadge in a Sentence

  1. By flirting with the bartender, the pretty girl was able to cadge free drinks.
  2. The homeless man was constantly trying to cadge cigarettes from pedestrians.
  3. When the con artist exerts his charm, he can easily cadge money from widows. …
  4. The hitchhiker hopes to cadge a free ride to California.

How can I remember my cadge?

Mnemonic Dictionary

  1. Mnemonic Caged man begs for freedom.
  2. Word Cadge. Meaning. …
  3. Part of Speech verb.
  4. Synonyms beg, mooch, scrounge.
  5. Antonyms give, pay.
  6. Cadge Sentences. 1 He used to often cadge food at his friend’s restaurant. …
  7. Cadging Sentences.

Is codger a bad word?

Word forms: codgers Old codger is a disrespectful way of referring to an old man.

What is a Bludge?

bludge BLUJ verb. 1 : (chiefly Australia & New Zealand) to avoid work or responsibility. 2 : (chiefly Australia & New Zealand) to get something from or live on another by imposing on hospitality or good nature : sponge.

What does cadge a lift mean?

verb. If someone cadges food, money, or help from you, they ask you for it and succeed in getting it. [mainly British, informal]

Is cadger a noun?

One who begs habitually or for a living: almsman, almswoman, beggar, mendicant.

How do you use canard in a sentence?

Canard in a Sentence

  1. I eat plenty of apples and still get sick so I do not believe the canard about an apple a day keeping the doctor away.
  2. In order to sell magazines, the tabloid will knowingly print a canard that is not supported by facts.
  3. The newspaper was sued for publishing a canard about a popular celebrity.

How do you use Callous in a sentence?

Callous sentence example

  1. The man who stole from the poor was a callous thief. …
  2. Kiera looked at Evelyn, astonished by her callous words. …
  3. Stealing the coats was a callous act. …
  4. That was a particularly callous act, which left her left hand painful and badly bruised.
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How can I remember years?

What do you call a person that can remember everything?

eidetic memory. A person with hyperthymesia can remember nearly every event of their life in a lot of detail. … Those who have a superior eidetic memory can continue to visualize something they have recently seen with great precision.

What is the best way to memorize dates?

Break Numbers Down Sometimes, memorizing dates can be as simple as leaving off the first two digits. If you are studying a particular time period, you already know in which century the events took place. Even though it might not seem like it, breaking it down to just two numbers can make memorization much easier.

Can a woman be a codger?

Among females, a codger is a woman who doesn’t object to being called a lady or to having doors opened for her and restaurant seats pulled out for her. She prefers Miss or Mrs. to Ms.

What does Codge mean?

Filters. To patch or cobble together; to make hastily and carelessly.

Why are old people called codgers?

Codger derives, not from falconry, but from the verb cadge, which once meant to carry about. During the 1400s itinerant peddlers cadged their wares butter, eggs, poultry, fake Rolex watches from town to town and so became known as cadgers.

What do bulged mean?

To swell, protrude, or curve outward: a wall bulging after a flood; muscles bulging under a shirt. v.tr. To cause to bulge. [Middle English, pouch, from Old French bulge, bouge, from Latin bulga, bag, of Celtic origin; see bhelgh- in Indo-European roots.] bulginess n.

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What are Bludge subjects?

The good ol’ bludge subjects: music, art, drama, design and tech, religion or the ‘easier’ 2 unit subjects. There are always a handful of students that go into their subject choices looking for an easy way out, a way to coast along, a way to relax amongst the other more ‘difficult’ subjects.

What is a ripper in Australian slang?

Ripper. Chances are, you’ll be using this word a lot. Meaning awesome or fantastic, if something is bloody ripper it must be totally amazing!

Where does cadge a lift come from?

Nobody is entirely sure where its name comes from, but the experts believe it was an alteration of cage under the influence of the old verb to cadge, meaning to carry things. A cadger with his cadge. Taken from An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports, by Delabere P Blaine, 1858.

What does it mean if someone is promiscuous?

1 : having or involving many sexual partners : not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. 2 : not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate education cheapened through the promiscuous distribution of diplomas Norman Cousins. 3 : casual, irregular promiscuous eating habits.

How do you pronounce cadger?

What is Mandicate?

(intransitive) To beg. 1.

What does cadger mean in Scottish?

A person of a disagreeable temper (Bnff. 1866 Gregor D.

What does it mean when someone is washed up?

: no longer successful, skillful, popular, or needed washed-up athletes a washed-up actor.

What are canards purpose?

A canard is a fuselage mounted, horizontal surface that is located forward of the main wing to provide longitudinal stability and control. Depending upon the installation, it may be a fixed, moveable or variable geometry surface and may or may not incorporate control surfaces.

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Why are canards used?

Canards are part of an airplane that functions as a stabilizer or elevator and installed in front of the main wing. A canard is used for several reasons such as increasing lifting force, the stability of the aircraft’s controls and flow changes over the main wing.

Why is it called a canard?

The term canard may be used to describe the aircraft itself, the wing configuration, or the foreplane. … The term canard arose from the appearance of the Santos-Dumont 14-bis of 1906, which was said to be reminiscent of a duck (canard in French) with its neck stretched out in flight.

How can you be so callous?

A callous person is insensitive or emotionally hardened. If you laugh at your little sister while she’s trying to show you her poetry, you’re being callous. Callous comes from the Latin root callum for hard skin. If you walk barefoot a lot, your feet will become calloused.

What is another word for callus?

Callus Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus. … What is another word for callus?

bump corn
lump nodule
hard skin

What does callused mean in English?

: having hard and thick skin : having calluses. See the full definition for calloused in the English Language Learners Dictionary. calloused. adjective. calloused.