transitive verb. : to collect into a group or crowd : assemble The king congregated his knights. intransitive verb. : to come together into a group, crowd, or assembly Students congregated in the auditorium. congregate.

What is a synonym of congregate?

Some common synonyms of congregate are assemble, collect, and gather. While all these words mean to come or bring together into a group, mass, or unit, congregate implies a spontaneous flocking together into a crowd or huddle.

How do you use congregate?

Congregate in a Sentence

  1. During the summer teenagers often congregate at the beach.
  2. The students will congregate around a fight in order to keep teachers from breaking up the brawl.
  3. Around noon a number of police officers usually congregate for lunch at the sub shop.

What do conjunct mean?

1 : something joined or associated with another specifically : one of the components of a conjunction. 2 : an adverb or adverbial (such as so, in addition, however, secondly) that indicates the speaker’s or writer’s assessment of the connection between linguistic units (such as clauses)

What is family congregate?

noun. a type of housing in which each individual or family has a private bedroom or living quarters but shares with other residents a common dining room, recreational room, or other facilities.

What does no congregating Meaning?

Congregate is a verb that means to come together, to assemble, or to gather. At school dances, you may congregate with your friends, because you get nervous in front of kids you don’t know very well.

What is a synonym for conjugate?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for conjugate, like: compound, couple, join, meld, unify, unite, wed, yoke, assemble, conjugated and coupled.

What is a word for gathering place?

A place where one lives, operates or frequents. territory. haunt. hangout. purlieu.

What is melodious synonym?

harmonious, tuneful, melodic, musical, dulcet, round, sweet-sounding, sweet-toned, silvery, silvery-toned, euphonious, mellifluous, lyrical, soothing. informal easy on the ear. rare mellifluent. discordant, grating.

What is the sentence of congregate?

Congregate sentence example. Cattle sometimes congregate in cold weather around a burning coal seam and enjoy the warmth. (solar) stars show no tendency to congregate in the galactic plane. At dusk young couples congregate in Merlion Park, on a little promontory.

How do you use congregating in a sentence?

Congregating sentence example This helps keep insects from congregating at the base and prevent infestations before they start. The ice bucket is great to have because it keeps the wine cold and out where the guests are congregating around the table or family room, or wherever they are.

How do you use aggregate in a sentence?

Aggregate in a Sentence

What are conjuncts and examples?

In English grammar, a conjunct, from the Latin, join together, is a word, phrase, or clause linked to another word, phrase, or clause through coordination. For instance, two clauses connected by and (The clown laughed and the child cried) are conjuncts. It may also called a conjoin.

What is the difference between conjunct and conjunction?

As nouns the difference between conjunct and conjunction is that conjunct is (logic) either term of a conjunction while conjunction is the act of joining, or condition of being joined.

What is conjunct and disjunct?

Conjunct and Disjunct Melodic Motion There are two types of melodic motion: conjunct motion, which proceeds by step from one scale degree to the next (i.e., by the interval of a second) and disjunct motion, which proceeds by leap (i.e., by intervals larger than a second). … Disjunct motion is more difficult to sing.

What is a congregate living?

Shared housing residents often gather together closely for social, leisure, and recreational activities, shared dining, and/or use of shared equipment, such as kitchen appliances, laundry facilities, stairwells, and elevators.

What is congregate child care?

A recent federal analysis of Adoption and Foster Care Analysis (AFCARS) data revealed important information about children and youth placed in congregate care settings in the U.S. The analysis defined congregate care as A licensed or approved setting that provides 24 hour care for children in a group home (7-12 …

How do you pronounce congregate?

What’s the definition of juridical?

1 : of or relating to the administration of justice or the office of a judge. 2 : of or relating to law or jurisprudence : legal.

What is the definition for lolled?

1 : to hang loosely or laxly : droop a dog with its tongue lolling out. 2 : to act or move in a lax, lazy, or indolent manner : lounge He lolled around in his pajamas all day. transitive verb. : to let droop or dangle lolled his tongue out in contempt.

What does mean egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence Christopher Hitchens.

Is imbecile a swear word?

The concept is closely associated with psychology, psychiatry, criminology, and eugenics. However, the term imbecile quickly passed into vernacular usage as a derogatory term. It fell out of professional use in the 20th century in favor of mental retardation.

What does unconjugated mean?

: not chemically conjugated unconjugated bilirubin.

Is a conjugate an opposite?

Two binomials are conjugates when they have the same terms but opposite signs in the middle. … Let’s start with the most fundamental understanding what conjugates represent.

What is a group of guys called?

n. 1 aggregation, assemblage, association, band, batch, bevy, bunch, camp, category, circle, class, clique, clump, cluster, collection, company, congregation, coterie, crowd, faction, formation, gang, gathering, organization, pack, party, posse (slang) set, troop.

What is the other word for collection?

What is another word for collection?

accumulation heap
agglomeration amassment
array assemblage
cluster cumulation
group lot

What word means to bring together?

Frequently Asked Questions About gather Some common synonyms of gather are assemble, collect, and congregate. While all these words mean to come or bring together into a group, mass, or unit, gather is the most general term for bringing or coming together from a spread-out or scattered state.

What is malodorous smell?

malodorous, stinking, fetid, noisome, putrid, rank, fusty, musty mean bad-smelling. malodorous may range from the unpleasant to the strongly offensive. malodorous fertilizers stinking and fetid suggest the foul or disgusting.

What is a honeyed voice?

You can describe someone’s voice or words as honeyed when they are very pleasant to listen to, especially if you want to suggest that they are insincere. His gentle manner and honeyed tones reassured Andrew. Synonyms: flattering, sweet, soothing, enticing More Synonyms of honeyed.

What is the synonym of Golden?

gold-coloured, blonde, yellow, yellowish, fair, flaxen, tow-coloured. bright, gleaming, resplendent, brilliant, shining. rare aureate. brunette, dark. 2’it was a golden time indeed’